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17 Free Landscape Design Software To Design Your Garden

Free landscape design software will help you design the outdoor space of your dreams. When using software to create your design, you won’t have to fabricate models of outdoor elements by hand. All the outdoor elements, like building, vegetation, people and vehicles are already at your fingertips with garden design software.

Not only will free landscape design software allow you to create your dream space, but will also allow you to create walk-throughs and flyovers that will virtually glide you and/or potential clients through your creation.

Browse through our round up of these amazing free garden design software options to see what is available and which one will be right to met your personal or business needs.

Garden and Landscape Design Software

1– Realtime Landscaping Pro

The first one in our list is a professional landscaping program by realtime-landscaping.en.softonic.com that comes to you as a free download and it offers you a good piece of backyard design software as well. Since it uses 3D design your designs will look as if they are real pictures of existing gardens. As a result, you could plan and landscape your garden in a professional manner with it.


  • This is a powerful design software that will allow you to use a wide array of visual tools to create the perfect landscape design. Create a deck, pool area, flower garden, and much more just like the professionals do using this software.


  • The only con is that it does not provide an aerial view of your landscape design.
Realtime Landscape Design Software
Realtime Landscape Design Software, Image source: realtime-landscaping.en.softonic.com

2– SmartDraw Garden Design Software

Irrespective of whether you are a novice to garden planning or an experienced one, this landscape design software by SmartDraw allows you to create your own garden designs with elegant ease that’s I like about this software. In addition to gardens, you also could design patios and decks with it.

It is able to add barbecues and grills, foot paths, umbrellas, picnic tables, fountains and a number of other fixtures into your garden as well. Though it is not an online landscape design software, once downloaded it will allow you to do many things related to garden design.


  • This software has built in templates, plants, and grass so you can drag and drop landscape items until you find a satisfying design for your landscape.
  • You can create a shopping list with this app once you have settled on the design.
  • It’s user friendly and lets you visualize how the finished landscape will look.


  • The one con is that you can’t upload photos of your landscape.
SmartDraw Garden Design Software
SmartDraw Garden Design Software, Image source: smartdraw

3– Plan-a Garden

‘Plan-a-Garden’ is a beautiful free landscape design software by bhg which is also easy to use. There are buildings and shrubs as well as trees that could be dragged and dropped into the picture in order to plan your dream home garden.

It could design any small garden the same way you do a large one with it. You could make many plans and save them in order to show them to your family members. Later you could edit them in case you want to do so.


  • Create any size garden using your home computer or laptop. Whether you want a roof top garden, a container garden for your patio, or a lavish landscape with a pool and outdoor kitchen, this software will help you design it.
  • You can use urban, suburban, or rural settings along with many different types of plants when playing around with the design.
  • This is an award winning app that is straightforward to use.


The con is that all plants, structures, and other outdoor objects are virtual.


plan a garden
plan a garden, Image source: bhg

4– Garden Visualizer

This free landscape design program by marshalls will allow you to put all your garden design ideas on a beautiful 3D design and visualize it in order to help you edit it and achieve the best suited plan for your garden. Being able to add your home also within the design is a special feature you will find in this beautiful free landscape design software.


  • Visualize your garden ideas in 3D with this software. Design a landscape that will suit the needs of your family with this easy to  use app.
  • Easy to use edit feature allows you to add, move, and remove outdoor elements until you are satisfied with your design.


  •  You can’t upload your own photos.

Get free landscape design software at marshalls

garden visualizer free landscape design software
garden visualizer free landscape design software, Image source: marshalls

5– Garden Planner

This is an online landscape design software by smallblueprinter which could be used without downloading the software. However, if you want to save your plans it is necessary for you to download the free software. Once you download it, using it will be similar to using any other free design software used for garden design.


  • Download the Garden Planner and have access to a multitude of ideas for your landscape design. Everything from large trees to small annual flowers are on this software so you can see how the landscape design will look when it’s first planted and what it will look like 10 years into the future.


  • The software must be downloaded to save your plans.

Get free landscape design software at smallblueprinter

online landscape design software
online landscape design software, Image source: smallblueprinter


  • Use photos of your actual landscape with this software. Incorporate images of plants and objects that you would like to have in your outdoor space and the software will help you determine if the object and plants would be the best fit for your climate, sun exposure, and soil.

The software is free.


  • Not as user friendly as most landscaping software.

6– Showoff  Virtual Designer

In case you want to use a diy landscape design software like this one by saga.co.uk, Showoff Virtual Designer is the tool you must select. It allows you to upload a digital photograph of your own garden and add the necessary plants, pots, foot paths and walls onto it in order to design your dream garden out of it.

You could change your design until you find the best suited one. This free garden design software not only allows you to plan your garden but also it lets you save it and even share it with others.


  • Use photos of your actual landscape with this software. Incorporate images of plants and objects that you would like to have in your outdoor space and the software will help you determine if the object and plants would be the best fit for your climate, sun exposure, and soil.
  • The software is free.


  • Not as user friendly as most landscaping software.
DIY landscape design software
DIY landscape design software, Image source: saga

7– My Gardena Landscape Design App

‘My gardena’ is a professional free landscape design software by gardena that allows you add your deck, patio, fence water and so many features. You could design your garden easily with this 3d tool. At the same time you have the option to see example gardens using real time walk though in 3d technology. Once you do the planning the shopping list of yours also could be printed using the same software.


  • Ideal design software to use when planning a landscape with a built in irrigation system.
  • A garden will need water to grow and if you don’t want the chore of watering plants regularly, then this software is a must.  Use it to design the perfect outdoor space that will be easy to maintain with an automatic irrigation system.
  • Free software helps you be creative so you can plan a beautiful garden.


  • Only good if you’re planning to install irrigation.
professional free landscape design software
professional free landscape design software, Image source: gardena

8– Realtime Landscaping Architect

Though it is necessary to purchase this landscape design software by ideaspectrum that enables you to design your landscape unlike the software we discussed before, but you also will be able to use their trial version free. It is a good piece of software that could be used to design your garden. There is no need to have any previous knowledge on CAD either to use it.


  • This landscape design is not free but will provide you with a free trial before you buy it.
  • You can test it out before you buy it.
  • The price includes support, tutorials, and more.


  • The con is that you have to pay for this software.

You may also like to check out square foot garden plans.

Free landscape design software
Free landscape design software, Image source: ideaspectrum

9Building Up

Here we have a free SketchUp software to design and build upwards. Not all gardens are built on a flat surface and this software will enable you to build up, down and over any type of terrain within your landscape.

Create small backyard gardens, terrace gardens or design a large outdoor park with this free landscape design software. Just a click of a button will allow you to bring in the exact image of the terrain you will be working with so you can adjust the garden design to specifics variations within the outdoor space.


  • Here is powerful software that can bring your garden plans to life. From the smallest container garden to the largest park on uneven terrain, this software can help you design the landscape of your dreams.
  • The con is the software is not free. Prices vary according to the plans you purchase.


  • Not good for use with a level landscape.
Free landscape design software
Free landscape design software, Image source: sketchup

10– Software For Landscape Design and Urban Planning

This landscaping software free designs by lands-design will enable you to design water features along with land and garden designs. Create stunning renders in vivid colors that will show you exactly how an outdoor space will look before the first shovel full of dirt gets moved.

Use Lands free landscape design software to create large outdoor spaces that contain stairs, fences, walls, water features and other design elements. Add a variety of vegetation from over 1,500 virtual plants to choose from. Design and re-design until you get the space just right for yourself or a client.

The best landscape design software allows you to create it your way, with all the elements you want within the outdoor space that you have. Lands software can handle everything from terrain modeling, to urban planning, to a backyard garden. Above ground water features and below ground irrigation system planning are also easy with this free software that is quick to download.


  • Full color and the ability to add water features to your landscape design are the biggest pros of this software.
  • Over 1,500 plants are also included so you can play around with the design and see how the landscape will look in all four seasons.


  • Designed for use in large landscapes, not good for a small backyard.
landscaping software free designs
Landscaping software free designs, Image source: landsdesign

11Visualize Your Garden

This free garden design app by iscapeit lets you visualize what your yard can look like before you spend any money. Use the free app from iScape to envision and plan what you want to do in your yard. Add all the elements you would like to the space using the app, then collaborate with landscape designers and industry partners to see if your design is the best it can be for the space.

Free advice and knowledge from landscape professionals are included with this free garden design app. At any stage of the design process you will be able to share it with a spouse, friends or landscape professional of your choice to get their valued input on the outdoor garden space you’re creating.

You can streamline your garden project by purchasing products directly through the iScapes app.


  • See what your landscape will look like before you do any work or spend any money.
  • Get free advice from landscape professionals with this software. If your design is not the best for your climate, the professionals will help you make better plant choices.
  • The app can be downloaded for free.


  • You will only have limited access with the free feature.
free garden design app
Free garden design app, Image source:iscapeit

12Inside and Outside Dream Garden Planner

Use this free landscape design software by dreamplan-home-design-software to design your home inside and outside. DreamPlan Home Design Software allows users to create detailed architectural and garden plans in 3D so everything can be visualized before money is spent.

Design an indoor living space that flows seamlessly with a customized outdoor living space with this free downloadable software. The built-in wizards enable a novice designer to create a spectacular design that will work with your exact terrain and budget.

Design an outdoor kitchen, firepit, seating and eating areas. A fragrant flower garden and productive vegetable garden may also be a part of your plans.

Create and view your design in 3D in only minutes with this easy to use free downloadable software. Create a unique floor plan or select from existing ones, and select from the many varieties of trees and shrubs offered so you can put together a space designed to meet your personal needs.


  • Design the inside and outside of your home with this free software.
  • Visualize your dream home in 3D.
  • Design your home and your landscape with one easy to use software download.


  • Only a limited number of objects are available.

You may also like to check out vegetable garden planner software.

free landscape design software
Free landscape design software, Image source: dreamplan-home-design-software.en.softonic.com

13Live Outside

This backyard design software by homeoutside is for people who like to live outside. Download this free software from HomeOutside and start planning your ideal outdoor living space in minutes.

You can start with their partial outdoor designs and create a customized space from there, or use their full property designs for your space. Ask an expert for help at any stage of the design process so you can get the most from your outdoor space.

You can get an online workbook that will allow you to submit property information, goals, ideas and preferences for your outdoor living space. Based on the provided information, you will receive a unique design that has been customized to meet your needs. You can accept it, tweak it or start all over again, the ultimate garden design will be your creation.


  • Perfect for people who want to create an outdoor living space.  This software will help you create a space you will spend a lot of time in.
  • You can ask an expert for advice at any stage of the design process.


  • You will need beta access to use this software.

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yard design software
yard design software , Image source: homeoutside

14Easy Peasy Landscape Design App

Landscape design is made easy with the free landscape design software by edrawsoft. Take all the guess work out of the design and incorporate all the elements you want with the easy to use home plans.

EDraw provides a bright, user friendly interface that is easy to understand and operate. Simply drag and drop into place the landscape elements you want in your garden space. Choose from ponds, buildings, walkways, tree and flowers. You can also see what your landscape will look like in different seasons.

Use this free landscape design software to design a small garden, large garden, rooftop garden or entire landscape with pond, fences, trees and vegetable garden. No limits on the outdoor space you can customize with this easy to use, free loadable software.

Available versions for Windows, Mac and Linux, the vast array of templates and examples makes garden design on your home computer a snap.


  • User friendly landscape design software that is free.
  • Design water features, walkways, and a she-shed or other outbuildings.
  • Add flowers, trees, and shrubs then see how they will look in all four seasons with this software.


  • Reviews of the software are edited and not published in real time so it’s difficult to get an honest consumer review.
free landscape design software
free landscape design software, Image source: edrawsoft

15Fingertip Landscape Design App

Everything needed to design your own unique garden is at your fingertips with this free landscape design software. Home Design 3D not only allows you to create a new space, but re-model the space you currently have too. You can have professional results with your design project by using this free software with 3D planning.

Arrange and re-arrange each element until it suites you and the space. Adjust heights, thickness, design and decorate all indoor and outdoor spaces. Select from 100‘s of textures and over 1,500 pieces of furniture. See what your space will look like in daytime or nighttime with the visualization and visit featured provided by this free software.

Ideal for use on a Smartphone, Tablet or PC or Mac. There’s no limit on what you can create right from your SmartPhone using this free downloadable app.


  • Perfect software for remodeling the spaces you already have. This software will enable you to remodel the inside and outside of your home. Rearrange and re-design all of your living spaces with this one software download.
  • It’s 3D and can be used on a smartphone or home computer.


  • The software is primarily used for home remodeling, not landscape designing.
free landscape design software
free landscape design software, Image source: homedesign3d

16Dream Home

The American Dream Home used to be a front yard with a white picket fence….now it’s so much more than that. Curb appeal, water features, shrubs, flowers and outdoor kitchens are all factored into most people’s dream home nowadays, and this free landscape design software on download.cnet by NCH Software can help you design your idea of a dream home.

In minutes you can design the interior and exterior of your home to meet your exact specifications. See what your uneven landscape would like if it as raised or lowered, or with that patio you’ve always wanted or maybe even a pool with outdoor kitchen.

Download the free software and start dreaming today. You can also include the white picket fence in your design is that’s a desired element.


  • Design the interior and exterior of your dream home with this free software.
  • See what your home and yard will look like from the curb and overhead.
  • See what your home will look like after a remodel and how your landscape will look with a pool or outdoor kitchen.


  • Can’t scale, erase, or edit.

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free landscape design software
free landscape design software, Image source: download.cnet.com

17Landscape For Everyone

Easy to use software puts the power of landscape design into everyone’s hand. You don’t have to hire a professional landscaper to design your garden, nor do you have to be a professional landscaper in order to use this software.

It’s so easy to use, even a novice computer user will be able to navigate the page and design a professional looking garden. Landscapes should not be expensive and only attainable to the wealthy, an outdoor space should be comfortable, enjoyable and increase property value. You can do all of this and more with this free landscape design software by 3D Landscape For Everyone.

See your ideas come to life in 3D. Add elements and re-arrange them until the outdoor space suits you exact specifications. The download is free and will only takes a few minutes to ready for use. Nothing to sign up for and nothing to purchase. Get started designing an award winning outdoor space with this free garden design software today.


Ideal software for the first time home owner and novice gardener. This software is user friendly and will take you through each phase of design step by step.

Plan the simplest or most elaborate landscape using this one free software product.


  • Downloading and installation is very slow.
free landscape design software
free landscape design software, Image source: 3d-landscape-for-everyone.en.softonic.com


Since there are seventeen different free landscaping design software in our list, you have ample opportunity to choose the one you prefer and design your garden to add a better environment to your home.

Based upon some frequently asked questions we’ve prepared a questionnaire.


What is 3D Landscape Design Software?

3D will allow you to see how plants stack, layer, bloom, and their mature height. Multiple angles of the 3D design will show an aerial view, side views, and front views so you can see how the home and landscape will look from all angles.

What’s The Difference Between 2D and 3D Landscape Design Software?

A 2D design gives you a direct view of the landscape design, usually in full color, so you have a better visual experience of what your finished home and landscape will look like.

A 3D design does the same thing however, it is much more detailed and allows you to see all angles of the landscape from the front, sides, and top.

How Can I Improve My Landscape Design?

By downloading one of these 17 software products and create a landscape that works for you. Many will provide free advice from a design expert so you will be able to choose the right plants and plant them in the right places in your landscape.

Experts will also be available to offer advice for other hardscape features in your landscape.

How Can Landscape Design Software Help You?

Landscape design software can help take your dream home and make it a reality. When you know what you want your landscape to look like but don’t know where to start, using software for the design will be the needed first step to get you started.

How To Pick The Right Landscape Design Software For You

First decide some of the things that you might want in your landscape, like a pond, seating area, or outdoor kitchen. Next, search for a software product that offers designs for the things you want most in your landscape and check them out.

How Much Does Landscape Design Software Cost?

Many of these 17 landscape design software products are free to download. Some will you have to pay for and the cost will vary.

Check out the free design software first and if you don’t like what they have to offer start looking into the ones that will cost the lowest and work your way up in price.

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