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16 DIY Table Saws and Fences For Your Workshop

A DIY table saw in your home workshop can make construction projects much easier to start and complete. A table saw is an essential tool for building the smallest bird house, medium dog house or a large house for your family to live in.

Home remodeling projects are also much easier when you have a DIY table saw. Think of all the things you could build that would improve your quality of life if you only had a table saw. Prices at the home improvement store often make the purchase of a table saw to expensive for a someone who is just looking to do some DIY projects around the house, but a homemade table saw will fit into anyone’s budget.

Check out these 16 DIY table saw plans that will enable you to build your own table saw and start working on all those wood building projects you’ve have in mind this weekend.

1. Large Table Saw

Tackle even the largest building projects with this large DIY table saw by ibuildit.ca Having a good table saw, such as this one, will make all your wood working projects easier.

A few special feature on this homemade table saw include a DIY table saw fence that locks into place, a sliding tray with up to a 24 inch cut and a ripping capacity of 36 inches. The 10 inch blade can hand most any wood cuts and the dust collection bin will help keep your workshop clean. You may like to check out DIY sawhorses.

DIY Table Saw
Large Table Saw, Image via: ibuildit.ca

2. Inexpensive Table Saw

Sometimes you just need a table saw for one DIY project like this one by instructables, like installing new laminate flooring. After that project is completed, you may never use the table saw again. If this sounds familiar and you don’t want to spend a lot of cash on a power tool that will only be used for one project, consider this inexpensive DIY table saw that is quick to build and easy on the budget.

This design uses a recycle wooden pallet as a table top and a set of homemade iron saw horse as a DIY table saw stand. After the project is complete, the circular saw is easy to remove from the table top and the saw horses can be used for other projects.

 DIY Table Saws and Fences
Inexpensive Table Saw, Image via: instructables

3. Homemade Table Saw Fence

Follow these instructions and build a homemade table saw fence like this one by instructables from aluminum and wood. This fence is lightweight and the design can be scaled to fit any DIY saw table and only requires a few components to build. To build this diy table saw all you need is, Aluminum rectangular profile, Wood screws (50mm), Square 2.5×2.5cm wood pieces, 2x7cm wood board for fence + some plywood. Cut wood safely and precisely with this easy to build homemade fence. You may like to check out DIY miter saws.

Homemade Table Saw
Table Saw Plans, Image via: instructables

4. Circular Table Saw

These step by step instructions will guide you through building a table saw with a circular saw like this one by  instructables Written instructions are accompanied with pictures to help you understand the building process from beginning to end.

To build this diy table saw all you need is, Melamine, plywood or other board for table top and legs, Wood screws (50mm) and 16mm with flat head, Zip tie, Drill and bits, Clamps, Square and Circular saw.

A diy circular table saw will enable you to do many building and remodeling projects around the house, like installing new wood or laminate flooring, building and installing new cabinets or building a chicken house so your family can raise chicken and enjoy eating organic eggs.

 DIY Table Saws and Fences
Circular Table Saw, Image via: instructables

5. Under-mount Table Saw

Use these plans to create a under-mount diy table saw by enredandonogaraxe that will enable you to make more difficult wood cuts for building projects. This type of table saw allows you to maneuver wood to create odd cuts that will fit perfect into your planned building project.

Easy to build with these detailed instructions that include pictures. Every workshop should have one of the versatile saws.

diy table saw
Under-mount Table Saw, image via: enredandonogaraxe

6. Make a Wood Table Saw Fence

This PDF manual will show you detailed instructions on how to make a wood table saw fence such as this one by ibuildit.ca for your table saw. The attached tape measure makes precision cutting simpler and helps to remind you to measure twice and cut once during any wood working project.

Look at the photos, read the instructions and follow the video so you can build your own wood table saw fence.

Make a Wood Table Saw Fence
Make a Wood Table Saw Fence, Image via: ibuildit

7. Portable Table Saw

This DIY design creates a homemade table saw that can be taken to the building site so wood can be cut on-site. This portable table saw by woodgears is not attached to a permanent base, so any solid surface can become a base for cutting wood.

Ideal when building something outside of your workshop, like a detached man cave or she-shed.

Great for build an off grid cabin in the woods too, the DIY table saw can be powered by solar energy and used to build all the wood items needed for off grid living.

Portable Table Saw
homemade table saw, Image via: woodgears

8. DIY Table Saw Fence

The first power tool a wood worker wants in the workshop is a table saw with a fence that allows wood cutting freedom. They are not easily found and very expensive. These free plans will show you how to build a DIY table saw fence like this one by hackaday that will give you all the safety plus wood cutting freedom needed to build any project you have in mind.

DIY Table Saw Fence
Homemade Table Saw Idea, Image via:hackaday

9. Take Down Table

This is a great idea for small workshops and big projects – a take down table saw. This large table saw cabinet can handle cutting long boards and large pieces of plywood. The table also provide storage space for all the accessories needed for the DIY project.

When the DIY project is completed, the large table saw like this one by familyhandyman is easy to dismantle and store against a wall until it’s needed for the next project. This frees up workshop space while providing you with a large table saw when needed.

 large table saw
Take Down Table For Small Workshop, Image via: familyhandyman

10. Homemade Table Saw Fence

If your store bought or homemade table saw needs a fence like this one by instructables, here is an easy to build fence to help you make better wood cuts. These free plans include written and pictorial instructions so it make the DIY project very easy to complete.

One of great things about this design is that it does not create a space for sawdust to get wedged into and it doesn’t add a lot of bulk to the front of the table.

Homemade Table Saw Fence
Making a Table Saw, Image via: instructables

11. Flat Folding Table Saw

This is another ingenious design that will allow you to have a table saw like this one by instructables and plenty of space in your work shop. When not in use, this design will fold flat and take up very little space. Set up a couple of sturdy saw horses and place flat folding table saw on top and you’re rip to rip lumber in just a few minutes.

Easy to build, easy to set up when needed and easy to store when not needed. Get the best DIY table saw and keep your work space free from clutter when the saw is not in use when you build this project with these free plans.

Flat Folding Table Saw
Flat Folding Table Saw, image via: instructables

12. Multipurpose Work Bench

Build once, enjoy three tools. This is an ideal way to maximize your time and workshop space while having all your powers tools handy. This 3-in-1 work bench holds a table saw router table and inverted jigsaw like this one by creativityhero.

In addition to having all your tools together in one work space, the workbench is on wheels and can easily be moved outside. The height is ideal also to help backache caused from being bent over while ripping lumber. You may like to check out DIY gaming tables.

Multipurpose Work Bench
Multipurpose Work Bench, Image via: creativityhero

13. Wooden Table Saw Fence

Simple, strong and functional, this wooden table saw fence by ibuildit enables you to get precise cuts. The fence is light, easy to adjust and locks into place with very little effort.

Free instructions are well written, with pictures and a video to help you easily create this DIY project. You may like to check out DIY welding tables.

diy table saw fence
Wooden Saw Table Fence, Image via: ibuildit

14. Cheap Wooden Table Saw Fence

Cheap and easy to make, this wooden table saw fence by popularmechanics is ideal for any table or cabinet. Follow this YouTube video and build your own with new or leftover lumber in just a few hours.

Cheap Wooden Table Saw Fence
Cheap Wooden Table Saw Fence, Image via: popularmechanics

15. Table Saw Fence

All table saws like this one by woodgears need a fence that will help guide the wood for precise and safe cutting. The table saw fence also needs to be easy to adjust, lightweight, and easy to lock into place. This table saw fence does all this and keep saw dust from piling up in the front. This is an easy DIY project when you follow these free, detailed plans.

DIY Table Saw Fence
Make A Table Saw, Image via: woodgears

16. Front Rail Locking Fence

Fences that lock from the front and back do not always provide an accurate wood cut, but one that locks from the front rail only always helps achieve an accurate cut. The aluminum fence is lightweight and bolts together, so no welding is required for this DIY project.

These free plans show you how to build this front rail locking fence by woodarchivist that can be scaled to fit a small or large table saw.

Front Rail Locking Fence
Front Rail Locking Fence, image via: woodarchivist

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