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17 DIY Bike Sheds to Provide You Best Space for Storage

Riding bicycles can be a fantastic way to commute without a motor vehicle, get plenty of exercise, and travel through many tourist destinations. Storing bicycles can seem cumbersome or take up a lot of space but there are many excellent outdoor bike storage ideas that can make storage simple without taking up already limited space. Creating a DIY bike shed can be simple and fun for a weekend project.

No matter how limited in storage space or how easily accessible you want bicycles to be while put away, there are plenty of DIY bike shed solutions out there. There are a lot of free plans and video tutorials out there that can help lessen the stress of creating a storage shed. Let us explore seventeen of the most beneficial and simple to create DIY bike shed ideas we have in this list.

1- Cedar Bicycle Storage Shed

Creating this affordable outdoor bicycle storage solution by Prodigal Pieces can be done by using cedar fence pickets. Estimated cost for a DIY bike shed like this one we have is between $350 to $400 dollars compared to pre-built sheds at three or four times more expensive. This project has an easy-to-follow list of instructions and can be completed with simple power tools such as a saw and a drill.

This bike storage shed design describes how to attach the shed to an exterior wall of the house or garage. Besides just bike storage, this DIY bike shed design can also be used to store other outdoor supplies such as garden tools.

Cedar Bicycle Storage Shed
Cedar Bicycle Storage Shed, Image via: Prodigal Pieces

2- Standalone Outdoor Bike Storage

Building a smaller DIY bike shed by 3x3custom with plenty of room for other outdoor toys and supplies is a wonderful idea. This project can be completed in a weekend with a few simple tools. Not attaching doors to this bike shed provides quick and easy access to bikes and other equipment.

The standalone design of this project comes with an easy-to-follow video tutorial on how to construct this bicycle shed. With a free supply list and free downloadable plans, this is a simple solution for bike storage. We suggest this project to be perfect for families with kids or storing other outdoor items such as scooters and skateboards. You may also like to check out DIY electric bike that provide you an inexpensive way travelling.

Standalone Outdoor Bike Storage Shed
Standalone Outdoor Bike Storage Shed, Image via: 3x3custom

3- Metal Roof Pallet Wood Bike Shed

Storing bicycles so they are not in the way is one solution but also being able to protect stored bikes from the weather is another factor. This DIY pallet wood bike shed by Easy Pallet Ideas is built with a metal roof to keep the rain and water away from expensive bicycles. Using pallets saves money and can make this project pretty much free.

Attaching a corrugated metal roofing material to this DIY bike shed is a terrific way to help keep out the rain and snow. Covering the sides with tarps or other outdoor material would be a fantastic addition to ensuring that expensive bikes are not harmed by the weather. This project can be completed in one day or a weekend. Simple tools will create this fantastic DIY outdoor bike shed idea.

Metal Roof Pallet Wood Bike Shed
Metal Roof Pallet Wood Bike Shed, Image via: Easy Pallet Ideas

4- Wood Paneled Pocket Hole Bike Storage

Styled in a lean-to shed design, this wood paneled bicycle storage shed by learn.kregtool is constructed of wood boards and corrugated metal for an attractive looking storage solution. Featuring an open front design, the sturdiness of the wood panels and the weather proofing of the metal help to make this bike shed a solid bike shed.

Using a pocket hole jig, this DIY bike shed storage idea has no exposed screws that can rust due to not being exposed to water. This project plan consists of two videos detailing the supplies, tools, and building instructions to create this storage shed.

Wood Paneled Pocket Hole Bike Storage
Pocket Hole Bike Storage, Image via: Kregtool

5- Large Raised Roof Bicycle Storage Shed

Having a bike storage shed design that not only fits larger bikes but also functions with easy accessibility can be key factors. We like this bike storage shed project made by Instructables as it has a unique feature i.e a roof that raises and lowers using gas struts so the roof can stay raised during storing and retrieving bicycles. This storage solution is large enough to store motorized bikes if desired as well as other outdoor items that can be stored away.

With swinging front doors, this shed can basically be opened all the way out for easy storage accessibility. Materials for building this shed are wood boards and MDF or other wooden sheets. Aside from storing bikes, this storage shed solution is large enough to store lawnmowers, garbage cans, and other items that can be temporarily stored away out of sight.

This shed project can be completed in a weekend with minimal tools as well as the optional gas struts for the roof.

Large Raised Roof Bicycle Storage Shed
Large Raised Roof Bicycle Storage Shed, Image via: Instructables

6- Triple Door Outdoor Bicycle Shed

A DIY bike shed like this one in this Youtube video that is large enough to feature double front doors and an added side door can be a great solution for keeping bikes out of the garage or out of the outdoor elements. This project features an extensive, detailed twenty-minute video explaining how to build this bike shed.

Each stage of the build is time stamped in the description of the video for easy navigation and detailed explanations. This shed design can fit two to three bikes as well as other bicycle accessories.

7- Wooden Lean-To Bike Shed

The free plans featured in this outdoor bike shed project by How To Epecialist are for creating a four foot by eight-foot storage shed. Here we have another stand-alone bicycle shed solution, this project can take a weekend or a little longer depending on expertise with construction skills. The free plans list a jigsaw and a drill as the two power tools needed for this project.

This DIY bike shed also has a raised floor base which helps protect valuable bikes from sitting in standing water or having critters get into the shed. The shed design used wood lumber and plywood panels.

Wooden Lean-To Bike Shed
Wooden Lean-To Bike Shed, Image via: How To Epecialist

8- Shingled Roof Open Concept Bike Shed

If looking for a simple and easy to complete DIY bike shed design this project by Refresh Living is perfect. With a simple two by four-inch wood foundation, the biggest appeal to this project is the shingled roof. The roof blocks most wind and rain conditions from harming stored bicycles.

The wooden base also helps keep weather and water away from bicycles. This project could be completed in a few hours after picking up all the supplies.

Shingled Roof Open Concept Bike Shed
Shingled Roof Open Concept Bike Shed, Image via: Refresh Living

9- Outdoor Wood Timber Bicycle Storage

This wood timber bike shed project by Bicycle Storage incorporates building wood timber panels and joining them together to create a solid bike shed storage solution. This project features easy to follow plans with photos, drawings, colored diagrams, and good descriptions for each step of the build.

The four by seven-foot structure can be built for only a few hundred dollars in materials and can be constructed alone or with a friend during the weekend. Three access doors make bicycle storage accessible without being cumbersome.

Outdoor Wood Timber Bicycle Storage
Outdoor Wood Timber Bicycle Storage, Image via: Bicycle Storage

10- Bicycle Shed with Bonus Upper Storage

Having bonus storage when building a bike shed for storage like this one by Kezzabeth can be a wonderful idea. This DIY bike shed project provides room for storing firewood above the bike shed for added benefit. The bike shed has a slanted shingled roof for added protection from the weather.

This project calls for using concrete slabs or garden pavers for the base for a solid foundation given the extra weight of the firewood storage. The shed plan uses pallet wood to cut down on costs and recycle materials. Old decking could also be to complete this project. A saw and a drill will be handy for completing this outdoor bicycle storage project.

Bicycle Shed with Bonus Upper Storage
Bicycle Shed with Bonus Upper Storage, Image via: Kezzabeth

11- Side Access Outdoor Bicycle Storage Unit

A project with a straightforward design combined with quality materials can go a long way in longevity of this fantastic bike storage shed. This four-foot by eight-foot bike shed can be modified to suit any budget or supply availability. With a side access door, this storage shed can be attached to the side of a garage, house, or fence.

This DIY bike shed storage project by Myoutdoorplans provides downloadable plans and features easy to follow steps for the construction. A detailed list of supplies makes shopping for this project simple and stress-free. A hammer and a saw can be used to construct this bike shed and the outdoor bicycle storage can be built in a one-week timeframe.

Side Access Outdoor Bicycle Storage Unit
Side Access Outdoor Bicycle Storage Unit, Image via: Myoutdoorplans

12- Children’s Creative Bicycle Storage Shed

A video tutorial under ten minutes shows exactly how to construct and customize a creative children’s bicycle storage shed. Using concrete garden pavers and sand for a stable base, this is a great way to have a solid foundation for adequate storage solutions outdoors. Creating the storage shed frame with two by two-inch lumber saves money.

The exterior of the shed is built with fence boards with spacing for air flow. The design and construction of the bicycle storage shed is simple while it may take a weekend to built it on your own. Inside the DIY bike shed in this youtube video, blocking can be put in to hold the bike tires so that they do not move around.

The exterior of the storage shed can be customized to appeal to the children’s interests. This project used colored wood blocks to create some eight-bit video game character art. Getting children involved in painting this shed can be a great way to teach them about DIY projects.


13- Modern Design Slanted Bicycle Shed

Create an outdoor bicycle storage solution like this one on youtube that is both minimal and modern for a limited space. Using four by four-inch wood posts and sturdy two by four-inch boards for a solid frame, this slanted roof storage shed can be used for both adult and children’s bikes. The exterior of the shed is built using decking boards and the slanted roof design features clear corrugated PVC paneling that is easy to cut with a saw.

Two front gate hinged doors complete this project for a minimal space storage shed. The exterior of the shed can be painted or stained to blend in to the house exterior or left to age with the weather. Using treated wood for outdoor use will make this shed last for many years.

14- Custom Designed Felt Roof Bicycle Storage Shed

In ten main steps you can go from having bicycles cluttering the garage or backyard to having an organized DIY bike shed by Honey And Eggs. This project features a 3D rendering of the shed design for seeing how it was constructed. Using gate panels, this storage shed comes together quickly if a second person is assisting.

Further customizing the design with paint, hardware, hinges, and latches can be part of the fun of building this bike storage shed. The felt roof is an interesting concept for creating a shed roof. Felt roofing materials are used most in flat roof areas but it can be an inexpensive solution for a DIY project.

Custom Designed Felt Roof Bicycle Storage Shed
Felt Roof Bicycle Storage Shed, Image via: Honey And Eggs

15- Vertical Outdoor Bicycle Storage Shed

If needing to store a number of bikes, ground level storage solutions can become quite large. The solution for storing up to eight family bicycles is to go vertical, by storing bicycles and hanging them, it saves valuable ground space. A four by ten-foot DIY bike shed in this youtue video can be created by fitting into any budget. This easy-to-follow video tutorial shows the steps necessary to add outdoor bicycle storage without taking up space in the garage.

With a general supply cost of four hundred dollars, this storage solution is much less expensive than buying a pre-built shed. Creating panels to attach to the exterior of the home or garage, this hanging bike shed can be simple to build. Creating a structure that is built with two by four-inch wood boards and plywood makes a simple but solid design.

16- Outdoor Firewood Storage Converted to Bicycle Shed

Part of DIY projects is repurposing and redesigning already existing structures to fit what the necessity is at the time. This DIY project takes building plans for a firewood storage unit by Myoutdoorplans and turns it into bike storage. This simple and inexpensive solution can be built in one day.

With a budget of approximately 250 dollars, this project is affordable for anyone who wants budget-friendly storage solutions. This bike storage shed can be used for other outdoor storage solutions as well. The simple fence board construction and slanted roof makes it ideal for bicycle weather storage.

Outdoor Firewood Storage Converted to Bicycle Shed
Firewood Storage Converted to Bicycle Shed, Image via: Myoutdoorplans

17- Backyard Patio Bicycle Storage Shed

Here we have an almost twenty-minute video tutorial that shows any DIYer how to construct a short backyard patio bike shed. The boxed frame is covered with plywood for a simple and inexpensive design. The slanted and shingled roof provide protection from the rain and snow.

Building a shorter and smaller bike shed like this one one youtube is an amazing option for one or two bicycle storage without taking up a lot of space. Using a weatherproofing stain or coating will ensure that the plywood construction can stand up to years of weather.

Finding inexpensive ways to store bicycles outdoors without creating clutter in the garage can be a fantastic idea. Choosing a DIY bike shed idea that not only fits your budget but also fits your available space and level of construction skills can be a real benefit for storage solutions. Simple storage solutions for bicycles can ensure that they can be utilized and enjoyed by the whole family for many years.


Cycling is a great way to save you on fuel expenses, to avoid traffic in rush areas, have a pollution free environment and also to get healthy exercise. The plans we have shown you above can help you to have a place to store your bicycle in a safe area after you have ridden. You can select any of these bike shed plans to build your own.

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