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16 DIY Miter Saw Stands For DIY Woodworkers

A DIY miter saw stand helps makes your cuts easier and more accurate. If you have used a miter saw to make cuts before, then you will know that it’s a hassle. You have to deal with the saw moving all over the place, as you work. The saw stand prevents this.

Another reason to make a DIY miter saw stand is because its way more studier than those bought from the store. Not to mention cheaper.

If you desire to build a table meter saw, then you should check out these 16 DIY miter saw Stands for DIY woodworkers.

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DIY Miter Saw Stand Plans

1. Mobile Miter Saw Station

It can be hard to find the exact miter saw stand that suit your miter saw, but you can build a DIY saw workstation according to its exact specification.

Building a DIY stand avails you the chance to make it according to the exact measurement of your saw and add any feature you want. You can add storage, dust lines etc. The original DIY miter saw stand is 39” tall with a 93” wide side wing. It has a spot for dust and vacuum control and a shelf for storage. To build this workstation you will need 2 sheets of plywood, wood screws, bolts, washers etc.

DIY Miter Saw Stand

2. Mobile Miter Saw Workstation

This plan involves building a DIY miter saw stand that can be used in the shop or at any job site. it has a built-in infeed and outfeed features. The table is designed to provide adequate support during the cut.

Before you start building, diy miter saw stand you will have to find the height of the miter saw deck, so it would be the same measurement as that of the infeed and outfeed tables. You will need plywoods, gussets, and basic tools like hand saw, marking gauage, screwdriver, etc. the project can be completed in a day. Its placed at an medium difficulty level.

DIY miter saw

3. Rolling Miter Saw Stand

The miter saw is one of the most important tools for DIYers, having one will make your other DIY project easier to build. This miter saw plan is designed to ease the stress that comes with wood cutting and sanding.  It also rolls very easily, allowing you to move it wherever you please.

To build this diy miter saw, you will need wood boards, plywood, pocket-hole screws. You will also need tools like hand saw, screw drivers, drill, etc. the project can be completed within a few hours following the detailed steps on the plan.

DIY Miter Saw

4. Mobile Miter Saw Stand

This plan involves building a DIY workbench for a big-sized miter saw. It’s the perfect addition to help you tear woods easier and faster. It also comes with storage and fold down extension. The miter saw bench allows you to blade, chisel, and sand paper wood easily. It’s also mobile, hence you can move it around anywhere you want, and roll it away when you are not using it.

This DIY miter saw stand is designed like a big desk with drawers for storage. The material you will need is, Plywood, piano hinges, ball bearing drawer slides, wood screw to build. You will also need tools like tape measure, jig saw, speed square and others tools.

DIY Miter Saw

5. DIY Miter Saw Table

This plan contains a step by step guide on how you can build a modern miter saw table. The table is designed to support the blade, locking down your saw to stop unnecessary budging. It also has built-in cubby-holes where you can store small parts and tools for the job.

To build this diy miter saw, you will need hanger bolts, wing nuts, and some basic carpentry tools like circular saw, clamps, tape measure etc.

Miter Saw Table
DIY Miter Saw Stand Image Via: familyhandyman.com

6. Miter Saw Bench

This plan contains a downloadable material that outlines the processes involved in building a pro-grade miter saw bench. To get started building a miter saw, you will need plywood, pine boards, MDF shelving boards and wood glues. You will also need basic tools like drill, nail gun, wood screws and others. The plan is placed at an intermediate experience level. It can be completed within 6 hours.

DIY miter saw

7. DIY Miter Saw Station Build

This is one of the best miter saw stand you can build. The original plan is 8 feet 10 inches long, 29 inches deep and the counter top is 37 inches tall. The station has drawers where you can store tools and materials, as well as dust collection ports.

It features 25 drawers, and the storage can contain a miter saw, drill press and belt sander. To complete these diy miter saw stand plans, you will need plywood, pine woods drawer slides and other materials and tools. The plan can be built within a weakened and its placed at an intermediate experience level.Miter Saw Station Build

8. DIY Miter Saw Cart

This plan involves building a miter saw from plywood. Its basically designed for work in tight places. The plan can be built in a few hours. You will need Plywood sheets, plate mount caster, shelf hinge supports etc. the design works perfectly for any meter saw.

Miter Saw Cart
Miter Saw Cart Image via: ana-white.com

9. Portable Miter Saw Stand Plans

If you are searching for a compact saw stand that takes little space, then this DIY plan fits in perfectly. The DIY miter saw stand is designed to allow you work in tight spaces. Also you can easily move it from one place to another.

To build this diy saw stand, you will need Melamine covered particle board, Treated wood, Deck screws and basic tools like chisel, compass, hand saw. The project can be completed within 4 to 5 hours and its placed at a medium difficulty level. The plan has a downloadable PDF that guides you on how to build the project from scratch.Portable Miter Saw Stand Plans

10. Mobile Miter Saw Stand Plans

You can find saw stands at the store; however, they are quite expensive and are not as versatile and user-friendly as most DIY miter saw stands. This plan involves building a classic saw table stand that will enhance the precision of your cuts, creating a balance and making your work easier. It also has adequate space for storage.

The plan contains comprehensive steps on how to build the stand with pictures. You will need basic supplies like wood boards, screws, and tools like handsaw, power screw driver, drills etc.

Mobile Miter Saw Stand Plans
Mobile Miter Saw Stand Image Via: woodarchivist.com

11. Workbench Hardware Kit

If you are finding it hard to build a DIY miter saw table, then a workbench hardware kit will come handy. The kit comes with precut lumbers which you can easily couple to make a miter saw workbench. There are also connectors, fasteners and every other attachment needed to build a saw table. You can also modify the plan by reducing the original size of the lumbers as you wish.

This will not only save you time, but also the need to get lots of tools.

DIY miter saw table

12. Mobile Miter Saw Station and Storage

Using an ordinary table as a holder for a miter saw can be frustrating. It won’t hold properly and would result to poor and inaccurate cuttings. Instead, you should build a mobile DIY miter saw workbench following this plan.  The plan is designed to build a miter saw table with storage for your tools and materials. You would need wood boards and pine woods, and a few other materials and tools to get started.Mobile Miter Saw Station and Storage

13. Saw Table

A saw table provides the needed support when you are making cuts. The plan involves building a DIY miter saw table with a single sheet of 4×8 plywood, pocket screws and other materials. You will also need a table saw or track saw and a power screw driver. This mister saw plan also has space for storage.

You can make the cuts at the depots, if you don’t have a saw. The project is placed at an intermediate experience level and can be completed in a weekend.DIY miter saw table

14. Long Saw Table

This saw table plan is designed for cutting any length of wood. Its long wing on both sides provides the needed support when making a cutting or sanding. There’s a opening at the middle that allows the saw to work and access more wood depth. The table can be used at a job site or a shop.

You will need to first measure the height and ensure it’s the same as the saw’s depth. You will need plywood, screws and basic carpentry tools to build.saw table plan

15. Miter Saw Table

This plan involves building a DIY meter saw table.  It can be customized to work for any kind of meter saws. You will need Plywood, wood board, wood studs, bolts and nuts, nails or screws. You will also need tools like drill, pencil, pencil, tape measure etc.

There’s space underneath the table where you can store small tools and materials.  The project can be completed with a few hours work.

DIY miter saw

16. Miter Saw Fence

Having a meter saw fence is very important as they allow you to cut different sizes of wood with better precision. The fence sits on the saw, creating a zero clearance slot for the blade.

The large opening through the fence allows the blade to cut small parts accurately. It eases trim work or frame making. If you have an existing miter saw table without a fence, then you can easily follow this miter saw plan to create one for your miter saw. The plan comes with a video illustration on how to build it.

Miter Saw Fence

Final Thoughts!

Conclusively, whether you are a DIYer or a professional craftsman, having a diy miter saw table will save you a whole lot of stress, making you job faster and way easier.

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