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7 Fabulous Cubbyhouse Plans For Your Kidz

DIY cubbyhouse plans will enable you to build something for your kids that will keep them entertained for many years. A backyard playhouse is not expensive to build, but the imaginative playtime it will provide for your kids (maybe even grandkids) is priceless. Check out these 7 fabulous cubbyhouse plans and find one that’s just right for the children in your family. The detailed plans will make it an easy DIY build and a backyard playhouse will increase the value of your property.

  1. Front Porch Sitting

This delightful cubbyhouse plans has a front porch that is perfect for kids to sit and dream on. Parents may even get invited over to sit on the front porch and enjoy a tea party. Paint colors can make this cubby house suitable for either a girl or boy.

Front Porch Sitting

  1. Pallet Playhouse

A few wood pallets and around $30 will enable you to build this attractive playhouse that any little girl would be proud to call her own. Recycle wood from pallets and leftover building material and you can easily build a kids cubby house just like this one for just a few dollars.

Pallet Playhouse

  1. Slide and Sandbox

This DIY cubby house design combines a playground with a playhouse. The cubby house plan is built a few feet off the ground overtop of a large sandbox. A ladder takes the kids up into the playhouse and a slide quickly gets them down and deposits them into a soft bed of sand.

DIY cubby house

  1. Tree Top Cubbyhouse

Built off the ground, this cubbyhouse design will give kids the feeling of being up in the trees. Perfect for girls or boys, these step by step instructions will enable you to build a DIY tree top cubby house with confidence. You may  also like to see diy treehouse.

Tree Top Cubbyhouse

  1. Two Story Cubbyhouse

Designed with the serious player in mind, this two story cubbyhouse provides an indoor and outdoor play area. Second story observation deck allows kids keep a look-out for zombies, pirates or other imaginary invaders that may try to invade their playhouse space. Not complicated to build when you follow the detailed ‘how to build a cubby house’ instructions.

Two Story Cubbyhouse

  1. Cubby House and Dog House Combo

Here is a cheap cubby house build design that makes room for kids to play and the family dog to live. The cubby house is on top, easily accessed by a ladder. The bottom section has three walls and provide a safe home for the family dog. One DIY build, two uses and very little money spent. Recycle wood pallets and other leftover building material to create this cheap cubby house and dog house combo.

Cubby House and Dog House Combo

  1. Sandbox Fort

This DIY cubby house looks like a fort and has a slide to make a fast escape. Build this off the ground cubby house plan and create a sandbox underneath to best utilize the backyard space. The front porch provide s great look-out vantage point for the kids and a slide provides a quick escape route from imaginary invaders.

DIY cubby house

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