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10 Wood Shed Plans to Keep Firewood Dry

Use these wood shed plans to keep your firewood save from wet climate and dry enough to use it in a wood burning stove and furnace with a minimal cost and time.

Many people are switching to the renewable, efficient, and affordable fuel we all know as wood. Wood burning stoves and furnaces are built to be highly effective at making the most out of the energy potential in wood, while being extremely safe, and of course in some instances a beautiful and comforting fixture in any home. Burning wood properly is also clean. Gathering enough wood to keep the wood burning furnace roaring is a process that takes time and space, which is something that needs to be carefully considered. Wood needs to be kept dry, off of the ground, and in a place that’s easy to access. Wood sheds are essential to the home that heats with wood. If you’re thinking of saving some money by building your own firewood storage shed, we’ve got 10 great wood shed plans to get you started.

1– A Simple Large Firewood Open Shed

This wood shed plan keeps wood open and dry and easy to access. This sort of open firewood shed is good if you live in a place where it stays fairly dry in the winter. If you have a lot of snow, it might be an issue. But overall, this simple, sturdy design of a storage shed plan is a great start. You can easily store a full cord or more in this size of shed.

A simple large firewood open shed

2Three-Sided Large Storage Shed

It is all purpose, customizable, and wood storage shed for all climates. As you can see, the plan is easily customizable for whatever you want your shed to be. You can keep it fairly open to help deter animals from living in your wood pile, or enclose it to help protect your wood stash from the wet elements, keeping wood dry and ready to use.

three-sided large storage shed

3– An Open And Pretty Diy Shed

This one is simple and quick to do. Check out all of the variances other readers have submitted! Their own DIY shed plans look great. Again, an open plan is good in places where the elements aren’t as extreme in the winter heating time, and keeps out the vermin from making your wood pile a cozy home and hangout spot.

An open and pretty shed

4– This is one of the most detailed Free Shed Plans we’ve found

Detailed instructions on making a cost effective diy shed that can fit into a small space, its ideal for storing wood in small amounts if you use a fireplace as an ornamental spot for cozy nights in the winter. A solid design is great for longevity, and made right can look really nice.

free shed plans

5– Super quick to make and large enough to hold a full cord of wood

This wood storage shed is great if you need something fast with minimal work and cost. Built to keep wood off the ground and dry, you might find yourself using this plan to pop a few sheds for a full winter’s worth of wood storage.


6 Black and Decker has several Firewood Shed Plans, and this one is our favorite

Simple design, you can even make it enclosed with doors for a utilitarian shed that can be used for storage. Make a few for wood and for your kid’s outdoor toys! Would also make a great simple garden shed.

Firewood-Garbage Shed

7– This large and very sturdy Firewood Shed Plan is built to last

This can be a shed for wood, as well as a storage shed solution if you need it, or it can hold a cord or two of wood which is enough to heat a modest size house over an entire long winter. If you’re an avid DIY-er or someone who knows how to find materials for cheap or free, this plan could save you a lot of money!

This large and very sturdy firewood shed plan is built to last

8– A Beautiful DIY Wood Shed like this one

This free shed plan is designed to match the facade of your home and built to add value and appeal is a great long-term investment and a smart build. In one weekend you can have a perfectly suited diy wood shed that looks amazing and works great to keep wood dry, and keeps wood easily accessible. You can trim this woodshed in the same exterior material that your home has and roof it with the same shingles. This shed plan will keep the vermin out and your wood stash in great condition. Good overall firewood storage shed plan!

A beautiful diy wood shed

9– This Monster Of A Shed can easily be made out of recycled wood

This open shed plan can fit a cord or more of wood and is designed to keep wood in the air and dry, which also helps to ensure it doesn’t rot or get infested with mice or other animals.

recycled wood shed

10- And finally, this PDF Free Shed Plan of a large Storage and Wood Shed

It is a great all-purpose project. Easy to customize and easy instructions make this wood storage shed plan a good one to start with.

transh can & firewood storage shed

We hope these wood shed plans work well for you, as you enjoy years of cheap and clean, renewable wood fuel for heat in your home.

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