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11 DIY Lean to Greenhouse Plans to Build with Your House

By building a  lean-to greenhouse at home will help you to control the temperature for the plants remains more consistent throughout the year. The one solid wall in the greenhouse acts as a heat sponge and absorbs heat all day and slowly releases it into the greenhouse during the night.

Lean to greenhouse plans such as ones we are sharing with you show you how to build an enclosed garden space against your house or other structure so you can grow food and flowers year-round. An attached greenhouse is cheaper to build than a free-standing one and will add value to your home.

Check out our list of free lean-to-greenhouse plans and find one that is just right for your home gardening needs.

1- Wooden Lean-to-Greenhouse

A lean-to greenhouse does not have to look like it was added on, this idea will show you how to create a matching design that looks the greenhouse is part of the house.

This wooden lean-to greenhouse by backwoodshome is covered with clear panels of polycarbonate to let the sun shine through and allow the matching wood structure to be visible.

Not only will a greenhouse provide a location for growing food 365 days a year, but it will also help combat Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD) that impacts many people during the winter. Spending a little time every day inside a warm, sunny greenhouse can lift your mood, relieve stress, and banish depression.

Wooden Lean-to-Greenhouse
DIY  Lean-to-Greenhouse Made From Wood, Image source: backwoodshome

2- Half Wood, Half Polycarbonate

Building a DIY lean to greenhouse is a low-cost way to create a space to garden year-round. By using an existing wall, the building time and expense are reduced, plus your home value is increased.

Get these free lean to greenhouse plans by empressofdirt that will show you how to build an attractive structure that is half wood and half polycarbonate. The bottom is wood and makes ideal interior storage space, and the top half is clear polycarbonate to let the natural sunlight come in.

This is a great idea for using leftover pieces of lumber from a building project. These plans are adaptable to your particular gardening needs and building space.

free lean to greenhouse plans
Half Wood, Half Polycarbonate Greenhouse, Image source: empressofdirt

3- Basic Lean to Plans

Get detailed lean-to greenhouse plans in this YouTube video that will show you how to build a basic enclosed garden space. Every detail, from the framing, to the flooring, and even an adjacent outdoor garden space, is shown in this informative video.

The building costs are kept low with this basic idea we are discussing about and this lean to greenhouse can be built for under $600. Clear plastic is used to cover the wooden frame to let the sunshine through and keep the warmth inside.

Great low-cost way to create an indoor garden space so you can enjoy fresh tomatoes, peppers, cucumbers, lettuce, and your other favorite vegetables all winter.

4- Wooden Lean To Greenhouse

Get these step-by-step instructions that will show you how to build a wooden lean to greenhouse by myoutdoorplans for growing and storing plants all winter. Grow vegetables and overwinter dormant plants in your own attached greenhouse.

The best thing we like in this plan is that the size of the wooden greenhouse is customizable so you can build it as large or small as you need. The free plans are on a downloadable PDF file for easy use while constructing the lean-to greenhouse.

Wooden Lean To Greenhouse
DIY Lean-to-Greenhouse plans, Image via: myoutdoorplans

5- Polycarbonate Lean to Greenhouse Plans

Here is a great way to enjoy gardening year-round without spending a lot of money. The wooden frame of this DIY lean to greenhouse in this youtube video is covered with clear polycarbonate to allow maximum sunlight to come in. About 2-feet up around the bottom is covered with wood to help provide stability and to provide some interior storage space that is hidden from the outside view.

Grow food year-round and have a warm place to de-stress during the winter months when you build a lean-to greenhouse like the one we have in this YouTube video.

6- Recycled Window Lean to Greenhouse

If you want to build a greenhouse cheaply, then check out these lean-to greenhouse plans that is built with recycled windows. Some old windows and scrap lumber can be transformed into an efficient diy lean to greenhouse by fabulesslyfrugal for under $100.

Build it around the window sizes and shapes to create a one-of-a-kind lean-to greenhouse that will enable you to grow food 365 days a year. Gardening in a lean-to greenhouse is also easier on your back because you don’t have to bend over to garden. Most of the plants are in raised beds, on tables, or in hanging pots.

Recycled Window Lean to Greenhouse
Recycled Window Lean to Greenhouse, Image source: fabulesslyfrugal

7- Top Vent Lean to Greenhouse

Enjoy your gardening hobby year-round with this attractive and easy to construct lean to greenhouse by howtospecialist with top vents. The vents on top can be opened or closed as needed so the interior temperature of the greenhouse remains perfect for the plants. The vents will also increase air flow to prevent mildew.

Start plant seeds in the spring to get a head start on outdoor vegetable growing season and grow food producing plants inside the greenhouse during the winter for a year-round harvest. This simple structure will add value to your property, allow you to enjoy your gardening hobby, and provide space for growing food and flowers 365 days a year. You may also like to see diy pvc greenhouse you can build on a small budget.

Top Vent Lean to Greenhouse
Top Vent Lean to Greenhouse, Image via: howtospecialist

8- Behind the Shed

A DIY lean to greenhouse can be built against any outdoor structure, including a shed. These lean to greenhouse plans on YouTube video will show you how to build one against the back of a storage shed. The greenhouse is out of the way, yet close enough to the house for easy access.

The lean-to greenhouse is as wide as the shed and has plenty of interior space for shelves and it’s tall enough for hanging pots of flowers and herb plants.

9- Small Lean To Greenhouse

This small lean-to greenhouse by gardenplansfree is ideal for storing dormant plants during the winter or starting vegetable seeds in late winter. It’s better than a cold frame because you can stand up straight in this lean to and can work with your plants without bending over.

Save your back, save your plants, save some money by following these free plans and building yourself a small lean-to greenhouse.

Small Lean To Greenhouse
Little Lean To Greenhouse Plans, Image source: gardenplansfree

10- Pre-Fab Lean to Greenhouse

If you don’t have the time or skills needed to create a lean to greenhouse from scratch, consider using a pre-fab kit. This YouTube video will show you how to put together a small 4-feet by 8-feet pre-fab lean to greenhouse so you can enjoy gardening all year.

It’s a simple and efficient structure that takes up very little space in the back or side yard and is easy to put together. Don’t let the small size fool you, you can grow a lot of fresh produce, herbs, and flowers in this small greenhouse.

You can purchase a pre-fab lean to greenhouse like this one on youtube from any garden supply center at a reasonable price. Then you’ll want to watch this YouTube video for tips on how to put it together.

11- Aluminum Frame Lean to Greenhouse

Lightweight and strong, aluminum is ideal building material to use for creating a frame for a lean-to greenhouse. Easy to work with and inexpensive, aluminum and plastic sheeting are the main components of this lean to greenhouse on Youtube that fits nicely against a barn.

Get seeds and seedlings off to a healthy start in late winter with a greenhouse like this one. Continue the garden season through the winter by growing vegetables in the sunlit and warm environment inside this lean to structure. Great for any homestead, this DIY lean to greenhouse won’t take up much of your time to build or use up much landscape.

Watch this YouTube video for the free plans and custom build a lean-to greenhouse from aluminum and plastic sheeting. You may also like to check out indoor greenhouse plans.


Lean-to-greenhouse is a great option to grow your plants year round by building a greenhouse adjacent to your house wall. A lean to greenhouse is also a better option than a free standing greenhouse. Hope we have helped you in making a similar or your own custom design greenhouse through these wide selections.

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