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23 Small Woodworking Projects You Can Do In A Few Hours

Finding ways to incorporate leftover wooden boards or plywood to create useful DIY projects is a wonderful idea. Small woodworking projects that can be constructed in an hour or half a day can help bring use and utility to spaces around the house and yard. Many woodworking projects can be done with little to no expertise.

There are so many DIY woodworking projects that are inexpensive and simple with detailed plans that use a hammer, drill, and a hand saw. Projects that involve kids or other family members are a great way to spend quality time together while building life skills. Here are twenty-three amazing small woodworking projects that can be completed in a few hours.

1- Wooden Silverware Organizer

Wood and metal supplies found at the local hardware store are used to create this simple small woodworking project by abeautifulmess. A wood box or old-fashioned milk box is a great way to begin creating this silverware organizer. Copper pipe brackets are used to connect the wooden box to the wooden dowel handle. This is a wonderful organizer to use with children or to use for a picnic.

The wood and copper stand out and the silverware organizer can be stained or painted for a custom look. The organizer can also be used to organize small tools or screws and nails and can be carried around for each DIY project around the house.

Wooden Silverware Organizer
Image via: abeautifulmess

2- Customized Pencil Holder

A simple and easy way to organize and hold pencils without storing them in a drawer with various pencils, pens, and markers. This pencil holder by cherishedbliss makes a fantastic gift for a student, teacher, or someone to use on an office desk. Using a battery powered drill and a small piece of wood is how to create something wonderful out of wooden scraps.

Customized Pencil Holder
Image via: cherishedbliss

3- Wall Mounted Shoe Shelves

With less than twenty dollars and one hour of time, this wall-mounted wooden shoe rack organize by familyhandyman the clutter of a closet. With a few scrap pieces of wood, even wood slats from a pallet can be used to help construct this shoe organizer. Adding dowels to the wood boards provides the ability to make this project light and easy. You may also like to check out diy computer desks.

Wall Mounted Shoe Shelves
Image via: familyhandyman

4- Fold Away Clothes Drying Rack

Build a fold-down laundry drying rack like this one by fixthisbuildthat that can be folded up and out of sight. With a few pieces of wood and some dowels and hinges, this is a simple and easy way to add usability to the laundry area without taking up space. A drill, a hand saw, and some wood glue can be used to complete this project in less than one hour.

Fold Away Clothes Drying Rack
Image via: fixthisbuildthat

5- Picnic Table Squirrel Feeder

This small woodworking project on youtube is a wonderful way to create gifts for nature lovers, new homeowners, and can even be used to sell for a profit. In under ten minutes, learn how to make a miniature picnic table for the squirrels that can provide hours of enjoyment. Using a length of one inch by two-inch lumber, this squirrel feeder can be glued and nailed together.

This would be a great project to involve the kids in woodworking projects. This project could also be used to sell to neighbors or other community garden lovers who like to enjoy watching the birds and squirrels eating in their yards.

6- Handy Wooden Step Stool

This DIY stepping stool by diycandy can be flipped over to create a wooden chair. With multiple uses, this step stool can help access items from a high cabinet or assist kids with accessing the bathroom sink for hygiene. Easy to follow measurements for cutting the MDF wood, this becomes a super simple small woodworking project for any level of craftsmanship.

Handy Wooden Step Stool
Image via: diycandy

7- Pallet Wood Garden Planter

Using found free pallet wood, this garden planter creates interesting outdoor garden art. The unique scalloped design makes it simple to construct with a drill, hammer, and a saw. The fan shape helps use less wood and in turn creates less cuts with a saw. This is a small woodworking project by charlestoncrafted that can be completed in a few hours.

Pallet Wood Garden Planter
Image via: charlestoncrafted

8- A Simple Box Design Starts with the Basics

In under ten minutes, this video will go through the importance of having the skills to build a basic wooden box. The basic box design can be transformed into other small woodworking projects like this one on youtube such as cabinets, planters, and other useful DIY projects. Going further in the design process the instructional video talks about different types of joints for making box designs stronger.

9- Horseshoe and Wood Candle Holder

A basic design brings so much beauty and elegance to an indoor space. This simple wooden design by simplycountrylife incorporates metal horseshoes as legs for an extra special wooden candle holder. Using a scrap piece of wood block and screw in some horseshoes for this simple and unique woodworking project.

This candle holder can be completed in less than one hour without any cutting with a saw. The horseshoe and wood candle holder project requires a drill and a few screws and can be customized with paint for any interior décor. You may also like to check out diy chainsaw mills.

Horseshoe and Wood Candle Holder
Image via: simplycountrylife

10- Hanging Wood Birdhouse

The perfect small woodworking project by skiptomylou for working on with the kids. This wooden birdhouse can be constructed using a one inch by six-inch board and a small piece of plywood. Children can assist the construction of the sides and roof and then decorate the birdhouse for an extra special touch.

This simple wooden birdhouse project is a fantastic way to Introduce children to the wonderful world of woodworking and DIY projects. This birdhouse can be constructed in a few hours and with simple tools. Teach a child to hammer together this birdhouse for a summer project.

Hanging Wood Birdhouse
Image via: skiptomylou

11- DIY Deck Railing Platter

Enjoying a meal on the deck or balcony doesn’t have to mean sitting down at a table, rather why not stand at the railing and enjoy the sights while enjoying a meal? This wooden platter by thehandymansdaughter allows for stable dining options using a deck or balcony railing. Customizable to fit the size of any railing.

Constructing using two one inch by six-inch boards, the boards are combined to create a twelve-inch platter with a lip to prevent spilling things over the edge. Complete with a supply list, a cut list, and a video tutorial, this is a fantastic idea for anyone looking for added space on an apartment or condo deck.

DIY Deck Railing Platter
Image via: thehandymansdaughter

12- Stackable Countertop Produce Crates

A simple five-page PDF download assists DIY woodworkers by jenwoodhouse in completing the plans to build this wooden crate that can hold fruits and vegetable either on the countertop or the pantry. Complete with a supply and cut list this four-step building project is a great way to bring DIY woodworking projects indoors. The stackable crate design can be used for storage crates for books, magazines, and many other household items.

Stackable Countertop Produce Crates
Image via: jenwoodhouse

13- DIY Wooden Upholstered Bench

Using two-inch by four-inch boards, this bench design only costs $10. The crossbar design makes this bench look much more complicated and expensive than in reality. With a detailed written tutorial by anikasdiylife as well as simple-to-follow video, anyone can recreate this upholstered bench.

Customizing this bench is as simple as adding paint or stain and a specific fabric that fits. The upholstered bench is perfect for the end of a bed or for a mudroom for putting on or taking off shoes by the door.

DIY Wooden Upholstered Bench
Image via: anikasdiylife

14- Rustic Modern Wood Side Table

With just a drill and a sander, this simple but elegant small woodworking project by homedit is simple to complete in as little as one hour. Either using an extra piece of wood slab from cutting down large tree limbs or finding something at the local yard waste site, this project is easy. Purchasing a set of retro hairpin legs turns this side table into a modern accent for the home.

Using a slab of wood, simply sanding down the wood for a level surface and adding a protective coating of polyurethane will help the durability of the wood against water. Simply drill the hairpin legs into the bottom of the slab and voila, a simple side table!

Rustic Modern Wood Side Table
Image via: homedit

15- Hand Carved Wooden Tissue Holder

In less than twenty minutes, watch how easy and creative small woodworking projects like this one on youtube can be with this hand carved tissue box. Getting a bit fancier with creating carved designs using a hammer and a chisel, this is a unique way to create a cool woodworking project. Show off DIY artistry with this chiseled wooden tissue box.

16- Wooden Phone or Tablet Stand

What is more useful than being able to create a stand for your tablet or smartphone? This is a fantastic and very useful project to complete in less than one hour. Perfect as a gift, this tablet stand by wwgoa can be used in two positions.

Pick from an inexpensive wood material or opt for a higher quality, more exotic wood. The two different positions for this tablet holder provide landscape or portrait use of the screen for following along to a recipe or watching a television show.

Wooden Phone or Tablet Stand
Image via: wwgoa

17- Hexagon Wooden Tray

What can you make with a saw, a nail gun, and some pieces of wood? Create this cool extended hexagon tray by mylove2create that can be used on a coffee table or for eating in bed. Using one inch by two-inch pieces of wood, this simple design can create a useful and beautifully designed décor item.

A four-step process goes from cutting the wood and gluing the slats together to create a tray with an edge. The elongated hexagon design makes it easy to avoid exact angled joints while create enough space for adding candles, glasses, or a dinner plate.

Hexagon Wooden Tray
Image via: mylove2create

18- Kitchen Knife Block Design Projects

Choose from a series of eight different wooden knife block designs by familyhandyman. Incorporating traditional knife block designs along with magnetic strips as well as see-through compartments, there is a design for anyone to enjoy. Putting knifes inside of a knife block isn’t always the most hygienic way to store knives.

Consider using a tilted wooden stand with a magnetic strip to display and hold various kitchen knives so they can be differentiated without grabbing each knife and looking at the blade style. A simple but effective design that incorporates two pieces of wood and a magnetic strip that can be purchased for around $15. You may also like to check out diy router table and diy bike shed.

Kitchen Knife Block Design Projects
Image via: familyhandyman

19- DIY Adjustable Open Wooden Shelves

Consider a small woodworking project by thehandymansdaughter with free plans and a detailed outline of the steps to create adjustable open shelving. This shelf design uses a pocket hole jig to eliminate unsightly screw holes for a clean look. Take woodworking skills to another level with this project.

The wonderful part of these shelves is that they can be fit together in multiple ways like puzzle pieces. On top of a work desk or in the corner of the kitchen countertop, these shelves can fit in any space while looking expensive.

DIY Adjustable Open Wooden Shelves
Image via: thehandymansdaughter

20- Double Layered Wall Storage Shelves

Creating more space in the garage, especially being able to create less clutter on the floor is a worthy project to tackle like this one by familyhandyman. The supplies for these double layered shelves are less than $50 and not only are easy to make but also provide a lot of different storage options. Using a drill, a saw, and a few pieces of plywood these shelves can be mastered by any DIY skill level.

Double Layered Wall Storage Shelves
Image via: familyhandyman

21- Couch Arm Table

There are tables that slide up and over a couch’s arm to create a space for cups and remotes but why not make a small woodworking project like this one by abeautifulmess that fits on the couch like a sleeve? This is a simple yet effective way of adding a stable place to place a coffee cup or wine glass on the edge of the couch. Using three small wood boards, a drill, and a hole saw this project can be completed within an hour.

small woodworking project
Image via: abeautifulmess

22- Hardwood Cheese Board

One of the simplest and yet satisfying projects for any DIYer to complete, this cheese board by homedit is fantastic. Using a scrap piece of hardwood such as walnut or oak this cheese board can be cut to any size or shape and finished with a food safe butcher block finish. This cheese board can also be used as a cutting board and can make a great gift for friends or family who just moved to a new place.

Hardwood Cheese Board
Image via: homedit

23- Cedar Outdoor Solar Light

Building custom outdoor lighting can be easier and less expensive than expected. Ignore all the high-end solar light packages for illuminating a yard and create a cedar wood solar path light for the landscape. Using two cedar boards and the components from a cheap solar light this small woodworking project by build-basic can be created in an hour or two for as little as $10.

Cedar Outdoor Solar Light
Image via: build-basic


There are so many simple and inexpensive ways to use scrap wood and simple wood boards to create amazing items for the home and landscape. Pick one of the twenty-three DIY small woodworking projects listed here to start something new and get others involved in the creativity of creating unique items and gifts. There are plenty of projects that allow the kids to join in and begin to develop skills of working with their hands and understanding the basics of tools and woodworking.

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