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Large Lean To Shed Plans

17 DIY Lean To Shed Plans That Are Inexpensive To Build

Any of these 17 lean to shed plans will show you how to build an inexpensive storage shed that is ideal for placing against another structure. This type of DIY outbuilding is simple to build and will provide lots of safe, secure storage on your property.

These lean to shed plans will also show you how to run electricity through the wall of your home and into the shed. The electricity will make it easy to use power tools and lights in the DIY lean to shed. Check out these free plans and get started building this weekend.

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1- Garden Shed Plans

This 10x 12 lean to shed would make a great garden shed for storing tools and other garden supplies. These free shed plans rustic look will take you through the simple building process step by step so you can have a secure place to store tools.

The window lets the sunlight shine into the shed so even if you don’t want to run electricity into the shed it will still be bright inside. A lock is easy to install on the door so all your tools will be safe.


2- Large Lean To Shed Plans

This large storage shed plans will show you how to build a lean to shed that measures 12‘×16‘ and has a large double door on the front. This large size and double door make this an ideal storage shed for a riding lawn mower or yard tractor.

Use a sliding barn door on the front to make the DIY lean to shed look more like a barn instead of a storage building. Detailed building plans and materials list help make this DIY building project simple to complete.

Large Lean To Shed

3- Simple Lean To Shed

The simple shape of this structure only requires basic carpentry skills and enables you to complete the DIY project in just one weekend.

Get the clutter out of your garage and backyard by building this storage shed in five easy steps. Detailed plans and a finished lean to shed that looks like it’s part of the house. Add storage space and value to your house with this DIY building project.

Simple Lean To Shed Plans

4- Small Cedar Shed

These storage shed plans will show you how to build a small cedar shed that is attractive and functional. Ideal for small backyards and people who have minimal lawn and garden tools.

This good-looking lean to shed is ideal for a few pool toys and lawn tools. Ideal for a sub-division that has rules on the appearance and size of outdoor sheds. The cedar wood will also make this shed attractive, pest-free, and long-lasting.

Small Cedar Shed

5- Storage Shed

Use these free plans to build a lean to shed so you keep all your tools and toys stored in one location. De-clutter the yard, the garage, and the porch by building this simple storage shed that can hold a lot of items without taking up a lot of yard space.

Lean to shed plans make the building process easy and include a material list, photos of the process, and step by step instructions.

build a lean to shed
Image via: gardenplansfree.com

6- 5‘x7‘ Lean To Shed

A little storage space can go a long way with these lean to shed plans. This small 5‘x7‘ shed has a wide door opening so there’s ample room for storing a riding lawn mower or an ATV. Drive the equipment right inside the storage shed through the wide door, then shut and lock the door to keep the equipment safe and out of the elements.

There is also plenty of room for storing other items along with lawn or play equipment inside this small and efficient storage shed.

5‘x7‘ Lean To Shed
Image via: howtospecialist.com

7- Outdoor Shed Plans

This easy to build storage shed leans against your house, garage, or other structure to give it support and stability during any type of weather. Lean to sheds are structurally sound and water proof, so you can store valuable outdoor equipment inside one of them without worry.

These detailed lean to shed plans will show you how to build a 4‘x6‘ that can hold a lot of yard equipment. The small size does not take up much yard space and the shed can have shelves installed to triple the interior storage space.

Outdoor Shed Plans


8- Small Space Lean To Shed

Do you have a small awkward outdoor space that seems to have to purpose? Use the small space to build a DIY lean to shed.

Sometimes outdoor space near the steps or behind the garage has an awkward angle or it’s too small to be useful in a traditional application, so it goes unused. Put that space to good use by building a storage shed with these free shed plans.

This YouTube video will show you how to build a lean to shed from start to finish. The shed can be customized to fit your small outdoor space.

9- Lean To Against a Shed

Do you have an outdoor storage shed that just is not big enough to hold all of your garden tools and other needed yard items? Don’t tear down the existing shed and build a larger one, just add a lean to shed on the side of it.

We can all use more storage space and these lean to shed plans will show you how to increase your outdoor storage space without demolishing an outdoor structure that you already have. We think that a 10‘x10‘ storage shed will be large enough at first, but we keep buying equipment for the lawn, garden, pool, snow, etc., and before long we run out of storage room. Just use these free YouTube plans to build a lean to against the shed and your storage problem will be solved.

10- Backyard Shed Plans

Use these free storage shed plans to build a backyard shed so you can store all your lawn and garden equipment in one secure and dry location.

Keep plant food, weed killer, pool chemicals, and gas for the lawnmower stored securely behind a locked door and away from small children in this backyard shed. This DIY lean to shed will also keep chemicals, gas, and equipment dry and out of the elements.

Backyard Shed Plans

11- Large DIY Lean To

Here are some free shed plans that will show you how to build a large lean to that is ideal for storing motorcycles, ATVs, and a riding lawnmower. This large 16‘x24‘ lean to shed will be easy to connect to electricity from inside the home so the large shed can be used as a workspace for small engine repair or woodworking.

Large DIY Lean To
Image via: myoutdoorplans.com

12- 4‘x8‘ Lean To Shed Plans

This shed is big on interior storage space and small on the amount of yard space it will take up. These free shed plans will show you how to build a 4‘x8‘lean to shed with a large entry door. The large door will enable you to drive in a riding lawnmower or other equipment for storage, plus leave plenty of room to store other outdoor items.

Use siding to cover the lean to shed that matches your home to give it a finished look and increase home value.

4‘x8‘ Lean To Shed Plans
Image via: construct101.com

13- Corrugated Metal Shed

This simple lean to shed is constructed using a wood frame and corrugated metal roofing for the sides and top. These free lean to shed plans on YouTube will show you how to construct the frame with wood and cover it with lightweight, durable, corrugated metal roofing.

This is a great build for a homestead and it will provide dray and secure storage for tools and equipment used for outdoor tasks.

14- Lean To Garden Shed

Keep all your gardening tools and equipment in one safe, dry location after you build this lean to garden shed. Even if you already have a backyard storage shed, this easy to build DIY lean to shed would be great for storing gardening tools that have dirt and grass on them.

The weed eater, shovel, rake, hoe, and push mower would fit inside this little lean to and help you keep the main backyard storage shed clean.

Lean To Garden Shed

15- 6‘x10‘ Lean To Shed

Use weather-resistant lumber and these free plans to build a long-lasting lean to shed on your property. Paint it the same color as your home and use matching roofing material so the shed will look like it was built at the same time as the house.

There is plenty of storage space inside of a 6‘x10‘ shed and it takes up very little land space in the backyard.

6‘x10‘ Lean To Shed
Image via: myoutdoorplans.com

16- Shed Roof Plans

A good lean to shed must have a good roof to keep the interior of the shed dry. These free plans will show you how to build a custom-sized roof for your shed so your shed and everything stored inside will be protected from the elements.

Shed Roof Plans

17- Metal Lean To Shed

This is a no-frills metal lean to shed that is fast and easy to build and ideal for storing fuel, oil, and other frequently used chemicals.

The front opening can be left uncovered for easy access or a double door can be added for security. Follow the instructions on this YouTube video for easy construction.

Metal Lean To Shed

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