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DIY Vacuum Pump-27 Easy To Do Projects You Can Build On A Budget

A DIY vacuum pump has a wide range of uses around the house or workshop. The suction power of these DIY vacuum chambers is several times stronger than a house vacuum cleaner or shop vac.

DIY vacuum pumps are easily created from a recycled air compressor and are ideal for suctioning up tiny particles or removing gasses from enclosed containers. DIY vacuum chamber parts can be sourced from thrift stores, garage sales, or perhaps your attic or basement.

Check out our list of these 27 interesting and easy to do projects and discover how to build a homemade vacuum pump from recycled parts.

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1- Home Distillery Vacuum Pump

Home-brewers need to degas their alcohol product and a DIY vacuum pump can do the job with ease. Get these detailed instructions that will provide step by step photos to show you how to create the DIY vacuum chamber and pump that will safely and quickly distill your homebrew. By homebrewtalk

DIY Vacuum Pump

2- DIY Vacuum Chamber

Here we have a YouTube video that is so easy to follow and will show you step by step how to build a DIY vacuum chamber to use for degassing epoxy. People who are involved in DIY projects that use epoxy or silicone often have the need to degas the products before using and this easy DIY vacuum pump can do the job.

This vacuum chamber and pump are small and lightweight so it is easy to transport if your DIY projects take place away from home.

3- Venturi Style DIY Vacuum Pump

We recommend this diy vacuum pump to beginners or those who have a small budget and needs. Using two liquids that create the vacuum power and spending less than $25, you can use these pictorial instructions for building a small vacuum pump that is surprisingly powerful. By makezine


4- DIY Air Pump

Convert a refrigerator air compressor in a homemade vacuum chamber that is capable of blowing air in or sucking air out. In under an hour, you can create this DIY vacuum pump that can inflate a tire or evacuate a pipeline. By motherearthnews


5- Windsurfing Power

DIY air vacuum pump can do so much more than just assist you with things that must be done, these handy devices are useful during play and hobby time too. Check this idea out to discover how to make a vacuum pump that will provide power for windsurfing.

By seabreeze


6- 12V Air Compressor Conversion

When does a 12V air compressor transform into a vacuum pump? When you follow these plans and create diy hand vacuum pump from it. By avdweb


7- DIY Vacuum  Chamber

Transform a few household objects and a garden hose into a powerful vacuum chamber. Perfect for degassing fluids for mold-making.

By instructables


8- Manual DIY Vacuum Pump

Four cheap items that you probably have on hand is all that’s needed to make this functional manual vacuum pump. Easy to read PDF file will teach you to create this pump in just a few minutes. By avs


9- Cheap DIY Vacuum Chamber

A recycled fridge compressor is the main component of this efficient vacuum pump. This YouTube video shows you how to make a vacuum chamber in great detail so you will not miss a step in the building process.

This vacuum pump is mounted on wood along with a container to make degassing of products very convenient. Ideal for serious crafters and the recycled parts make it inexpensive to build.

10- Bicycle DIY Vcuum Pump

Recycle an old bicycle tire pump into a diy hand vacuum pump with this idea. Easy to follow instructional video will walk you through the DIY process and you’ll end up with a functional and practical vacuum pump for minimal expense. By paksc


11- Electric DIY Vacuum Pump

Little and powerful. this DIY electric vacuum pump has been referred to as the ‘cheap little sucker’. Easy to build at a minimal cost, this sucker can handle all of your vacuum needs for crafts and similar endeavors. By berkut13


12- Tire Inflator Vacuum Pump

A tire inflator can easily be converted into a DIY vacuum pump with a simple switch of the hoses. Place the hose on the input side for sucking air in rather than having the hose on the output side where the air is blown out.

Mini vacuum pumps that you create run much quieter than commercially built models and they do the job just as well.

By instructables

Tire Inflator Vacuum Pump

13- Aquarium Pump Into A Vacuum Pump

An old aquarium pump is easy to recycle into a homemade vacuum pump with these detailed instructions. Aquarium pumps are designed to blow air out and create circulation for water, reverse the valves and you can create a pump that sucks in instead of blowing out.

The resulting pump is quiet, efficient, and powerful. These instructions can be used to transform other pumps that are similar to aquarium pumps too. By instructables

Aquarium Pump Into A Vacuum Pump

14- Fridge Compressor DIY Vacuum Pump

An old refrigerator that still has a good compressor is a gold mine. Remove the compressor and follow these detailed instructions for making a vacuum pump.

By instructables

DIY Vacuum Pump

15- Recycled Refrigerator Vacuum Pump

Extra parts from a discarded refrigerator can be recycled into a functional vacuum pump for under $30. A length of PVC pipe and a few other components will be needed for the transformation, but the resulting DIY vacuum chamber and pump will work spectacularly.

A discarded dehumidifier will work if you do not have an old refrigerator to use for this DIY project. By labonthecheap

Recycled Refrigerator Vacuum Pump

16- Fridge Compressor Vacuum Pump

An old non-working fridge still contains valuable components that can be used for many DIY projects, including building a vacuum pump.

The compressor can be recycled into the main component of a DIY vacuum chamber so you can create a DIY tool that will assist you in many workshop projects. This easy to follow video will show you how to build a vacuum pump with recycled fridge parts.

By homemadetools

homemade vacuum pump
diy vacuum pump image via: homemadetools.net

17- DIY Vacuum Pump For Men

This DIY vacuum pump is for men only, but female DIYers may want to build one for their partner. Instead of being embarrassed going into an adult shop and buying a penis pump, or ordering an expensive one online, use these plans to build your own.

The pump is inexpensive to build and easy to customize to the exact size needed. By aiclegal

DIY Vacuum Pump For Men

18- Electric DIY Vacuum Pump Under 10$

Watch this YouTube video to discover how to convert a $10 air compressor into a high draw vacuum pump. Ideal for use by hunters or gardeners for food preservation, or school science experiments.

This powerful diy vacuum pump will remove all the air from a container so food can be frozen without fear of freezer burn. This YouTube video provides a demonstration at the end showing viewers how the electric vacuum pump can suck all the air out of a plastic water bottle.

At Youtube 

Electric DIY Vacuum Pump Under 10$

19- Degassing DIY Vacuum Chamber

This one has many uses around the home workshop and is ideal for degassing epoxy, paint, and more. It is a simple build that starts with a small box constructed from plywood and coated with body filler, silicone sealant and paint to make it airtight.

A YouTube instructional video is embedded into this website so you can watch the building process and make yourself one of these handy degassing homemade vacuum chambers. By hackaday

Degassing DIY Vacuum Chamber

20- DIY Vacuum Pump For Paint

When you need the paint to pass through all the layers of the item, then this is the vacuum pump you should build. When you need a liquid to pass all the way through a solid, suction power is the way to make that happen and this DIY vacuum pump has the power to do it.

By tdpri

DIY Vacuum Pump For Paint

21- Bicycle Homemade Vacuum Pump

Use these instructions and create a diy vacuum pump from an old bicycle tire pump. Ideal for those living off-grid and need non-electric methods of getting work done. This bicycle vacuum pump can be used to squeeze out resin or other liquid, to apply force to laminated wood, and many other uses around the homestead. Cheap and easy to build, plus it is lightweight and portable.

By instructables

Bicycle Homemade Vacuum Pump

22- DIY Vacuum Pump Tweezers

Use this idea and instructions to create yourself a diy vacuum pump tweezer from a recycled aquarium pump. There is always a need for this type of tweezers when you are working with small parts. Ideal for the hobby craft person or jewelry maker.

By aonomus

DIY Mini Vacuum Pump

23- DIY Mini Vacuum Pump

This design is a multi-purpose, manually-operated diy mini pump made from a balloon pump. It has enough suction power to remove air from food containers and to do other small tasks. Cheap, lightweight and easy to make mini pump is a great way to recycle that old balloon pump. By instructables

DIY Mini Vacuum Pump

24- Silicone Degassing Vacuum Pump

Watch this YouTube video and learn how to build a high powered vacuum pump for degassing silicone. Simple to make and easy to use, reviews state this powerful vacuum pump pulls all the bubbles out of silicone.

25- 12V DIY Vacuum Pump

Follow this YouTube video and create a powerful 12V diy vacuum pump using a recycled air compressor from a car. Easy and inexpensive to build, plus the pump is compact and lightweight making it easy to transport.

26- DIY Vacuum Pump Chamber

These detailed instructions deal with the three main problems of building a DIY vacuum pump chamber – the right type of materials to use for the base, the heat that is generated and creating the perfect vacuum seal.

All three of these problems are addressed and answered on this website and results is a powerful diy vacuum chamber that will bond metal to glass. By instructables

DIY Vacuum Pump Chamber

27- DIY Vacuum Press

If you are a woodworker, a vacuum press is a needed tool that will enable you to bond wood veneer and work with exotic wood types. Instead of paying a lot of money for a ready-made vacuum press, make your own cheaply with these plans.


Now you have multiple DIY vacuum pumps or chambers to build your own vacuum pump. Select from any of  these vacuum pumps that you find easy to build and are within your budget. Hope our round of diy vacuum pumps will help you in your decision to build one for yourself.

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