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17 DIY Bookcase Plans In Variety Of Styles And Sizes

A DIY bookcase will increase the storage space in any room of your home. And just because it’s called a bookcase does not mean it can only be used to hold books. The shelves can be used to hold many different items and can also be used to display some of your treasured possessions and photographs.

DIY bookcases can be made in a simple, class style that is an open box with interior shelves, or it can be made in a more elaborate design. These DIY bookshelf ideas will inspire you to build creative storage until that will become a focal point in the room.

Check out these 17 DIY bookcase plans that are in a variety of styles and sizes and find the one that is right for your storage and display needs.

1- Iron And Wood

These free plans on detailed video will show you how to build a sleek, rustic, and modern DIY bookcase by homemade-modern using iron and wood.

The small unit has three shelves that will provide storage and display space. The easy and quick build is inexpensive but the bookcase will look like it cost a lot of money. The boards are three feet long and can be purchased already cut to size and the angle iron used to hold the shelving unit together is also pre-cut and easy to work with.

The wood can be distressed and stained or painted to give the homemade bookcase a rustic, modern appearance.

DIY bookcase
Image via: homemade-modern

2- Simple Shelf

This simple bookshelf is a classic style that is easy to build. The floor-to-ceiling height and narrow width make it an ideal DIY bookshelf  by bunnings for a small space.

This simple shelf design can be used in the main living space to hold books and photos. In the bathroom to hold linens, in the kid’s room to hold toys. This simple bookshelf idea can be used anywhere to create more storage space. The wood can be painted or stained to match any interior decor.

Follow these free detailed plans and build yourself a couple of these shelves today. See also: small woodworking projects.

DIY bookshelf
Image via: bunnings

3- Beehive Bookshelf

This DIY bookcase style by instructables is unusual and attractive. It’s an ideal piece of furniture for a small space in need of a focal point.

The cubicles of this shelf are created in a beehive pattern and can be used to hold books and much more. The unit itself is attractive and will become an instant focal point in any room.

The small size of this shelf makes it perfect to place on top of a desk or to hang on the wall. You could make several of these small units and combine them to create a DIY bookshelf wall.

Increase your storage space in a very attractive way when you build this beehive bookshelf unit.

Beehive Bookshelf
Image via: instructables

4- Customised BookCase

Learn how to build a bookcase in this YouTube video that is the perfect size for your space.

This customized bookcase can be built to any size specification so it will fit into your space like a built-in unit. The wood molding on the top and bottom of the bookshelf gives it a high-end furniture appearance and the white paint color makes it a classic that will fit into any room.

This style of bookshelf can be customized to hold a flatscreen television or to fit on either side of a fireplace. The possibilities are limitless with these free building plans that are easy to customize.

5- Modern Bookcase

If you need an attractive space for your books, check out this modern bookcase by ohohdeco. The modern style is easy to build and the shelf will become a focal point in the room.

Get those treasured books out of boxes and display them on an attractive shelf with this idea. These free plans will provide you with building instructions so you easily create this modern bookcase for your home office. See also: diy tool storage ideas.

Modern Bookcase
Image via: ohohdeco

6- Kids Book Rack

This is more than just a bookshelf, it’s an attractive piece of furniture for your kid’s room. It looks almost like a toy itself and provides loads of storage space for books and toys.

Built from wood in a sturdy design that won’t topple over if a child climbs on it. Help keep your kid’s room neat and organized by building one of the stylish DIY bookcases like this one by ana-white with these free plans.

Kids Book Rack
Image via: ana-white

7- Wall Book Shelf

This slim wall bookshelf is just under 5 inches wide yet it can hold a lot of books. The slim shelf takes up almost no floor space so it is ideal for a small room. This DIY built-in bookshelf by rogueengineer is attached to the wall there is no danger in a child turning it over onto themself and causing injury.

Follow these free bookcase plans and build one near a comfy chair so you and your child can snuggle up together and read a good book before bedtime.

Wall Book Shelf
Image via: rogueengineer

8- Large And Moveable

When you have a lot of books and need somewhere to store them temporarily, watch this YouTube video for a great design idea.

If you rent a house or apartment or are planning to move in the next few years, you don’t need to create built-in DIY bookcases like this one on youtube. You need to create something attractive, sturdy, affordable, and moveable to display your book collection. This style of the homemade bookshelf is just maybe what you need.

The DIY bookcase looks like it is a built-in unit but it can easily be taken down, moved, and put back up again. The solid wood construction will make the shelves long-lasting and easy to paint or stain to match any decor.

9- Built-In Unit

Make your fireplace the focal point in the room by creating built-in DIY bookcases like this one by thisoldhouse on each side. The bookcase will frame the fireplace and will provide plenty of attractive storage space for books, plants, and photographs.

Paint the case of the book to blend in with the wall or stain them a natural color to allow the beauty of the wood to shine through.

These free plans will show you how to build these simple and style built-in bookcase units.

DIY bookcases
Image via: thisoldhouse

10- Clear Wood And Metal Poles

A few wood boards and metal poles can be used to create a stunning DIY bookcase like this one by instructables when you follow these detailed building instructions.

Floor to ceiling bookcase design can hold a lot of books and other personal items for display. Easy and inexpensive to build, this style lets the beauty of the wood and metal be showcased. Ideal for use in a modern design house and it will provide plenty of storage space.

Clear Wood And Metal Poles
Image via: instructables

11- Spine Bookshelf

This spine bookshelf is ideal for use on small empty wall space. These bookcase plans show you how to build a bookshelf like this one by shadesofblueinteriors that takes up no floor space and very little wall space. The built-in unit has several shelves that can store books and display other items. Great for use on the empty wall space behind a bedroom door.

The spine bookshelf is super easy to build, costs very little, and will add attractive storage to any room.

Spine Bookshelf
Image via: shadesofblueinteriors

12- House Bookshelf

This cute style and small size of this DIY bookcase by lovecreatecelebrate are perfect for a small space. The built-in bookshelves are shaped like a house and have three shelves for storage. The shelf unit is attached directly to the wall so there is no danger of it turning over on a child or pet.

The style is adorable and just right for a girl’s bedroom. It would also make a perfect addition to any whimsical room decor. These DIY bookcase plans use wood for the project, so the wood can be painted or stained to match the room decor.

House Bookshelf
Image via: lovecreatecelebrate

13- Bookcase With Toy Storage

Help your kids learn how to pick up and put away their toys with his attractive DIY bookcase by learn.kregtool with built-in toy storage.

Kids have toys and it’s important to have a place to store them at the end of the day. Keep the kids’ room neat by providing them with a colorful and durable bookcase that will hold all their toys and display their books.

The size of these bookshelf plans can be customized to fit the room and the wood is easy to paint to match the colors of your kids’ room decor. Easy-to-follow plans make this an easy DIY project to complete.

Bookcase With Toy Storage
Image via: learn.kregtool

14- Corner Bookcase

You can transform an unused corner of any room into an attractive space for storage with this idea.

A corner bookshelf like this one by howtospecialist will make the most of unused space and give you space to store books and display other treasured items. These detailed plans will show you how to build this corner bookcase that is perfect for any room in your home.

Build one for your kitchen to hold cookbooks and pots of herb plants. Another one can be built for a bathroom to hold towels and plants that thrive in a humid environment. This stylish corner bookcase can be useful in any room so you may want to build several.

Corner Bookcase
Image via: howtospecialist.com

15- Adjustable Shelves

Check out these free plans that will show you how to build a DIY bookcase like this one by sawdustgirl that has adjustable shelves.

Adjust the shelves for tall books, short books, tall plants, and small photos. Re-arrange the shelf height as needed so you can change out the books and other objects being stored on the homemade shelves.

how to build a DIY bookcase
Image via: sawdustgirl

16- Classic Case

If you need a case that will hold a lot of books and look like a nice piece of furniture, check out these free building plans.

The bookcase by jayscustomcreations will hold a lot of books and the classic style will fit in with any home decor. Ideal to build for placement against a large empty wall, this bookcase will work well in the hallway, bedroom, or family room. Install some LED rope lights to light the bookcase up for added dramatic design effect.

The large flat top surface is ideal for displaying potted house plants or sculptures. Watch this detailed video for the building plans.

Image via: jayscustomcreations

17- Steel Bookcase

This stylish steel bookcase is ideal for use with industrial home decor. The castors on the bottom make the DIY bookcase like this one by saltbushavenue easy to move around as needed.

If you can weld, then you can build this large, stylish bookcase with these free plans.

Steel Bookcase
Image via: saltbushavenue

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