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15 Lovely DIY Treehouses-Make Your Kids Dream Come True

A DIY treehouse is a simple way to provide your children with a perfect play area that will fuel their imagination and provide a little separation between you and them. Building a backyard treehouse with your kids will also provide priceless family bonding time and create memories that will last a lifetime. Both boys and girls enjoy hanging out in the trees and these 15 lovely DIY tree house ideas will provide you with plenty of inspiration and instructions to construction either a boys tree fort, a DIY playhouse for girls or a children’s tree house that everyone can enjoy.

  1. World Class DIY Treehouse

A lovely wooden treehouse like this one by popularmechanics that looks good and is built to last. Attractive and inviting for both girls and boys, this treehouse will also add value to your property.

World Class Treehouse
Image via: popularmechanics
  1. Hanging Treehouse

Here’s a work of art that will entice young and old alike to enter. This unique hanging treehouse by diynetwork makes a perfect addition to a backyard kid’s play area and the simple design makes it an easy DIY project.

World Class Treehouse
Image via: diynetwork
  1. Mini Home in a Tree

This DIY tree house plan will enable you to construct a mini home in a tree like this one by huffingtonpost that looks good enough to live in full time. Natural sunlight streams in through the windows and the porch is a great place for sitting in the shade.

Mini Home in a Tree
Image via: huffingtonpost
  1. Camouflaged Tree Fort

Simple design and sturdy construction will keep this diy treehouse by instructables in place for years to come. Easy DIY build with camouflage fabric for sides.

Camouflaged Tree Fort
Image via: huffingtonpost
  1. Treehouse With Slide And Swing

More than a treehouse, this idea makes it part of a large play area for kids. The diy treehouse like this one by buildeazy is roofless and has a secure set of stairs leading up to the structure. A perfect setup for young children. You may like to see:diy swing sets

Treehouse With Slide And Swing
Image via: buildeazy
  1. Year Around Fun

Built on stilts and with a plexiglass wall, this DIY playhouse by dornob does not depend upon a tree for support. The see through wall makes it fun for observing the backyard in all types of weather conditions. You may like to see: diy lemonade stands.

DIY playhouse
Image via: dornob
  1. Wooden Treehouse Plans

Solid, safe and attractive, this wooden treehouse by theclassicarchives will provide years of enjoyment for your kids. This how-to guide will easily walk you through the process of how to build a treehouse with ease.

Wooden Treehouse Plans
Image via: theclassicarchives
  1. Tree Deck

Built without a roof, this tree deck by instructables provides open sky above for observing the stars at night. Enter the tree deck by climbing up the rope ladder, then relax in the shade of the surrounding trees.

Tree Deck
Image via: instructables
  1. Hideaway

Climb the steps and pull the curtain for a private hideaway in the trees like this one by thehandmadehome. If you need to make a quick exit, slide down the slide and make your getaway from this lovely hideaway. The adults in the family may use this diy treehouse as often as the children do.

private hideaway in the trees
Image via: thehandmadehome
  1. Simple DIY Treehouse

When a simple platform attached to a tree is all that’s needed to provide your kids with hours of fun, then these DIY build plans by apartmenttherapy are for you. Simple, inexpensive and easy to build.

DIY build plans
Image via: apartmenttherapy
  1. Pirate Treefort Plans

These plans will please the pirate in your family. Steps, porch, windows and door are accentuated with details that give this fort in a tree by instructables the look of a pirate ship sailing the sea.

Pirate Treefort Plans
Image via: instructables
  1. A Frame Treehouse

These plans will enable you to build an A frame tree house like this one by outdoorlife with shutting side windows and an observation deck. Classic design and easy DIY build.

A Frame Treehouse
Image via: outdoorlife
  1. Tarp Roof

This simple design is kid-friendly and easy to build by instructables. A floor and sides are topped off with a camo tarp for a roof. Makes the building process quicker and less expensive, plus kids will like the notion of being hidden from view under the camo tarp roof.

kid-friendly and easy to build
Image via: instructables
  1. Lifetime DIY Treehouse

These detailed video instructions will show you how to build a treehouse like this one by ronhazelton that your kids and grandkids will be able to enjoy. Longlasting beauty and construction for multiple years of fun.

Lifetime Treehouse
Image via: ronhazelton
  1. Tree Picking

Picking the right tree and placing a strong support system on the trees is key for safe and sturdy treehouse constructions like this one by yourhometriad. Theses plans will show you how to pick and prepare the trees first, then build a lovely treehouse that will last for years to come. You may like to see: diy climbing walls for your kids.

safe and sturdy treehouse constructions
Image via: yourhometriad

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