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diy sprinkler system

12 DIY Sprinkler Systems -Water Your Lawn With Ease

A DIY sprinkler system can help you have a beautiful lawn and garden without all the work of hand watering. A garden watering system will also put the water right where it’s needed most so there will be less evaporation and less waste of this precious natural resource. Check out these designs and instructions so you can learn how to install a sprinkler system on your property for fraction of the cost so you can save yourself some time, money and water.

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  1. DIY Pop-Up Sprinklers

Learn how to install pop-up sprinkler system with these easy-to-follow instructions. Pop-ups are invisible when not in use and won’t hinder mowing and other landscaping chores. This traditional watering system is easier to install than you may think.

Here are step by step instructions to make this diy pop-up sprinklers.

  • Locate the water pipe buried under the ground, mark it and dig trenches with gas-powered trenching machine.
  • Turn off the water, cut the water pipe and attach pvc tee and elbow.
  • Dig a hole about 18 inches deep and 2 to 3 feet long to connect the main line to valve box.
  • Glue together the manifold and attach the zone valves.
  • Place underground wire and connect it with valve wires.
  • Lay the pvc pipe in the trench coming from valve box.
  • Connect each pipe coming from valve to trenches pipes.
  • Attach sprinkler to the end of each flexible pipe.
  • Lay out the drip irrigation tubing and secure it with plastic ground stakes.
  • Fix the timer on the wall and connect wires coming from valves.

Pop-Up Sprinklers

  1. Simple DIY Sprinkler System

If following pictures is a better way for you to be guided through a project, then these instructions are for you. Both words and corresponding pictures will guide you through an underground sprinkler system installation.

underground sprinkler system installation

  1. DIY Lawn Sprinkler System

This website will show you how to make a plan for a lawn sprinkler system that is right for your landscape. The right placement of the lines and sprinkler heads are essential for your system to work at its optimum level.

lawn sprinkler system

  1. Right Flow Rate

A wealth of advice can be garnered from this valuable website. A DIY water sprinkler system is only as good as the flow rate of the water, and this website will show you how to check that vital statistic plus many others.

DIY water sprinkler system

  1. Automated Sprinkler System

Create a series of garden irrigation and lawn irrigation systems that can grow with your gardening endeavors with the instructions found on this website. By creating an automated DIY sprinkler system with garden hose connection, the water goes where you want it go, when you want it to go and the system is easy to remove and take with you should you sell your home.

Automated Sprinkler System

  1. DIY Underground Irrigation System

The DIY installation process of an underground sprinkler system is a big job, but it has a big payoff. No more wasted water or no more moving the sprinkler around. Just turn it on and forget it and watch your lawn become greener by the day. Renting a Ditch Witch will make the digging go easier and quicker.

Below are simple steps to make this underground sprinkler system.

  • Measure water pressure at an outdoor faucet with a simple pressure gauge.
  • Dig holes with machine and lay out main pvc pipe line and cable.
  • Assemble the zone valves and buried it under the ground.
  • Connect the cable wire and main line with downstream side of each valve.
  • Slide a crimp ring onto each pipe and insert the barb fitting.
  • Connect the sprinkler heads to the pipe.
  • Connect the ell to the sprinkler head with 3/8-in. swing pipe.
  • Back fill the hole 4 in and amp the soil with a rubber mallet.
  • Install a full-flow ball valve and reduced-pressure back flow preventer right after the ball valve.
  • Mount the timer and connect wires with it.

underground sprinkler system

  1. Garden Irrigation System

Keep your vegetable garden thriving and producing an abundance of vegetables with this easy-to-install system.

Garden Irrigation System

  1. DIY Automated Sprinklers

In order to have a lush, green lawn, you have to water early in the morning and get the water go soak down deeply into the soil where the grass roots are located. This DIY lawn sprinkler system will do that for you on an automated timing system, so you’ll never forget to turn the sprinklers on, or off, again.

DIY Automated Sprinklers

  1. Step by Step DIY Sprinkler Installation

Detailed, step by step instructions will guide you through the DIY installation process so you can have a thriving lawn, vibrant flowers and producing vegetable garden even in the middle of a drought.

DIY installation process

  1. Greener, Healthier Lawn

You are just six steps away from having a greener and healthier lawn and this website will guide you through those six short steps. Measure, test, draw, select, install and watch it grow.

  1. PVC Sprinkler System

Use these easy instructions to create a diy sprinkler system from inexpensive PVC pipe. Perfect for use as lawn or garden sprinklers to keep your vegetation growing.

PVC Sprinkler System

  1. DIY Rain Bird Installation

Professional grade and designed for the homeowners to install themself, this website will walk you through the entire Rain Bird installation process so you’ll never have to manually water your lawn or garden again.

DIY Rain Bird Installation

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