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35 DIY Hot Tubs That Are Inexpensive To Build

A DIY hot tub is a beneficial way to relax and relieve stress without spending a lot of money. Building and using a homemade hot tub can be something the whole family will enjoy and the hot tub will last for years.

Hot tubs can be used yearound and are considered a must-have item for people who live in snowy, cold climates. You don’t have to live in a cold climate and you don’t have to have a lot of money to enjoy the therapeutic value of a soak in a hot tub. All you need is basic DIY skills and the tutorial of one of these 35 DIY hot tubs that we have made a round of that are inexpensive to build.

1- Block and Brick Hot Tub

Stack the blocks, top it off with bricks and fill it with water. Building this DIY hot tub by buildatub is not quite that easy, but it is easy with these free instructions this plan has that I like about this plan. These plans will show you how to add several jets to your hot tub to increase your relaxing pleasure during a soak. Relieve tired, aching muscles with jet propelled warm water in your own backyard hot tub.

This DIY project also has included a roof over the outdoor hot tub so it can be used in any type of weather. This solid structure will increase the value of the home and allow you to seel your home for a higher price, should you decide to sell in the future.

DIY Hot Tub
Block and Brick Hot Tub, Image via: buildatub

2- Solar Hot Tub Heater

Build a solar hot tub heater such as this one by instructables for any type of hot tub so you won’t have to pay for electricity each time you want to enjoy a hot soak. 

This free tutorial is very detailed and includes written instructions, pictures, and a video (thats a plus point as compare to the plan we have discussed before), making it very easy to follow and understand. Eliminate the usage of electricity for your hot tub but still enjoy the benefits of a warm water soak by building your own solar water heater.

It’s cheap and easy to build and will last for years.

Supllies you need to build this diy hot tub are PVC tubes, elbows & Ts & glue, 2 pallets & some 2x lumber, Sheet of rigid insulation, Black garbage bag, Silicone caulk, Concrete blocks, Black spray paint.

Solar Hot Tub Heater
DIY Solar Hot Tub Heater idea, Image via: instructables 

3- Wood and Stainless Steel Hot Tub

I recomend this plan to you if both price and appearance matter, use these free plans to make an attractive and affordable DIY hot tub by popularmechanics.

Step by step instructions are included on this website to enable you to build a traditional Japanese style soaking hot tub that is ideal for a wilderness cabin. Water is heated by an interior wood burning stove, so all you see on the outside is attractive wood.

This style of wood and stainless steel hot tub will fit in with any rustic decor, not just a wilderness cabin. Soak the day’s stress away in style in this attractive soaking tub.

DIY hot tub
Wood and Stainless Steel Hot Tub, Image via: popularmechanics

4- DIY Hot Tub For One

Follow these free and detailed plans to build your own hot tub such as this one at homemade-modern for less than $250. That is an unbelievable price for such a beneficial piece of health equipment that I like in this diy project.

Many people with back pain, arthritic joints, tense muscles and other health conditions feel much better and see an improvement in their health when they soak in a hot tub on a regular basis.

This is a small sized stock tank, just right for one person to almost totally submerge into, but two can fit into it for a cozy soak.

Supllies you need to build this diy hot tub are Quikrete Fast Setting Concrete Mix, Quikrete Gravel, 169 Gallon Stock Tank, Push-To-Connect Fittings, Through Wall Pipe Fitting, Copper Tubing

DIY Hot Tub For One
DIY Hot Tub For One, Image via: homemade-modern

5- Camp Site DIY Hot Tub

An ingenious idea for camping at the lake during cool weather. Stay warm with this portable diy hot tub created for camp site usage. All you have to bring with you to the camp site is a pond liner, pond pump and some tubing. The remainder of the items needed to create the DIY hot tub can be obtained from the woods near your camp site.

The frame of the diy hot tub by instructables is made from fallen trees and the water is warmed by camp fire heat. The water for the hot tub can be obtained from a nearby river or lake. Follow these detailed instructions and picture tutorial to create this DIY project on your next camping trip.

Camp Site DIY Hot Tub
Camp Site Hot Tub idea, Image via: instructables

6- Homemade Hot Tub

The homemade hot tub in this youtube looks like a professional pool builder built it. Not only will this large hot tub soak away stress, but it is large enough to do health beneficial exercises also. See also diy swimming pools you can build yourself.

Arthritis and other conditions that are painful and limit mobility can be relieved by doing exercises in the warm water of a hot tub.

This free YouTube video tutorial will show you how to build your own hot tub that will improve your health and increase your property value.

7- Solar Hot Tub

Use this free tutorial to build a solar heater  for your hot tub so you can heat the water without using electricity. 

Enjoy a hot soak and invigorating water massage in the hot tub without having to pay any money to the electric company by using solar power. Detailed instructions, along with pictures, will take you through the building process so you can create a solar heater for the hot tub by instructables.

Harness the power of the sun to heat and power the water jets in your hot tub. Inexpensive to build and it’s free to run.

Solar Hot Tub
Solar Hot Tub, Image via: instructables

8- Wood Burning Hot Tub

A little wood to build it and a little wood to heat the water, that’s mainly what will be needed to make this DIY hot tub a success.

The perimeter frame of this diy hot tub by instructables.com is constructed from old railroad ties and sections of tree logs, but any type of wood you have on hand will work to build the frame. The water tight interior is created with a tarp and the water is heated from a nearby firepit.

These detailed plans will walk you through the DIY building process with ease so you can build a relaxing, inexpensive hot tub in your backyard this weekend.

DIY hot tub
Wood Burning Hot Tub, Image via: instructables

9- Solar and Cedar Homemade Hot Tub

A great idea to build a hot tub by builditsolar from a stock tank pool. This plan uses spa heater to heat up the pool tub. Attractive and easy to build outdoor hot tub with these pictorial instructions.

Solar and Cedar Homemade Hot Tub
Solar and Cedar Homemade Hot Tub, Image via: builditsolar

10- Folk Art DIY Hot Tub

Here is an idea that will show you how to build a folk art style hot tub for under $75  by instructables.com. Use items you already have on hand, add a few decorative touches, and you’ll have a piece of outdoor art and a wood burning hot tub for your enjoyment.

Folk Art DIY Hot Tub
Folk Art DIY Hot Tub, Image via: instructables

11- Pallet DIY Hot Tub

Wooden pallets can be used to create almost anything, including a DIY pallet hot tub by thehomesteadingboards.com. Attractive, sturdy, inexpensive and eco-friendly. This pallet hot tub will provide you with a perfect place to let go of stress and enjoy the great outdoors.

Pallet DIY Hot Tub
Hot Tub Made From Pallets, Image via: thehomesteadingboards

12- Wood Fire DIY Hot Tub Oasis

These building plans by motherearthnews will enable you to build more than just a place to soak your tired muscles, but also a place to renew and re-energize yourself. Build this mini oasis with a wood fire hot tub in your backyard for less than $1,000 by using these detailed building plans.

Wood Fire Hot Tub Oasis
Wood Fire Hot Tub Oasis, Image via: motherearthnews

13- Large and Warm Hot DIY Tub

This wood fire DIY hot tub by instructables can hold up to ten of your closest friends. Large, but easy to build and portable. A great homemade hot tub to build if you need one that is portable and inexpensive.

homemade hot tub
Large and Warm Hot DIY Tub, Image via:instructables

14- Garden DIY Hot Tub

Build this DIY garden hot tub by wonderfulskills to enhance the beauty of your garden and to provide a quiet place to soak your tired muscles after a day of gardening chores. Easy to follow video instructions will show you how to create this attractive homemade hot tub in your outdoor space.

Garden Hot Tub
Garden Hot Tub, Image via: wonderfulskills

15- Cheap Homemade Hot Tub

If you have an old sofa or two hanging out in the basement and you don’t know what to do with them, here’s a great idea–turn them into a hot tub.

Make a cheap homemade hot tub such as this one by instructables by placing the old sofas together and covering them with a sheet of rubber typically used to create garden ponds with.

This functional and inexpensive diy hot tub can be made for around $200, which is far less than the price of a store bought model.

The sofa frames create a strong structure that is well able to support the weight of the water in the hot tub, and the sofa padding makes a soft seating area.

homemade hot tub
Cheap homemade hot tub, Image via: instructables

16- Stock Tank DIY Hot Tub

This wood burning hot tub by instructables starts out as a stock tank that is used to water livestock. These are made from galvanized metal or plastic and are built to last. Stock tanks are 2 feet deep and 4 feet in diameter, which is a good size for this DIY project.

A chimnea is used to create the heat needed to warm the water for this homemade hot tub. An outdoor fireplace or firepit can be used to heat the water if you don’t have a chimnea on hand.

wood burning hot tub
Stock Tank DIY Hot Tub, Image via: instructables

17- Portable DIY Hot Tub

Here is something you can bring to the next party you’re invited too – a portable hot tub. This is sure to put you on top of the party guest list, especially during the winter months.

This is an easy build that is easy to take down, transport and put back together again. Even if you don’t want to take it to a friend’s party (they may want to keep it), this is a great DIY build by instructables for those who don’t want a hot tub sitting on their deck or in their backyard year around. Just bring it out as desired, then put it away when done.

Portable DIY Hot Tub
Portable DIY Hot Tub, Image via: instructables

18- Wood Burning Cedar Tub

The air temperature may be zero, but you will be warm and relaxed in this DIY cedar hot tub by kerfonline. This detailed video will take you through the building process and give you ideas for finding the building materials for a fraction of the standard cost.

Wood Burning Cedar Tub
Wood Burning Cedar Tub, Image via: kerfonline

19- Solar Heated Hot Tub

Ideal for people who don’t want to chop wood to heat the water and don’t want to use electricity either. This solar powered DIY hot tub by builditsolar will warm the water to the perfect temperature without costing you a penny in electricity or man-power.

Attractive wood exterior will enable this hot tub to be a part of your backyard or deck decor, even in a sub-division with HOA rules to abide by. The affordable price will be  under $400 if you have some of the building materials on hand.

These free plans will show you how to build this solar heated hot tub in just one weekend.

Solar Heated DIY Hot Tub
Solar Heated DIY Hot Tub, Image via: builditsolar

20- Recycled DIY Bathtub

This DIY build by tetongravity consists of all recycled parts and will show you how to transform an old bathtub into a new diy hot tub. Use items you have on hand and build this relaxing outdoor hot tub for just pennies.

DIY Hot Tub
Recycled DIY Bathtub as a DIY Hot Tub, Image via: tetongravity

21- Fast Heating Hot Tub

This attractive and inexpensive DIY hot tub by instructables is much more than meets the eye. This one also includes a place to grill food, sit and stay warm outside of the water, and it heats the water in about one hour.

These free instructions are in a printable PDF file to make them super simple to follow. The end result will show you how to build a hot tub without spending a lot of time or money. Get building today and you can be relaxing in your very own hot tub and grilling hamburger this weekend.

DIY hot tub
Fast Heating Hot Tub, Image via: instructables

22- DIY Hot Tub in a Day

This idea and free plans will show you how to build an inexpensive hot tub in just one day by motherearthnews. Built for two and cost less than $300, this hot tub is also solar powered.

An oval stock tank that is six feet long and two feet deep is used for this DIY project. A new tank will cost around $200, but you might find a used one for just a few bucks to help keep costs low. The solar power used for heating the water will also keep your electricity bill low.

The galvanized tank is attractive as-is and can stand alone on a deck or in the yard, but it can also be sided with wood to create a cedar hot tub that will be the envy of the neighborhood.

Hot Tub in a Day
Hot Tub in a Day, Image via: motherearthnews

23- Pine Timber Homemade Hot Tub

Save money by building with pine timber instead of building a cedar hot tub. Pine timber is just as durable and strong for this building project and costs much less.

This attractive homemade hot tub by theownerbuildernetwork can hold several people at once and will make an ideal addition to your backyard. High sides and interior side seating allow for a full body soak while sitting upright. The free plans also include detailed plans for building steps so you can get in and out of this wood hot tub with ease.

Heated with a wood burning sauna stove, this hot tub will warm you up even on the coldest day.

homemade hot tub
Pine Timber Homemade Hot Tub, Image via: theownerbuildernetwork

24- Wood Fired Hot Tub

Water, fire, and wood – the basic elements for survival and the basic materials needed to build and fuel this amazing DIY wood hot tub on youtube.

Cheap to build, cheap to heat, and large enough for the whole family to enjoy. Follow this free YouTube video tutorial and build this wood fired hot tub that will help keep you warm on those cold winter days.

25- One Person DIY Hot Tub

This one person hot tub by motherearthnews can be build for under $100 and will provide years of health benefits. Ideal for small homes or small patios, using this style of hot tub can relieve many aches and pains to improve quality of life.

This small hot tub style originated in Japan and is still very popular in most Asian countries. Called a Furo, this one person hot tub has minimal water surface so the water stays warmer for a longer period of time. Very easy to build with just one sheet of plywood used as the exterior frame and sides of the tub.

The small size allow this DIY hot tub to become a part of an interior bathroom in the home or constructed on a small patio or deck. the low cost makes it affordable for almost anyone. Ideal hot tub for those who rent their living spaces.

One Person Hot Tub
One Person Hot Tub under 100$, Image via: motherearthnews

26- DIY Jacuzzi

This small DIY jacuzzi by instructables is simple to build and won’t take up too much space in the backyard. Although it’s small, there is still plenty of room for 3-4 people to relax inside of it.

This DIY project is inexpensive and the detailed tutorial will take you through the building process with ease. Rest, relax, relieve joint pain, and enjoy some quality time with your family in this easy to build DIY jacuzzi.

DIY Jacuzzi
build DIY jacuzzi, Image via: instructables

27- Reclaimed DIY Hot Bath Tub

After a bathtub has served its purpose inside, move it outside and give it a second life as a hot tub such as this one at houzz. These detailed instructions will show you how to create soothing outdoor space with your own homemade hot tub.

Reclaimed DIY Hot Bath Tub
Reclaimed DIY Hot Bath Tub, Image via: houzz

28- Cedar Hot Tub

This cedar hot tub would make a great addition to a back deck or patio. It’s attractive, easy to build, and will increase the value of your home. The cedar wood is durable and is able to withstand weather conditions for years.

This DIY hot tub on youtube is small but it’s deep, allowing for full-body submersion into the warm water. Just think of all the aches and pains that could be soaked away in the warm, relaxing water of this easy to build cedar hot tub.

29- Small Hot Tub

A small outdoor space needs a small DIY hot tub by homegardenandhomestead but it still needs to be large enough for two. This tutorial will show you how to build a small DIY hot tub that is perfect for the patio of a townhome or condo unit. Living in town with a small outdoor space does not mean that you can’t enjoy a therapeutic soak in your own hot tub, it just needs to be a customized small size to fit the small space.

Use cedar wood to build the DIY hot tub so it will be an attractive addition to your small city landscape. The free plans also show a few complimentary items made from cedar wood, like steps, chairs, and a covering for the heater, which will add even more enjoyment to your small outdoor space.

Small Hot Tub
how to build a small DIY hot tub, Image via: homegardenandhomestead

30- Wooden Hot Tub

A wood burning snorkel stove will keep this DIY hot tub water warm by woodenspasolutions even on the coldest wintery day.

Snorkel stoves are designed to be used under water and are fueled by wood so the operation cost is zero. The cedar wood used to build this homemade hot tub will last for years and the size is great for the whole family to enjoy. You may also like to read DIY rocket stove ideas to cook food or heat small spaces.

Stay warm and stay healthy with a hot tub built from these free instructions.

Wooden Hot Tub
Build  a Cedar Wooden Hot Tub, Image via: woodenspasolutions

31- Hillbilly Hot Tub

Use this hillbilly ingenuity to build this hot tub on youtube and DIY hot tub heater. Almost all the parts for this project have been salvaged and recycled so it’s free to build and free to operate.

The lumber used is recycled pallet wood and the heater is created from an old propane tank. The wood used to heat the water is free and will keep the water hot for hours so you can enjoy a nice long soak to get warm and relieve joint pain.

Use this free tutorial and whatever components you have on hand to build your own hillbilly hot tub this weekend.

32- Off Grid Hot Tub

Living off grid can be hard work and at the end of a hard day what better way to relax than in a DIY hot tub?

The off grid hot tub on youtube is heated with a pizza-style wood burning oven, so with a little ingenuity, you could tweak the design and cook supper and heat the hot tub water with the same wood fire. This attractive and practical design would be a great addition to an off grid homestead and it’s very cheap to build and maintain.

Watch this DIY hot tub video tutorial on youtube near the vegetable garden so after a long day of gardening you can soak tired muscles and recycle the water (after it cools) to water the vegetable plants.

33- DIY Solar Hot Tub with Fountain

You get two for the low rice of one with this DIY hot tub design by greenhomebuilding. Build your own hot tub and fountain, then use solar power to keep the water flowing at just the right temperature year around.

DIY Solar Hot Tub with Fountain
DIY Solar Hot Tub with Fountain, Image via: greenhomebuilding

34- Stock Tank Hot Tub

A simple inexpensive galvanized stock tank can easily be transformed into a DIY hot tub like this one by filson with this free tutorial that we are dicusssing with you.

I recommend this idea to those who want to build an above ground or inground hot tub for less than $200. This would also be a good design to use on a deck or patio. It’s easy to take down and put back up, making it ideal for people who move frequently.

The water is heated by a wood fire as it circulates through copper tubing that enters and exits the stock tank. This DIY project can be completed in less than one day so you can start building this morning and be soaking by this afternoon. 

Stock Tank Hot Tub
Stock Tank Hot Tub, Image via: filson

35- Cedar Wood Hot Tub

Cedar is the most popular wood for building an outdoor DIY hot tub like in this youtube. It is an attractive wood plus it is durable and will last for years.

This free tutorial YouTube video will provide step by step instructions for building a cedar hot tub in your own backyard. Enjoy the therapeutic value of a daily soak in warm water when you have a hot tub waiting for you in the backyard.

Enjoy the natural scenery around you while soaking away the tension, muscle aches, and joint pain at the end of the day. 

Now its time to make your own hot tub

Are you dreaming of building your own hot tub? What about the cost and skill level it needs to get your own hot tub? We hope these plans have guided you well to answer many of these questions you may have in your mind! Now the decision is yours!

To answer some of common questions that comes to your min I have prepared aquestenair.


What are different ways to heat a hot tub?

There are many ways to heat your hot tub such as wood, natural or propane gas, solar panels, electric and air source pumps. The cheapest power source is wood, solar and gas while the fastest way to heat a water tub is an air pump heater.

Are hot tubs healthy?

Soaking in the hot tub has a lot of benefits such as releasing all your stress of day work, relief from muscular pain, relaxation gained from soaking in hot tub helps you drift off into a more peaceful sleep.

Here Are The Best Hot Tub Alternatives?

Those who don’t feel comfortable with using a hot tub for any reason they may have. Here are some alternatives to hot tubs such as saunas if you are not a big fan of hot water. Price wise you can use a sottub and its needs initial investment and the time required for its maintenance. Steam room or a swimming pool can also be considered a hot tub alternative.

What is the difference between a hot tub and spa?

Hot tubs are heated by a wood heater,electric heater and gas or propane heater. A sauna on the other hand uses an electric energy system that works by hydrotherapy, moulded seats, lighting, and massage therapy jets.


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