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13 DIY Bluetooth Speakers To Enjoy Great Quality Sound

Why spend the money on an expensive speaker when you can make your own DIY Bluetooth speaker? Building your own DIY speaker box is a weekend project that allows you to dabble in technology. It also gives you the chance to be creative without going broke on the supplies.

There are many plans for building a DIY Bluetooth speaker. You may need to know a bit about technology so you can connect the pieces, but many plans include a materials list and easy-to-follow instructions. Use our round up of the following plans to learn how to make a Bluetooth speaker.

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1. PartyBar DIY Bluetooth Speaker

By using the first plan from our list you can build your PartyBar speaker with two Neodymium speaker drivers and the Nsiway’s NS4263 dual 3W SMD chip. The Nsiway chip is used as an amplifier to deliver a high-quality sound. Your DIY speaker like this one by instructables includes a rechargeable Li-ion battery, 15 meter Bluetooth range and mini USB charger. The best part is you’re going to build the case with an eyewear container and matte spray paint.

PartyBar DIY Bluetooth Speaker
PartyBar DIY Bluetooth Speaker, Image via: instructables

2. Battery-Powered Bluetooth Speaker

Another idea from our list is to build a battery-powered DIY Bluetooth speaker like this one by craftedworkshop with two rechargeable battery banks. With both battery banks, you can use the speaker for 42 hours at 50 percent volume on a single charge. The parts also include the Dayton Audio KAB-250v3 Amplifier Board, 18650 batteries and Parts Express C-Note Bookshelf Speaker Kit. The speaker itself includes a volume knob, handle and rubber feet.

Battery-Powered Bluetooth Speaker
Battery-Powered Bluetooth Speaker, Image via: craftedworkshop

3. 3D Printed DIY Bluetooth Speaker

When learning how to make Bluetooth speaker like this one by electronoobs, you need parts such as a Bluetooth receiver, TDA2030 amplifier, 18650 3.7 Li-ion batteries and 55 mm speakers. If you’re looking to save money, consider recycled parts, such as batteries from an old laptop. You can give it a stylish, colorful look by investing in a 3D printed case.

3D Printed DIY Bluetooth Speaker
3D Printed DIY Bluetooth Speaker, Image via: electronoobs

4. DIY Bluetooth Speaker With Lights

The best thing about a DIY Bluetooth speaker such as this one by hackster, is you can break away from the same shape and design. One idea is a speaker that stands up vertically and features colorful LED lights. It creates a visual appeal that’s perfect for nighttime, parties or just relaxing. The other parts include a touch sensor, power adapter, PVC pipe, wooden plyboard, cylindrical wooden block and frosted acrylic cylinder lamp shades.

DIY Bluetooth Speaker With Lights
Bluetooth Speaker With Lights, Image via: hackster

5. Portable DIY Bluetooth Speaker

If you’re looking for wireless speakers you can easily carry with you, you’re sure to love this portable Bluetooth speaker by imgur. You’re going to use a Bluetooth amplifier, li-ion battery, speaker, case, vintage shoulder strap and other parts for this project. Your portable Bluetooth speaker features an LED light, charge monitor, storage space and two USB sockets for charging your mobile devices. It’s a great speaker for on-the-go activities with friends, such as beach and camping trips.

Portable Bluetooth Speaker
Portable DIY Bluetooth Speaker, Image via: imgur

6. Handheld DIY Bluetooth Speaker

You’re going to use basic tools to build this handheld DIY speaker box like this one by instructables so you don’t have to worry about going over your budget. The parts include a full range speaker, stereo amplifier module and micro USB battery charging module, and the tools include a mini handsaw, hot glue gun and masking tape.

Your handheld Bluetooth speaker features a Bluetooth 2.1 connection, high-efficiency amplifier, USB charging port and Li-Po battery. It may be a small, simple speaker, but it offers an incredible sound.

Handheld DIY Bluetooth Speaker
Handheld DIY Bluetooth Speaker, Image via: instructables

7. Boombox DIY Bluetooth Speaker

This amazing boombox Bluetooth speaker does more than just amplify your music. It also plays MP3 files, tunes to FM stations and charges USB devices! The Bluetooth speaker is made out of a pelican-like case for style and durability, as well as a Bluetooth module, amplifier modules and LiPo batteries. Your DIY speaker offers a Bluetooth 3.0 connection, IR remote control compatibility and 18 hours of playback on a single charge.

Boombox DIY Bluetooth Speaker
Boombox DIY Bluetooth Speaker

8. DIY Bluetooth Speaker Kit

A DIY Bluetooth speaker kit by popularmechanics makes it easier to gather your supplies. The kit includes everything you need for your DIY Bluetooth speaker, such as a tweeter, woofer, acoustic stuffing, drivers and gaskets. You need to buy the lumber and wood glue separately. You have the option of painting the lumber to add a splash of color to your speaker. When you’re finished, you’re left with an amazing sound system that’s just as good, if not better, than other speakers.

DIY Bluetooth Speaker Kit
Bluetooth Speaker Plan, Image via: popularmechanics

9. Gowanus Audio Bluetooth Speaker

You can learn how to make Bluetooth speaker by solidsmack using tips from Gowanus Audio. They offer a list of parts needed for this project, such as a speaker cabinet port tube, adapter power supply and Bluetooth amplifier boards. You also need supplies such as solder, a soldering iron, wood glue and adhesive foam strips.

You’re going to start by assembling the wooden case, and then you’re going to take care of the solder components. Once you’re finished connecting the components, you can screw on the back panel on and enjoy your speaker.

Gowanus Audio Bluetooth Speaker
Gowanus Audio Bluetooth Speaker, Image via: solidsmack

10. Magic Box Bluetooth Speaker

The magic box Bluetooth speaker such as this one by imgur features a case in the shape of a hexagon, which gives it a unique look. The best part is you can buy the hexagon box at an affordable price. Once you have the box, remove the hinges from the lid and attach them to the bottom as feet.

You’re also going to use hot glue to attach NeoPixel LEDs inside the box for a cool effect. Of course, you’re going to need your speaker, amplifier, Bluetooth module and the other usual supplies.

Magic Box Bluetooth Speaker
DIY Bluetooth Speaker Idea, Image via: imgur

11. Upcycled DIY Bluetooth Speaker

Are you looking for a way to save money on your DIY Bluetooth speaker? Build an upcycled Bluetooth speaker out of materials such as a car speaker, 9V battery, TPA3116DA amplifier board and USB-powered Bluetooth audio receiver. You can buy these materials brand new or reuse the parts you have around the house. One example is a case made of an old broken toy guitar amplifier.

Upcycled DIY Bluetooth Speaker
Upcycled DIY Bluetooth Speaker

12. DIY Portable Bluetooth Speaker

The plans for this portable Bluetooth speaker by instructables don’t require you to spend a lot of money, but you’re going to need materials such as two 3W speakers, a micro USB charger and 3.7V lithium 18650 battery. You’re going to place everything inside a small PVC T-profile that measures at 50 mm in diameter. This speaker may be small, but it has a big sound.

DIY Portable Bluetooth Speaker
DIY Portable Bluetooth Speaker Idea, Image via: instructables

13. Powerful Bluetooth Speaker

You can build a powerful Bluetooth speaker like this one by instructables without breaking the bank. The list of materials includes a USB Bluetooth audio, micro USB charger module, 5W speakers and 3.7V lithium 18650 battery. Everything is placed inside a box made of wood, which you can touch up with paint and a grill.

Powerful Bluetooth Speaker
Powerful Bluetooth Speaker, Image via: instructables

Ending Note

Remember, you’re going to need a Bluetooth module so you can pair the speaker with your devices. Whether you’re building a simple speaker or including additional features, your DIY Bluetooth speaker is sure to offer a quality sound.

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