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13 DIY Indoor Greenhouse That Are So Easy to Build

A read on how you can make DIY indoor greenhouse. How many of us wish to have their own personal green house, where we can grow all kinds of veggies and plant we want. Well, there is always some kind of problem stopping us from owing one, whether it may be lack of space, capital, time yada yada yada…

But what about having a small DIY indoor greenhouse? It is another story. They don’t need much space, not much capital and can house all your favorite plants that you want to protect from winter or give a warm boost of sunlight and temperature.

They are perfect for starting seeds, maintaining moisture levels and providing adequate light.

As outdoor greenhouses are to be build, so are indoor ones. The outdoor greenhouses work better when build by professionals but the small indoor greenhouse is a piece of cake and cherry on top of that cake is DIY, doing it yourself. So, how to build an indoor greenhouse?

See out our round up of 13 DIY indoor greenhouse that are easy to build. 

1- DIY Portable Indoor Greenhouse

The standard plastic wheels of most of the pre-made greenhouse will not get your plants very far before crumbling down, once all the plants are stacked. The best thing about this DIY Portable Indoor Greenhouse by soeasilydistracted is that not only it is sturdy but can withstand 300 pounds of load if metal caster wheels are used.

A reflective mylar is used on the back of this small indoor greenhouse so that the unabsorbed light reflects back to plants, making it efficient. The metal wire shelving of this design is also strong and can be adjusted accordingly. 

All the pros and all the cons of whether you should DIY or buy an indoor greenhouse are listed in the read. The suggestive tone of the article and the recommendations are simply best.

DIY Portable Indoor Greenhouse
Small Portable Indoor Greenhouse, Image via: soeasilydistracted

2- Mini Single Tray Greenhouses

This greenhouse is the true definition of mini. It consists of a single tray, light fixture and plant shelving. The lighting is controlled by a timer. A very basic tray greenhouse which is small enough to fit anywhere.

Using the same plan, you can DIY multiple mini greenhouses by thebohemiankitchen on as many shelves as you want.

Neat website layout, with headings and pictures.

Total 4 materials and 3 steps, you will have indoor greenhouses to start all the seedlings you want or grow some greens, doesn’t matter what the season is. You may also like to check out greenhouse plans in all shape and sizes.

Mini Single Tray Greenhouses
Mini Single Tray Greenhouses, Image via: thebohemiankitchen

3- DIY Gold Mini Greenhouse (Ikea Hack)

A plan that will take less than 30$ and 30 minutes of your time. This is an Ikea hack. You have to buy an Ikea Socker Greenhouse by runtoradiance or you can use glass terrarium. Well not much of hack when we are buying one and giving it a makeover but anyways the mini indoor greenhouse was too cute to not to be included. This is one of our most favorite diy indoor greenhouse.

The Ikea greenhouse comes with plans on how to assemble it but the process is also explained in detail on the site along with many pictures. Although the plan is little old but nowadays it’ll be easier to make because all kinds of materials are available online nowadays.

The stark white is little bland so the DIYer painted everything gold including scissors, mirror, the green house. It’ll definitely be looking like King Midas took a stroll through the house.

DIY Gold Mini Greenhouse
DIY Gold Mini Greenhouse, Image via: runtoradiance

4- Grow Light Shelf Set Up

This is a design plan for an indoor growing setup made using an inexpensive Ikea 6 shelving unit and some utility lighting. A project that you can complete in less than a day.

You will have to buy a cheap shelving unit, some grow lights, attached them according to the plan and all is set for growing some tasty microgreens or sprouts. It is a simple shelving but you can also buy a fitted zippered cover to make it truly into a greenhouse.

The materials are listed, the directions are jotted down, you’ll have no problem making this DIY indoor greenhouse by gardentherapy.

Grow Light Shelf Set Up
Grow Light Shelf Set Up, Image via: gardentherapy

5- DIY Mini Greenhouse Using PVC Pipes

This is a simple 3-minute video tutorial that will help you a lot. The structure is made using PVC pipes and connecting them with elbows and T joints. Clear plastic sheet is used for transparent panels

The plan is so easy and neat that it’ll take you only 2 or even less to execute it all. Just in case you don’t find the list of materials used in the tutorial, here it is and here is the DIY indoor greenhouse tutorial on Youtube. You may also like to check out pvc greenhouse plans.

6- Mini Greenhouse Using A Plastic Tote

This clear plastic tote idea is ingenious. The creator took a clear plastic tote, a heating pad, Styrofoam, and grow lights to create a working DIY indoor greenhouse by youtube perfect for seed starting.

Items used in this youtube video are listed in the description. You can also find related plant videos in the description too. Too unique to not include and you need to see this for yourself.

7- No-Budget Windowsill Greenhouse

Have no budget, not even a single penny? This simple DIY indoor greenhouse by instructables will do, a true DIY.

Sometimes our plants aren’t performing well in winter. The reason is temperature and light. This hack will solve just that problem in an hour or less of making.

This will not only maintain temperature but also humidity and keep the diseases at bay.

All the materials in this plan are scavenged and has lots of space & height for plants to grow in. You can easily customize in all kinds of ways, only three supplies needed. It’s like a cover that you can place over your plant in a window sill.

No-Budget Windowsill Greenhouse
No-Budget Windowsill Greenhouse, Image via: instructables

8- Bubble-Wrap Mini Greenhouse

Again, an ingenious idea and the creator of both tutorials is same. The DIYer took a 5-tier shelving and used window insulation kit and made an indoor greenhouse in this Youtube video. You can add grow lights all around the structure for boost.

This is a Very simple DIY construction, great for starting seeds and growing vegetable transplants for your garden.

It will only take you few hours to make.

9- Shish-kabab Skewer Mini Greenhouse

Do most of your plant dry out, curl up, and die? This DIY plan by instructables is the perfect solution that gives you control over humidity and temperature. Not only that, you can also use it to revive young plants and seedlings that are in shock or struggling.

It is made using Shish-kabab skewers and plastic drop cloth and you will need 3 to 4 simple hand driven tools while making.

Don’t overlook just because how simple and cheap it is. Once made, it will work wonders.

Shish-kabab Skewer Mini Greenhouse
Shish-kabab Skewer Mini Greenhouse, Image via: instructables

10- A Hexagon Curio Cabinet Greenhouse

This is a plan on how you can turn your curio cabinet into a greenhouse by notjustahousewife. This is a great idea because curios cabinets already have installed glass panels and doors, perfect for transforming into a greenhouse.

These cabinets also aren’t costly and you can easily find many great designs under 30$. Everything is mentioned on the site on how you can do the sustainable greenhouse makeover. Place it in a sunny, cool place and after that you can use it as a seedling starter or fill it in with all your favorite plants. A perfect showcase for your green thumb. All you have to do is a single click here. You may also like to check out hoop house plans.

A Hexagon Curio Cabinet Greenhouse
A Hexagon Curio Cabinet Greenhouse, Image via: notjustahousewife

11- Wood & Polycarbonate Mini Greenhouse

Great imitation of outdoor greenhouses. Nowadays most of the outdoor greenhouses are made using a wood structure and polycarbonate panels instead of glass.

Polycarbonate panels are corrugated sheets of clear plastic sometime also known as twin wall. They are little costly but you need them for a DIY mini greenhouse such as this one by instructables so you wouldn’t need much.

The tools and materials are listed and all the steps are adorned with google sketch pictorials.

You’ll definitely love this unique DIY indoor greenhouse plan made by wood and polycarbonate.

Wood & Polycarbonate Mini Greenhouse
Wood & Polycarbonate Mini Greenhouse, Image via: instructables

12- DIY Indoor Seed Starting Station

Here is a plan for an inexpensive setup that can start maximum number of seeds and can house your favorite plants, in other words a greenhouse (kind of).

A great weekend project that will only take you two days to setup. You can grow lots of new varieties with better results in the long run with this DIY indoor greenhouse by peakprosperity.

Instead of grow bulbs, alternating cool and warm T12 bulbs are used which provide a wide spectrum of light and are cheaper than the earlier.

DIY Indoor Seed Starting Station
DIY Indoor Seed Starting Station, Image via: peakprosperity

13- DIY Mini Greenhouse Using Picture Frames

What a brilliant idea. A lovely craft project that you will have so much fun in while making. We all have useless frames lying around devoid of any pictures. Using this greenhouse plan by countryliving, you can transform those picture frames into a cute place that your plants call home.

Doesn’t matter if your frames are of different sizes, collect and arrange and the pattern will form. Cheap picture frames can also be bought from thrift stores.

The plan is in 12 easy steps. The design has a house style build. You definitely need to see this plan here.

Hope your “how to make an indoor greenhouse?” question has been answered. Now choose the plan that suits your needs and have fun building it. Happy green thumb.

DIY Mini Greenhouse Using Picture Frames
DIY Mini Greenhouse, Image via: countryliving


Indoor greenhouse provide a growing enviroment to your plants when there is winter outside or you can early grow seeds to be planted outdoor once the spring season starts. You can choose from any of these DIY indoor greenhouse you like the most.

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