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12 She Shed Plans To Inspire You to Build Your Own

If you want a place where you never have to clean up someone else’s mess, then you need to check out these 12 she shed plans from our list. Be inspired to build your own space that’s comfy, cozy, reflects your taste in decor, and the rest of your family is not allowed to enter.

Men have their man caves, so it’s only fair that women have private space. Rest, relax, do arts and crafts, read a good book, take a nap, or whatever you want to do when you create a she-space with one of these best 12 she shed plans that we have made a round up of.

1- Tiny She Shed

The first one we have a she shed plan that will help you create a tiny home that has plenty of space for crafting and relaxing. This detailed YouTube video takes you through the entire building process.

The barn style interior uses reclaimed wood for window coverings and storage unit doors. Keep everything neat and stored away when not in use with the built-in storage cabinets. Enjoy the natural lighting that comes in through the windows during the day and since the tiny home is wired with electricity, enjoy the she shed like in this youtube video after dark too.

A built-in day bed doubles as a couch and a bed. This attractive tiny home can also double as a place for overnight guests to sleep if needed.

2- She Shed Kit

This YouTube video will show you how to build a she shed from a kit. You will also learn how to level the ground and build a floor for the shed.

Ideal for people who have limited time and/or limited carpentry skills. A pre-fab shed kit like this one has all the measuring and cutting already done for you. Written instructions will be in the shed kit and you can watch it being put together on the YouTube video.

Windows and a shingle roof make this an attractive little she shed on youtube to place in the garden so you can enjoy the sight and fragrance of growing plants. You can also observe birds and other pollinators that visit your garden as you gaze out the window of your she shed.

3- Backyard Makeover

Have you been wanting to makeover your backyard? Use these she shed plans to inspire you to build your own and update the backyard too.

Decide on all the things you want in your backyard, like new sod, a BBQ area, fire pit, flower and vegetable garden, etc, then select the ideal spot for your she shed. Place the DIY she shed like this one by hoosierhomemade in a location where you can enjoy all the beauty of your new backyard while being secluded inside of your private oasis.

You may want to consider including a small porch on the front of your new she shed so you can relax and take in the view from the outdoors.

DIY she shed
She shed plans, Image hoosierhomemade

4- Coastal She Shed

You can enjoy a coastal retreat right in the middle of woodland suburbia with this beachy themed shed.

When a beach vacation is not possible, these she shed plans by findingsilverpennies will help you design a tiny beach house that’s all your own. The soft colors of the beach and white gravel in the front give this she shed a coastal look and feel.

Decorate the interior of the she shed with more beachy colors and items and you can relax in a coastal environment any time.

she shed plans
she shed plans, Image findingsilverpennies

5- She Shed With Front Porch

If sitting on the front porch is your favorite way to relax, then you should check out these she shed plans by myoutdoorplans.

The overall size of the shed is just 12-feet by 12-feet but that’s plenty big enough to have your own private space. After a stressful day at work, go out to your she shed and sit on the front porch and take in the sights and sounds of nature. There’s no better way to de-stress than just taking a few moments away from everything and everyone to sit down.

You can rest, read a book, or call a friend from the comfort of your private front porch. If you want to do some crafting, step inside the spacious she shed and be creative in privacy.

She Shed With Front Porch
She Shed With Front Porch, Image myoutdoorplans

6- Bright And Airy She Shed

The French door entrance and overhead skylights allow this she shed to be filled with light. These she shed plans show you how to build the floor, install the French door and skylights to create a bright and airy she shed in your backyard like this one by lowes.

Use the space as a home office, painting studio, crafting space, reading nook, and a place to get away from it all. Open the French doors to let the fresh air and sunshine come in while you work.

Be inspired by the landscaping ideas in these free plans so your she shed will look like a part of your landscape and increase the value of your home.

Bright And Airy She Shed
Bright And Airy She Shed, Image lowes

7- Backyard Getaway

Create a cozy little backyard getaway with these she shed building plans by icreatables. This video will take you through the entire building process and inspire you to build one like it.

A sloped roof and plenty of windows to allow natural light to come in makes this attractive from both the inside and outside. Perfect size for a she shed retreat, home office, or crafting studio. This backyard getaway will be a DIY project that will add value to your life and your property.

backyard getaway she shed
backyard getaway she shed, Image icreatables

8- She Shed Garden Cottage

These she shed plans will inspire you to build a small cottage style shed like this one by flowerpatchfarmhouse that looks like it’s part of a storybook fairy tale. A pitched roof, plenty of windows and flowers all around make this garden cottage and perfect retreat year-round.

Enjoy the beauty of your garden as you look out the windows or sit on the porch of this tiny garden cottage. Add lacey curtains, colorful flowers, and a bird feeder to complete the look of a garden cottage she shed.

She Shed Garden Cottage
She Shed Garden Cottage, Image flowerpatchfarmhouse

9- Budget Friendly She Shed

These she shed plans will show you how to build a shed on a budget. The shed is large enough for crafting, listening to music, relaxing, or entertaining a couple of friends. The good news is it won’t cost much to build when you use all the money saving ideas these free plans offer.

Enjoy your own space without breaking the budget when you build this DIY she shed by krista-howard.

Budget Friendly She Shed
Budget Friendly She Shed, Image krista-howard

10- Cheap She Shed

The construction cost is cheap but the design looks very high end. Arched windows and a gabled roof make this DIY she shed familyhandyman look like it cost a fortune but it’s cheap to build.

Enjoy peace and quiet every day in your backyard she shed. Craft, read, nap, do yoga or whatever else you need to do to unwind and destress at the end of the day. Enjoy morning coffee while you watch the flowers bloom and birds feed in the garden from the comfort of your personal she shed.

Cheap She Shed
Cheap She Shed, Image familyhandyman

11- Solarium She Shed

Light, bright space that can be used year-round for gardening and hobbies. The plastic covering keeps the building cost way down and allows natural sunlight to shine in from all sides, including the rooftop.

Spending time in the sun each day just like in sunroom helps prevent Seasonal Affective Disorder during winter and this solarium she shed by instructables provides the ideal location. You can be indoors and warm while soaking up the sunshine even on the coldest of winter days.

Solarium She Shed
Solarium She Shed, Image instructables

12- 8×8 Fortress of Solitude

When you desperately need a place to get away from it all, what can you do? Use these she shed plans on youtube and build yourself a Fortress of Solitude.

Enjoy a private retreat in your backyard when you can go and just be yourself for a few moments each day. Behind the closed door of this she shed you don’t have to be the wife, mother, boss, employee, cook, maid, chauffeur, etc., etc., etc.,…..at least for a few minutes.

Sometimes all we need is a few minutes alone to take a deep breath and collect our thoughts and this adorable she shed will give you the needed space to be alone.


Everyone needs a space that you can call a private one where no one except you is allowed to enter and disturbe you either need a rest, relaxation, do some arts and crafts, read a good book, take a nap, or do some craft work. By having a she shed you can fulfill your needs. You can choose from any of these multiple she shed plans and options.

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