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35 Garden Shed Plans For Storing Gardening Tools & Outdoor Stuff

Garden shed plans make it very easy for you to build shed: Whether you are working on a construction site or in a garden, having your tools close by makes it easier to get the job done.

Having a garden shed where you can place all your gardening tools can go a long way in making it easier to do the job, below are our list of 35 Garden Shed Plans you can follow to build sheds for storing garden tools and outdoor stuff.

1. Compact Garden Storage Shed

This free garden shed plan by blackanddecker includes a step by step guide on how to build a shed for your garden. The project is designed to create a mini shed built on top of a 2 x 8 front and back rail.

This is the perfect DIY shed for your gardening needs, and it’s incredibly affordable and easy to build. You can complete this project in a week.

The roof is made with fibre-glass roof panel to let light into the shed. The plan shows you how to build the exterior of the shed. However, you can design the interior with shelves and hang hooks as you deem fit.

Compact Garden Storage Shed
Image via: blackanddecker

2. DIY Chicken Coop with Attached Storage Shed

A storage shed is always a valuable addition to the backyard. It provides a place where you can keep things, so they are easy to find. This garden shed plan by remodelaholic, however, comes with a coop, where you can keep birds and chickens.

While you place things in the shed, you can raise chickens or other birds in the coop. The design had a split door to enable ventilation. You can also power up to shed and coop with light. You may also like to check out free pavilion plans.

DIY Chicken Coop with Attached Storage Shed
Image via: remodelaholic

3. DIY Garden Shed From Upcycled Materials

Having a storage shed in your backyard makes it organized and beautiful. This free garden shed plan includes a step by step guide to help you build your own shed to place gardening tools.

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The plan involves making storage shed by acultivatednest from doors and windows. The two sides and the back of the shed are made of full doors, while the front door can be opened to place things in the shed. The top of the shed is made with old windows, designed in a triangular shape.

DIY Garden Shed From Upcycled Materials
Image via: acultivatednest

4. Potting and Storage Shed

Finding the perfect place in the house to place the seedling pots is always a dilemma, due to their sensitive nature and requirement. Instead of carrying them to and fro the house, you can build a shed to keep them.

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This garden shed plan is designed to build a storage shed like this one by nittygrittydirtman for keeping seeding pots, and it also includes a part to keep your gardening tools.

The part meant for keeping the seedlings is made with glasses, while the storage part is built with wood and is used to keep tools and other things.

Potting and Storage Shed Plan
Image via: nittygrittydirtman

5. Backyard Storage Shed For Mower

If your garage is too tight, then you should consider building storage shed like this one by justmeasuringup to place some of the items so that you can free up the house or garage.

The plan is designed to have two doors, with a window in-between them and another window by the side. It also features a ramp to make it easier to move equipment. You may also like to see diy ramp plans for sheds.

Backyard Storage Shed For Mower
Image via: justmeasuringup

6. A Simple Storage Shed Made From Scratch

People who are willing to build their garden shed from the scratch along with a number of tools require ample time as well. This storage shed plan by popularmechanics requires timber, hot dipped galvanized nails, drill driver and timber with half the cost a labor would charge you. You need to be properly familiar with these tools before working with them as building a garden shed requires proper measurements and installation of blocks and roof. These tools are readily available in the markets and won’t be a hassle to find. You may also like to check out bike shed plans.

A simple shed from scratch
Image via: popularmechanics

7. Cheap and Affordable Storage Shed Plan

Spending reasonable amount of money would give you a wonderful garden shed. There are several designs of garden storage sheds by familyhandyman which can give you a fairly cheap garden shed including the usage of materials which are less expensive.

For example instead of using plywood or solid wood panels try using the siding panels which are less expensive and you will be saving a huge amount of money. Also as an alternative of windows which are quite costly you can imitate a window instead of putting one on your storage.

Cheap and Affordable Storage Shed Plan
Image via: familyhandyman

8. Hexagonal Garden Shed Plans

If you want an innovative backyard shed plans like this one by instructables you can always try the Hexagonal Garden Shed. It is beautiful with a different shape and can be made spacious if you have a commodious backyard.

But even a small hexagonal garden shed can give your garden an alluring look. With a total 6 sides including the door this garden shed’s roof can be made using any fallen tree near your place. You can mostly use timber for the construction of your garden sheds and your base as well.

Hexagonal Garden Shed Plans
Image via: instructables

9. Building Of A Potting Shed For Your Land

Designed by a Progressive farmer this Potting shed costs about $1100 to build. It has three windows in its construction so that your plants get sufficient sunlight with three countertops and a door. It is similar to the large garden sheds like this one by instructables except it has a very close relationship with gardening.

It is more like storage shed as you have to place your things like pots, seeds and your gardening material and for that you can build shelves in your potting shed. You will be in need of all the basic tools required for a basic garden shed which includes metal roofing which is vital for a potting shed. You can also build it in your home which will give a dreamy look to your garden.

Potting Shed for your land
Image via: instructables

10. Capacious Storage Shed Plans

Like every person we all have equipment, tools and gardening kits which need a place to store and our small houses doesn’t have any. If you have a garden with some space you should build a garden storage shed like this one by popularmechanics You can make it a cost free shed plan by renovating a shed house if you already have one or you can make it according to the space you need.

Capacious Storage Shed Plans
Image via: popularmechanics

11. A Tool Storage Shed Plans

For your garden tools a small yet vacant shed should be constructed. These tool shed plans by thisoldhouse will take about 8 hours and can be built on one side of your garden with all your garden tools as it will prevent your tools from rusting. Constructing your shed with a cedar wood will prevent the wood from rotting and insect eating.

A Tool Storage Shed Plans
Image via: thisoldhouse

12. Cedar Wood Picket Fence Storage

Using a picket fence on your shed is a brilliant and a very reasonable idea. A small picket fence shed will cost you just a $260. This storage shed by ana-white is made out of cedar wood, and occupies just up to 12”. Building this small garden shed is not a hard task to complete at all.

Cedar Wood Picket Fence Storage
Image via: ana-white

13. Backyard Storage Shed  

If you are in need of a DIY garden shed like this one by hgtv then you might find this link useful. A storage shed is like a necessity in every home as we all have plenty of equipment to shove into it. Following some simple steps will lead to a proper construction and building the foundation is the foremost step and completing it by installing the windows and doors and with a total sum of ranging $500-$1000.

backyard Storage Shed
Image via: hgtv

14. A Perfect Addition To Your Garden

A spacious addition to your garage, these shed building plans by familyhandyman are followed by several people. Try to build it on a flat ground rather than on a slope one as it will make your task more complicated. You can make some additions like a sliding door if you own a wheelbarrow and also build some cupboards and shelves.

Image via: familyhandyman

15. 10×12 Cottage Storage Shed Plan

If you want a shed that is beautiful and classy, then this is the ideal plan for you. This free shed plan 10×12 by us.readersdigest is designed to provide lots of space to place things and last very long with low maintenance. It’s the perfect DIY shed to keep all your heavy-duty equipment, bicycle and camping and sports equipment.

The design is very straightforward and can be completed in two weeks with some essential carpentry tools and a couple of supplies.

16. DIY Shed For Your Backyard

If you are wondering how to build a DIY storage shed like this one by plansd for keeping items in your backyard, then these wood shed plans would enable you to achieve that quickly. The project requires just a basic carpentry skill level and shows you how to build a shed from scratch.

Building a great DIY project takes time. However, this plan can take an average DIYer just two weeks to complete.

This is the ideal project for your leisure time; you can break-up the project into stages and complete each step after the other, whenever you are free.

DIY storage shed
Image via: plansd

17. One Door Garden Storage Shed

We all need a place to store outdoor stuff – like garden tool, refuse and recycle bins, and other tools.

This is a great DIY project by motherearthnews for a newbie DIYer looking to develop their building skills. The design is very straightforward and you can use some left over woods from your previous DIY projects.

One Door Garden Storage Shed
Image via: motherearthnews

18. 8×7 Tudor-Style Shed

A garden storage shed doesn’t have to be an eyesore, but most of them undoubtedly are. Most persons tend to build sheds just for the sole purpose of storage or work compatibility without considering that a shed is a feature in the yard or garden and should be beautiful.

This is one of the garden shed plan by buildeazy to brighten up your yard. The plan gives you an excellent opportunity to build your dream storage shed – with a step by step guide to achieving that.

garden storage shed
Image via: buildeazy

19. Mini Shed For Garbage

Buying a plastic Garbage Can enclosure can be quite expensive, with most costing over $100. However following this storage shed plan,  you can build a shed for keeping garbage with less than $30 and some old pieces woods.

The plan is straightforward to make, and you can modify it to suit your exact dimension and design you desire. You may also like to check out diy pallet shed plans.

Mini Shed For Garbage
Image via: designdreamsbyanne.blogspot.com

20. Garden Shed Addition

Most times of finding the right Place to keep specific garden tools or other equipment like the lawn mower can be a problem, especially if you have a smaller garage.

Building a DIY garden shed by can be the simple solution to this problem. This garden shed plan is designed to provide space for both your garden equipment and other tools like the lawn mower, shovel etc.

The design comes with a barn-styled window for light and ventilation. You can slightly modify the plan to fit your house and available space.

Garden Shed Addition

21. Outdoor Storage Locker

If you desire a smaller storage locker for your tools and equipment, then this is the ideal garden storage shed plan by familyhandyman for you.

The design is low and compact, yet providing enough space to place all your outdoor tools, gardening material and mower.

This plan is simple to build, even for those with just an essential carpentry skill. You can segment the building project and work on it in stages.

The plan is design designed to make a 4 x 8 ft storage locker. However, you can tweak the design to suit your available space and exact needs.

Outdoor Storage Locker
Image via: familyhandyman

22. Narrow Shed For Small Garden

This DIY shed by buildeazy is suitable for a smaller garden or backyard, and for those who prefer a smaller shed. This is an excellent project for a newbie DIYer looking to develop his or her building skills. The design is very straightforward, and you can use some leftover woods from your previous DIY projects.

It comes with a double door which provides easy access to the inside area of the shed. The floor is made with plywood designed to make it movable.

Narrow Shed For Small Garden
Image via: buildeazy.com

23. Garden Shed Project Plan

This garden shed plan by todaysplans is placed at an intermediate carpentry experience level. It features ample storage for your garden tools, lawnmower bicycles, and other equipment. The design also has a rear window to provide light and ventilation.

It also includes a hutch by the side, which can house recycling or refuse bins. You can also add electricity and insulation to the shed to increase its functionality.

Garden Shed Project Plan
Image via: todaysplans

24. 8×8 Garden Shed Plan

It’s always hard to find a tool when you need it urgently; this is one thing that slows the job and gives way for laziness to set in. Having a storage shed where you can arrange all tools solves this problem. This would make it easier to find any tool you want, as you know just the right place to go.

The shed plan by construct101 is designed to have a double door for swift access and a window for ventilation and light. You can utilize the shed for other purposes if you get electricity and water into it.

8×8 Garden Shed Plan
Image via: construct101.com

25. Compact Storage Shed For Gardening Tools

Wouldn’t you love to have all your tools and supplies in one easy to access location? This outdoor shed plan by us.readersdigest is designed for functionality and to add beauty to your garden. You can place tools such as rakes, shovels, hoes, and other smaller tools.

The design comes with a curved top and double door. The inside is segmented into two. The right part is designed to have shelves which you can use to place things, while the left part can be used to keep longer tools like shovel, hoes etc.

outdoor shed plan
Image via: us.readersdigest

26. Two-In-One Shed

This backyard shed is the perfect solution for every person or family that loves working or playing in the yard. With a size of 8 x 9 ft, this storage shed plan by us.readersdiges has enough space to store all your lawn and gardening equipment. You can use the smaller unit as a potting shed.

It comes with an easy to access 46 inches wide sliding door, and you can add workbenches and shelves in it.

The plan isn’t hard to build, especially if you are a regular DIYer, you need a few tools and supplies to get it done.

storage shed plan
Image via: us.readersdiges

27. 10×14 All-Purpose Storage Shed Plans

Having an all-purpose storage shed like this one by where you can arrange all tools helps keep your environment tidy. This would also make it easier to find any tool you want, as you know just the right place to go. Before building a shed, you should check and have the local building officials review your plan to ensure it doesn’t contradict any existing rules.

All-Purpose Storage Shed Plans

28. Compact Garden Shed Plan

It’s very imperative to have a shed where you can place your tools. However, not all yards have ample space for full-sized storage shed like this one by todaysplans, this mini- storage shed plan would be ideal for such yards.

The shed design is compact, tall and narrow and perfect for keeping common gardening tools. The wall of the original design is made with light-weighted frame and the roof with a pair of rafters. This project requires a minimal budget, a few materials and can be completed in days.

Compact Garden Shed Plan
Image via: todaysplans

29. Simple Spacious Storage Shed

Keeping your garden tools clean and organized makes lawn care more comfortable, but finding adequate space in your garage to perfectly arrange these tools can be challenging.

You can build a simple shed for this purpose, following this garden shed plan by theclassicarchives. The design comes with a door to provide access to the interior of the shed, which has pegboards for hanging tools. The height of the shed allows room to place more items. You may also like to check out diy lean to shed.

Simple Spacious Storage Shed Plan
Image via: theclassicarchives

30. Storage Shed With Ramp

This design features a simple gable roof and double doors for easy access. It also has side and rear windows to bring lighting into the shed.

There would be sufficient space in the garden shed like this one by zacsgarden place tools and large equipment comfortably. It also features a unique wooden ramp to ease the movement of large objects. The design of the shed makes it multi-functional. You can use it as a potting shed or workshop.

Storage Shed With Ramp
Image via: zacsgarden

31. Timber Framing 12 x 8 Shed

Timber-framing is a traditional method used for building simple framing for heavy woods. This garden shed plan by provides a step by step guide on how to make a conventional Timber-framing shed.

From the exterior design, the shed looks like a standard stick framed structure; however, the inside gives a feel of an eighteen-century barn.

In addition to the fascinating interior, the shed features a home-made skylight and a large side window that brings light into it. You can also add roof vents to improve ventilation.

Timber Framing 12 x 8 Shed

32. Two-In-One Shed

You can take care of all your backyard storage needs by building this two in one backyard storage shed. The design is like a colonial-styled shed by popularmechanics with two sheds, a 10 x 12 ft storage tool shed and an 8 x 10 ft extension that can be used to keep seedling pots, woods and large item that may not fit into the main shed, such as furniture, wheelbarrows, stepladders etc.

Two-In-One Garden Shed Plan
Image via: popularmechanics

33. Schoolhouse Storage Shed

If you have a significant storage need and need something stylish, then this is the perfect shed plan for you. This garden shed plan by familyhandyman contains step by step process of building a double door 10 ft inches schoolhouse storage shed.

This plan requires intermediate carpentry skills and can be completed in days. The front doors are wide for easy access, and the rooftop design looks like an old-fashion bell tower.

Schoolhouse Storage Shed Plan
Image via: familyhandyman

34. Build a 8×8 Gambrel Storage Shed

If your garage is too tight, then you should consider building a storage shed to place some of the items so that you can free up the house or garage.

This plan is designed to build an 8 x 8 gambrel shed like this one by mybackyardplans The foundation intended to be portable, to make it movable.

Build a 8x8 Gambrel Storage Shed
Image via: mybackyardplans.com

35. Gambrel Garage Storage Shed

This garage storage shed has several features inside it that makes it a versatile garden storage. The solid base can support heavy machinery and equipment to put inside the shed. If you’re looking for an economic and durable shed this might be your choice of preference.

Gambrel garage shed


Building sheds for  storing garden tools,  sport equipments and for other purposes is easy if you give it the necessary time. Following any of the listed plans, you can start and build the perfect storage shed for your yard.

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