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23 DIY Off Grid Washing Machines-Do Your Laundry Without Electricity

An off grid washing machine will enable you to have clean clothes without the use of electricity. And who doesn’t like clean clothes? If you thought the only way to wash clothing off grid was to take them down to the creek and wash your clothes by your hands, think again! We have prepared a round up of 23 off grid washing machines that will show how to keep clothes clean while living in a remote location that is cut off from the power grid.

DIY Off Grid Washing Machines Ideas

Bucket DIY Washing Machine

Small, compact, inexpensive to build and easy to use. The tutorial I am sharing with you will show how to take a 5-gallon bucket and transform it into an efficient off grid laundry appliance by kraftingwithk.

Small apartments don’t always have space for a washer and dryer, and living off grid means finding new ways of doing thing without electricity. This bucket washer can solve the laundry problem for those who live in the city or in the wilderness.

Get these free plans that will show you take a bucket, a mortar mixer and some PVC pipe and create a DIY washing machine for just a few dollars. The light weight bucket washer is easy to move and the hand crank mechanism is easy to use.

off grid laundry
Bucket DIY Washing Machine, Image via: kraftingwithk

Pedal Power Off Grid Washing Machine

Get these free plans that will show you how to take an old washing machine and bicycle, then combine them into a pedal powered diy washing machine. Recycle old items into a new off grid washer by thegreenlever and save money while getting your clothes clean.

Pedal your way to clean clothes and strong muscles with this idea. No more boring days at the laundry mat, you will be able to get in a workout while doing the laundry at home. A pedal powered washing machine can last indefinitely and only cost a few dollars to build. Minimal DIY skill needed for this project.

The components are easy to replace as needed, so this DIY washer can last forever.

Pedal Power Off Grid Washing Machine
Pedal Power Off Grid Washing Machine, Image via: thegreenlever

Lehman’s Own Hand Washer

This hand washing machine by lehmans allows users to give clothes a thorough cleaning with a triangle-shaped agitator. The machine design keeps clothes submerged in water during the entire wash cycle.

DIY Washing Machine
Lehman’s Own Hand Washer, Image via: lehmans

Bicycle Off Grid Washing Machine

I like the idea of using what most of us have such as plastic barrels. These plans will walk you through this easy DIY project so you can get off grid and out of the laundry mat. A simple plastic barrel can be transformed into an off grid washing machine by askaprepper so you can have clean clothing no matter where you live.

A wooden stand elevates the barrel to a comfortable height and the top loading feature makes this not only an efficient washer, but one that is easy to use. The bottom drain plug allow the barrel to empty itself of water quickly and completely, resulting in less heavy lifting for you.

An old bicycle is the man-power behind this unique design so you can get in a healthy workout while doing the laundry.

off grid washing machine
Bicycle DIY Washing Machine, Image via: askaprepper

DIY Washing Machine Made From Barrel

This DIY washing machine by steemit is ideal for the large family or those who wait until all clothes are dirty before doing laundry.

A 55 gallon barrel is used for the project and creates a large load capacity washing machine that uses no electricity. The streamlined designed makes the hand crank easy enough to be turned by a child, even when the big barrel is filled with laundry and wash water.

Photos and videos will walk you through this easy project so you can build a durable off grid washing machine for just a few dollars. Most items used in this build are recycled materials, so it’s possible to build this DIY washing machine for free.

DIY washing machine
DIY washing machine, Image via: steemit

Simple Bicycle Powered Off Grid Washing Machine

This simple, but effective, design was created out of necessity by a 14 year girl who had to do the family laundry. If a 14 year old can build an off grid washing machine such as this on inhabitat from odd and ends, so can any beginner do-it-yourselfer!

This video will show you how to build this ingenious washing machine that doubles as an exercise bicycle. The bottom drain plug makes emptying the machine of water quick and easy. After the water has been emptied from the machine, a few more minutes of pedaling will provide a spin dry cycle that nearly removes all the water from the freshly laundered clothes.

Stay in shape and keep your clothes clean at the same time with this off grid washing machine.

Simple Bicycle Powered Off Grid Washing Machine
Bicycle Powered Off Grid Washing Machine, via: inhabitat

Bucket Clothes DIY Washing Machine

Use a five gallon bucket and a plunger to do off grid laundry on your next camping trip. This bucket design is perfect for small loads of dirty clothes, plus the bucket can be used for other things when it’s not acting as a manual washing machine by survivopedia.

Bucket Clothes DIY Washing Machine
Bucket Clothes DIY Washing Machine, Image via: survivopedia

Homemade Washing Machine

Learn how to build and use your own non-electric washing machine in this YouTube video.

Off Grid Laundry Washing Machine

This easy to build DIY clothes washer by makezine is a great idea for anyone looking to save money, conserve energy and have clean clothes.

Off Grid Laundry Washing Machine
Off Grid Laundry Washing Machine, Image via: makezine

Foot Powered DIY Washing Machine

Small, compact and powered by the foot, this off grid washing machine by treehugger can handle up to 5 pounds of dirty laundry at a time.

Foot Powered DIY Washing Machine
Foot Powered DIY Washing Machine, Image via: treehugger

Amish Style Off Grid Washing Machine

Borrow a design from folks who have been living off grid for centuries, the Amish. This non-electric washing machine in this YouTube video can handle large loads of dirty clothes with ease.

Amish Style Off Grid Washing Machine
Amish Style Off Grid Washing Machine, Image via: YouTube

Solar Powered DIY Washing Machine

This is one of our favorite DIY washing machine design by shtfpreparedness. This idea is very unique unlike the ones I have shared before. If you want to do laundry the easy way, yet without the use of electricity, harness solar power to do the work for you with this idea.

Solar Powered DIY Washing Machine
Solar Powered DIY Washing Machine, Image via: shtfpreparedness

Hand Powered DIY Washing Machine

Build it by hand and wash clothes by hand. A unique DIY washing machine by moderndayredneck that handles large loads and will last for years.

Hand Powered Washing Machine, via: moderndayredneck

Homemade Washing Machine

Simple design, yet highly functional. Get the job done without power usage with this homemade washing machine by preparednessadvice.

Homemade Washing Machine
Off Grid Washing Machine, Image via: preparednessadvice

Tumbling Off Grid Washing Machine

The tumbling action of this design on youtube will get clothes clean with minimal effort. Build your own  washing machine with these easy to follow YouTube instructional video.

Mini DIY Washing Machine

Sometimes you just need a small, compact washer for washing clothing worn during a short camping or hiking trip. If that is your need, then this mini washing machine by amazon will meet the need.

Mini DIY Washing Machine
Mini DIY Washing Machine Design, Image via: amazon

Clothes Wringer

Use these non-electric wringers such as in this YouTube video to remove the water from freshly washed clothes so they will dry quicker.

Cheap and Easy Off Grid Washing Machine

Wash, spin and rinse dirty clothes in this cheap and easy to build off grid washing machine on youtube. Follow the YouTube instructional video and build you own in just a few minutes.

Manual Washer

This can easily be taken and used anywhere you want to hike or camp. Gentle on both clothing and the environment, this manual washer is very affordable too.


Laundry Pod

Do a load of laundry in 10 minutes with this efficient laundry pod by amazon. Great for camping, boating, RVing or any other scenario that takes you off grid.

Laundry Pod
Laundry Pod, Image via: amazon

Funnel Power Washing Machine

Dual funnels work together to get clothes clean in the manual off grid washing machine by instructables The tub of this off grid washing machine is made from re-enforced concrete, so it will outlast any conventionally made washing machine.

The only components that will need to be replaced occasionally are the two plastic funnels, which can be purchased for less than a dollar. Cheap to build, cheap to maintain and this funnel powered washing machine will last a lifetime.

manual washing machine
Funnel Power Washing Machine, Image via: instructables

Tiny House Off Grid Washing Machine

The tiny house movement is growing in popularity. Down-sizing as a way to simplify life, spend less money and take up less of a carbon footprint on the planet is the trend of the future. But people still need clean clothes and this tiny house washing machine can be the answer.

This DIY washing machine on Youtube provides a thorough cleaning and spin dry for each load of laundry and can be constructed for under $10.We consider this as an Ideal for tiny house living, camping, road trips or to reduce your use of natural resources right where you currently live.

Wringer Style Washing Machine

This DIY washing machine design by web.archive.org is somewhat different that the previous ones we have discussed with you. This design uses the old wringer type washing machines as a model to create a new style that uses pedal power instead of electricity.

How to make: The large capacity tub can clean several pieces of laundry at once with an easy to use hand crank. Empty the wash water, re-fill with rinse water, then run the clothes through the wringer to take out excess water. The wringer is operated by a hand crank and slashes drying time in half.

Detailed photos and plans make this off grid washing machine with wringer and simple DIY project. The heavy duty construction will keep this wringer washing machine operating smoothly for decades.

DIY washing machine
Wringer Style Washing Machine, Image via: web.archive.org


Do ur laundry without when you have cut off power source or electricity bills consuming much of your monthly budget. Off grid washing machine ideas we have discussed above will save you a lot. If you like these ideas please don’t forget to comment below!


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