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23 Waist High Raised Garden Bed Plans For Easy Gardening

Waist high raised garden bed plans will show you how to create a productive garden that is easy to take care of. Bending and kneeling becomes more difficult as we age or develop chronic health conditions and since gardening requires a lot of both, sometimes growing fresh food and flowers is stopped.

DIY elevated garden beds will allow you to get back to the enjoyment of growing food and flowers without having to bend over or kneel. DIY raised planter boxes also make an attractive addition to the landscape and will increase the curb appeal of your home.

Check out our round up of 23 waist high raised garden bed plans for easy gardening and get back to the enjoyment of growing fresh vegetables, fruits, and flowers.

1- Bottom Storage Shelf

Check out these waist high garden bed plans by loveandrenovations that show you how to create an attractive wooden planter that has a storage shelf underneath.

We all have several items that will use regularly when gardening – like a hand held trowel, gloves, watering can, plant food, etc., and those items need to be stored in a convenient location near the plants. On a shelf directly under the plants is the ideal storage location and this raised garden bed plan will show you how to build it.

This is a simple DIY building project that will only require minimal carpentry skills. It is basically an oblong box on legs with a shelf under the box. Don’t let the simple design fool you though, a lot of food can be grown in a raised garden bed like this one.

You can grow more food in less space in a raised bed garden. It is also easier on you when the bed is waist high. You won’t have to bend or kneel, everything is at the perfect height since the building design allows you to customize the height of the growing bed.

The wood can be painted or stained so the garden bed will make an attractive asset to your backyard living space.

waist high garden bed plans
Bottom Storage Shelf, Image via: loveandrenovations

2- Raised Bed Garden with Bottom Shelf

Get this waist high raised garden bed plan by theownerbuildernetwork that will show you how to build an attractive wooden planter box that has storage space underneath. I think by building a bottom shelf into this waist high raised bed planter is a great option to try as it provides a convenient spot for storing garden tools and other items needed for tending to plants.

Keep everything together in one location and grow fresh vegetables with this easy to build raised garden bed.

Raised Bed Garden with Bottom Shelf
Raised Bed Garden with Bottom Shelf, Image via: theownerbuildernetwork

3- Quick-Built Raised Garden Bed

Follow these raised garden bed plans by howtospecialist to build a planter box in less than a day. Get the planter built and planted with your favorite vegetables or flowers in a day. Easy to build, easy to take care of, this DIY elevated planter box makes backyard gardening simple.

Quick-Built Raised Garden Bed
Quick-Built Raised Garden Bed, Image via: howtospecialist

4- Back-Saving Elevated Garden Bed Plans

I have saw; many people have bad backs and bending over is out of the question for them. So why not to consider such as amazing idea for a back-saving raised bed garden by remodelaholic that will allow you how to grow food without bending over.

Prevent back pain and save your back by following these waist high raised garden bed plans to create a garden that does not require bending over.

Use untreated wood when constructing an elevated planter box with these raised garden bed plans so the chemicals used to treat the wood and protect it from the elements won’t seep into garden soil. Whatever is in the soil will be in the food harvested from the plants, so try to keep everything that is used in the building process untreated and organic.

Back-Saving Raised Garden Bed
waist high raised garden bed plans, Image via: remodelaholic

5- DIY Elevated Garden Bed

A garden bed like this one will be an attractive addition to your outdoor space, even when you don’t have plants growing in it.

Plant vegetables in the center and a few flowers around the perimeter of this DIY elevated garden bed on youtube to attract pollinators to the plants. By doing this, you will enjoy fresh food and fragrant flowers while helping to sustain the pollinators.

Watch this YouTube video for waist high garden bed plans that will enable you to create an 8 feet long bed that is an asset to your backyard. The height is customizable for your gardening comfort.

The depth of the bed is plenty deep enough to grow any type of vegetable or flower you want. An elevated garden bed like this one makes amending the soil with compost and other organic material much easier. Weeds and pests are not a problem in a garden bed that is not in contact with the ground.

The recommended cedar planks will make this elevated garden bed last for years and the wood is easy to paint or stain. Have your kids or grandkids join in the decorative fun by adding their handprints and names in paint to the exterior of the garden bed.

6- Raised Garden Bed for Herbs

Herbs are popular and easy to grow plants in a home garden. Fresh or dried, herbs are useful in most recipes to enhance food flavor and it’s easy to grow herbs when you learn how to build a raised garden bed like this one by thisoldhouse.

Get these detailed waist high raised garden bed plans that will show you how to build an attractive herb garden that will make a nice addition to your backyard deck. Side hooks hold gardening tools and the herb plants create floral beauty and fragrance, making them an ideal plant for growing on a deck or patio.

Raised Garden Bed for Herbs
Raised Garden Bed for Herbs, Image via: thisoldhouse

7- Two-Tiered Raised Garden Bed

These waist high raised garden bed plans by mikesbackyardnursery will show you how to build DIY planter boxes that will not require bending over and will maximize your garden space.

Grow twice as much in the same amount of space with this two-tiered planter idea. Grow tall plants in the bottom planter box and shorter plants in the upper planter box so all the vegetables will be easy to reach at harvest time.

Two-Tiered Raised Garden Bed
Two-Tiered Raised Garden Bed, Image via: mikesbackyardnursery

8- Raised Garden Bed Plans

These attractive DIY elevated raised garden bedsinstructables will add beauty to your backyard space even when it’s not gardening season. The height is perfect to prevent back pain while tending to the growing vegetation, plus raised beds will keep pets out of the plants.

Raised Garden Bed Plans
Raised Garden Bed Plans, Image via: bedsinstructables

9- Easy Watering Elevated Garden Bed Plans

Plants need water to grow and raised beds make watering plants easy. This free waist high raised garden bed plans by myoutdoorplans will show you how to build planters that are easy to plant, water, and harvest fresh food from.

No more bending or kneeling, all the growing plants will be right at your fingertips so tending to your backyard garden will be easy and rewarding.

Easy Watering Raised Garden Bed
Image via: myoutdoorplans

10- Counter Height Raised Bed Garden

Arthritis and many other conditions make bending over almost impossible but these waist high raised garden bed plans by ana-white will bring the garden up to you. Building counter height raised garden beds will bring the plants up to you so you won’t have to bend over.

These free plans show you how to create an attractive and productive backyard garden with DIY raised planter boxes.

Counter Height Raised Bed Garden
Counter Height Raised Bed Garden, Image via: ana-white

11- Animal Proof Raised Garden Bed

Deer, rabbit, squirrels and other animals often help themselves to the delicious food grown in a traditional in-ground garden. All the hard work you put into growing fresh food for your family can be lost in an hour to hungry animals that feast on the vegetables and fruits.

Using these waist high raised garden bed plans by wisconsinmommy will help you create an animal-proof garden so you will get to enjoy the fruits of your labor, not the animals.

Animal Proof Raised Garden Bed
Waist High Raised Garden Bed, Image via: wisconsinmommy

12- Wooden Raised Garden Bed

Using a raised garden bed will enable you to plant easier in the spring and grow food later in the season also.

Soil warms up quicker in DIY raised planter boxes like this one by ourlandandhome so seeds and plants can be planted earlier than in a traditional in-ground garden. The top of a raised planter box is also easier to cover with a small hoop house or cloches so vegetables can continue to grow and produce after the first frost of fall.

A wooden raised bed also drains water better so rainy weather will not have an impact on food or flower production. Watering is easier too when weather turns dry. Use these free waist high raised garden bed plans for creating planter boxes that will enable you to grow more fresh food for more months out of the year.

Wooden Raised Garden Bed
Wooden Raised Garden Bed, Image via: ourlandandhome

13- Tiered Raised Bed Garden

This idea provides you with easy access to plants and doubles the growing space. This attractive two-tiered planter would make a great addition to a patio or small backyard. This raised garden bed plan by anikasdiylife will maximize the space for gardening so you can grow twice as much in a very small space.

Great for growing fragrant herbs and flowers in one tier and vegetables in the other one. There is also room under the tallest planter to store garden supplies and they will be hidden from view by the lower tier in the front. You may also like to check out keyhole garden beds.

Tiered Raised Bed Garden
Tiered Raised Bed Garden, Image via: anikasdiylife

14- Waist High Raised Garden Bed Plans

A waist high garden is much easier to take care of than an in-ground garden. No bending over, no kneeling, all the soil and plants are at just the right level for comfort.  You can even use a bar stool to sit on while you tended to the garden plants if needed.

Keep the animals out of the garden and save yourself from back pain while growing fresh food in this waist high raised bed garden by instructables. Easy to construct and easy to use. You could even add castors on the bottom of the legs for easy mobility so it can be moved as needed, or add a shelf on the bottom for storage space.

Use untreated wood when constructing a planter box with raised garden bed plans so the chemicals used to treat the wood and protect it from the elements won’t seep into garden soil.

Waist High Raised Garden Bed Plans
Waist High Raised Garden Bed Plans, Image via: instructables

15- Raised Garden Bed Plans

These free plans will show you how to construct a raised garden bed by addicted2decorating that is an ideal size and shape for those living in an apartment or condo. Some people don’t have much outdoor space but everyone has to eat and these elevated planter boxes are just the right size.

Great for use on a deck or balcony also. These planter boxes can be used to grow vegetables, herbs, fruits, flowers or a combination of all four plants. Easy to build waist high garden beds are raised up on four legs so it’s easy to attach casters to the bottom of the legs for easy mobility.

Raised Garden Bed Plans
Raised Garden Bed Plans, Image via: addicted2decorating

16- Self-Watering Raised Garden Bed

Make growing vegetables super easy by constructing a waist high raised garden bed by instructables that is self-watering. The plants will practically take care of themselves with this ingenious DIY idea.

Use untreated lumber for the table construction and tubs and bins for the soil and water. These free plans will take you through the DIY project step by step and explain how the raised garden bed will be self-watered.

This is an ideal garden for people who are away from home for a few days at a time during the summer growing season. The plants will be protected from animals and be watered in your absence. Fresh produce and/or flower blooms will be waiting for you when you return home.

You may also like to see diy self watering planters.

Self-Watering Raised Garden Bed
Self-Watering Raised Garden Bed, Image via: instructables

17- Raised Garden Bed Kits

Assemble it, fill it with soil, plant the seeds, and wait until harvest time. That’s about all you will need to do if you decide to use a raised garden bed kit like in this youtube video to grow plants in.

This YouTube video will take you through the assembly process so you will able to create elevated garden beds the easy way. The garden bed kits come in various sizes and heights so it’s easy to find one that is just right for your space, growing needs, and health restrictions.

18- Square Foot Raised Planter Box

The square foot planting design allows you to grow more food in a smaller space. This design in a youtube video combines a DIY raised planter box with the square foot gardening method so you can grow more food easier.

No more bending over and no more getting down on your knees for garden chores. You will be able to work the soil, plant the seeds, tend to the plants, and harvest the food from a comfortable standing position. Waist high garden bed plans like this one on YouTube will also enable you to build a raised bed that you can tend to while sitting down. Ideal for gardeners with back problems or other health issues.

This DIY raised planter box on youtube is made from cedar wood so it will last for years. The height is easy to customize to your exact specifications. It is 16 inches deep and has 16, 1-foot squares. You will be able to grow 16 different plants in this planter and the depth is perfect for growing tomatoes and potatoes.

19- Portable Planting Stand

This waist high garden bed plan combines convenience with portability so you can extend the garden growing season.

A portable planting stand like this will allow you to continue growing cool-season plants after the heat of summer has started. Cool season plants, like cabbage, lettuce, parsnips, leeks, and broccoli, thrive in the cool spring weather but will go to seed (bolt) as soon as the temperature rises above 75 degrees F in early summer. By growing the cool season plants in a portable planting stand you will be able to move the stand to a partially shady location so the plants will stay cooler and continue to be productive.

Cool season vegetables can also be planted in late summer so you can have a fall harvest of fresh food. The DIY portable planting stand by growingthehomegarden can be moved to a sheltered location in the fall to protect the plants from frost.

These free elevated garden bed plans will provide all the building details needed to build a two tiered waist high planter. You will be able to grow more food each year with a wood planter like this one.

Raised Garden Bed Plans
Raised Garden Bed Plans, Image via: growingthehomegarden

20- Small Raised Planter Box

If you have a small outdoor space or if you prefer to use several small raised garden beds instead of just one large one, then check out this YouTube video.

These waist high garden bed plans are for a small planter box and are ideal for small spaces. This raised planter box on youtube would also make an ideal herb garden. Even though it is small, it is plenty big enough for growing a wide variety of fresh herbs.

If you have enough outdoor space, you could make several of these small waist high garden beds and use each one for a different type of plant. These would also be good to use in a landscape that is not level or one that is not square. The planters could also be used to separate outdoor spaces or to line a pathway. Make one for each child in your family so they can have their own garden and grow what they like to eat.

The decorative uses are many and best of all, wherever you place them, whatever you grow in them will be much easier on your back. No more bending, squatting, stooping, or kneeling while tending to the garden. Everything will be waist high and right at your fingertips.

21- Narrow Raised Planters

These are ideal for use on a patio or deck that is not covered. The narrow width of these raised garden beds will not take up much space in your outdoor living space but will provide you with lots of fresh vegetables, herbs, fruit, and/or flowers.

Whatever you decide to grow in this attractive raised planter will add to the beauty of your patio, deck, or balcony. The elevated height makes taking care of the garden plants easy. You will be able to plant, feed, water, and harvest food from the plants without bending over. The space under the raised planters can be used for storing garden tools, outdoor shoes, and other small items.

These narrow raised planters by savvygardening can also be used in the landscape. Any outdoor location that could benefit from a pop of color or that is not being used would be a great location for a planter or two. Place them along the walkways, near an outdoor sitting area, or beside an outdoor cooking area and fill the planter with fresh herbs.

Paint or stain the wood to compliment your outdoor decor and the raised planters will look good even during the winter months when nothing is growing in them.

Narrow Raised Planters
Narrow Raised Planters, Image via: savvygardening

22- Cedar Fence Pickets Raised Garden Bed

Cedar fence pickets are pre-cut and will last a long time outside exposed to the elements. In this easy to follow raised garden bed plans on youtube you can build a beautiful, functional, and long-lasting elevated garden bed.

Save time using pre-cut cedar fencing, save your back with raised garden beds, and save your plants from being eaten or destroyed by animals by raising the plants off the ground.

23- Cedar Raised Bed Garden

These elevated garden bed plans by instructables are made from cedar wood for both beauty and longevity. The raised box is 3-feet tall and 6-feet long making it large enough to grow plenty of plants.

No bending is required for tending to plants in this elevated garden and the cedar planters will last for years.

Cedar Raised Bed Garden
Cedar Raised Bed Garden, Image via: instructables


Growing fresh flowers, herbs and vegetables in your home garden is all we love to do. However, the age factor becomes a hurdle when we have to do hard work a gardening hobby needs such bending over your knees. These waist high garden bed plans give you a handy option to grow plants and enjoy your gardening endeavor as well. So why not build one when these are so easy to make?

Hope this article has helped you to custom build waist high raised garden beds among many of the above options.

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