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Spring Gardening – 10 Best Vegetables To Plant In Spring

No vegetable is better than the one which planted and the cultivated right in their home garden. For many people, growing vegetables can seem to be a very tough task however it is not. Gardening can be an excellent time pass for many people. It is a healthy activity which in future will not only improve the eating habits and lifestyle, but will also save a large amount of money on a daily basis. In order to grow vegetables in the garden, one just has to plant the seed and make sure that it receives sufficient amount of sunlight, water and air so it can grow properly. There’s no happier moment than the one in which one sees the vegetable growing from a plant which they have planted themselves.

The vegetable grown in the home garden tastes better than the ones bought from the market. One can pluck them while they are fresh and full ripe. They can be used immediately and will taste better; moreover, these are grown without any use of harmful chemicals and fertilizers. The vegetables cultivated on commercial basis, use fertilizers and pesticides which are full of harmful chemicals. These chemicals are also used for fast growing and for killing pests which can be harmful to the human health and are causes of different diseases in people all around the world. The vegetable garden plants grown in are a far better choice.

In many regions of the world, spring is just around the corner while some might still be experiencing winter weather conditions. Spring time is the best time for planting vegetables, the weather is perfect for the growth, after a few months your spring vegetable garden will be full of delicious vegetables. One of the best spring gardening tips is to plant 2 to 4 weeks after the last frost, when the soil is moist and ready. What vegetables to plant in spring? Well, there is a variety; however, below mentioned are top ten vegetables to plant in the spring:

1) Broccoli is one of the most delicious vegetable which can be planted in spring. What vegetables to plant in January? This is the one. Plant broccoli 4 weeks earlier in the area of your garden which has frost.

planting Broccoli

2) Carrot is one of the best vegetables to grow in the spring. They should be planted two weeks before the last frost date and the weeds should be removed from the areas otherwise they will absorb all the ingredients from the carrots.

planting Carrot

3) As soon as the frost is over and the soil is moist and ready, lettuce can be the perfect spring vegetable to plant. There is a mulch deposit in the soil, which helps in flourishing the lettuce and the roots of lettuce needs moist soil to grow.

planting lettuce

4) Many may say that garlic should be planted in the fall, however, it will grow well in the spring as well, just plant four weeks after the frost.

planting garlic

5) Turnips will grow well in the spring season. They should be planted 2 weeks after the frost and they will grow well in the moist soil.

planting Turnips

6) As soon as the soil is ready for use after the frost, one can plant Arugula. This leafy vegetable can grow best when planted in spring, they have excellent flavor, especially when added to salads.

planting Arugula
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7) Beets, the most loved vegetables can be planted in the spring as soon as the soil is ready.

planting Beets

8) A potato, who doesn’t love those chips and other dishes, it is the fourth largest crop which grows in the world. One can easily plant them in spring when the soil is ready.

planting potato

9) Tomatoes can be planted during the spring, plant a seed as soon as the soil is ready.

planting Tomatoes

10)  Cabbage is one of the most preferred vegetable planted in the spring. This vegetable is liked by most of the people due to its ingredients and minerals. It takes time to cultivate and be ready for use. The famer needs to prepare the soil with the help of tillage and other practices. Now different varieties of cabbage are available in the market to offer the different features and properties to customers.

planting Cabbage

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  1. Thanks for the great tips… your garden looks beautiful!. I did my own gardening this past long weekend… I planted cherry tomatoes, roma tomatoes, English and slicing cucumbers, romaine lettuce, carrots, yellow zucchini, rainbow Swiss chard and green beans!

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