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20 DIY Barn Doors To Add A Rustic Touch Your Home Needs

A DIY barn door is a perfect solution to many of your homes privacy needs. DIY sliding barn doors can be used as window treatments, interior doors and exterior doors. This stylish and practical solution adds a rustic touch to any space while using less floor space. All floor space around the door can be used since none has to be allotted for an opening and closing swing that traditional doors need.

Using some of these barn door plans to create window treatments will also improve the health of anyone suffering from dust allergies since it will limit the amount of fabric curtains needed. Whether for health or decorative reasons, a DIY barn door will add that rustic touch your home needs.

  1. Window Treatments

Add character and privacy to any room with sliding barn doors by homedepot over the windows. Use these plans to create the right size for your window. Paint to match any home decor.

diy barn door
Image via: homedepot
  1. Laundry Room Door

Laundry rooms are needed in every home, but are not desired daily views. Conceal all the machinery, laundry products and the dirty laundry behind a stylish and functional DIY barn door like this one by blog.jennasuedesign. These tutorial videos and pictorial instructions  make building a barn door a cinch for both novice and seasoned DIY’er.

Laundry Room Barn Door
Image via: blog.jennasuedesign
  1. Barn Sliding Door with Glass

Interior separation between rooms is sometimes needed, yet total separation is not desirable, like between a kitchen and dining room, family room and office. A DIY barn sliding door like this one by diynetwork with a glass insert is the perfect solution. The see-through glass top barn door allows two interior rooms to be separated, yet not completely closed off from each other.

Barn Sliding Door with Glass
Image via: diynetwork
  1. Sliding Barn Door With Chevron Pattern

These detailed plans will enable you to create an attractive sliding barn door like this one by thisoldhouse with a chevron pattern wood inlay. Great for use as a focal point in any room of the home. Easy to follow video and these plans even include a material shopping list so you won’t forget to buy anything.

Sliding Barn Door With Chevron Pattern
Image via: thisoldhouse
  1. Modern Look

Barn doors don’t have to look old to add a rustic touch, just look at this modern rustic style door. These detailed plans on how to build a barn door by diypete are easy to follow. Start by measuring the door, cutting plywood to size and add steel around the edges. Measure and cut cedar wood, then attach cedar to plywood with glue and nails. Sand and leave cedar wood natural or stain desired color. Install DIY barn door with a hardware kit and you’re done.

detailed plans on how to build a barn door
Image via: diypete
  1. Herringbone Barn Door

So elegant, yet so simple to build, wood strips applied in a herringbone pattern. Measure door and cut plywood to fit. Frame out the door edges with 1×6‘s. Cut 2×2‘a into 4 inch long strips to create a herringbone pattern. These plans only cover the bottom half of the barn door like this one by bowerpowerblog but the process can be repeated to cover the entire door if desired.

Herringbone Barn Door
Image via: bowerpowerblog
  1. Modern Barn Doors

Building barn doors like this one by abeautifulmess could not be easier. These free plans show you how to build these sleek, modern barn doors that fit in perfectly with a modern, minimalistic look.

Modern Barn Doors
Image via: abeautifulmess
  1. Traditional Barn Door

Making a barn door like this one by lowes to fit an interior door is simple with these detailed plans. Attractive, functional and in the traditional style, this door look is classic and fits in with any decor.

Making a barn door
Image via: lowes
  1. Recycle Skate Board Wheels

Use these plans to create a functional sliding barn door like this one by instructables with skateboard wheels. Perfect design for an outbuilding that needs a large opening for equipment to pass through. Using skateboard wheels instead of a barn door kits can save you a couple hundred dollars.

Recycle Skate Board Wheels
Image via: instructables
  1. Increase Home Value

An attractive barn door like this one by zillow can increase the value of your home and cause it to sell faster when placed on the market. But even if you don’t want to sell your home, this design and paint color choice adds a WOW factor to an otherwise ordinary bedroom.

sliding barn door
Image via: zillow
  1. 36“ Sliding Door

Small door openings can still be covered with an attractive sliding barn door like this one by southernrevivals. Use these free plans to create your own attractive 36“ sliding door.

36“ Sliding Door
Image via: southernrevivals
  1. 1 Pallet Door

Here’s another way to recycle old wooden pallets – transform them into an attractive barn door like this one by ana-white. Stack and stain the wood, then add some black metal hardware for a look that fits in with any decor.

1 Pallet Door
Image via: ana-white
  1. Bypass Door

Follow these detailed instructions for building an elegant bypass door like this one by themagicbrushinc. Painted black here, but can be painted any color.

Bypass Door
Image via: themagicbrushinc
  1. Kitchen Door

Add a pop of color to an all-white kitchen with a colorful sliding barn door like this one by finditmakeitloveit. The pictured door separates the kitchen and laundry room and is painted yellow to compliment the decor.

Kitchen Door
Image via: finditmakeitloveit
  1. Cheap Barn Door

Cheap to build doesn’t mean cheap to look at. These plans show you how to build a DIY barn door like this one by epbot on the cheap.

Cheap Barn Door
Image via: epbot
  1. British Brace

Attractive British brace detailing adds a touch of classic elegance to a rustic barn door. The contrast in styles will fit in with any style of home or decor. Get the full tutorial for this barn door at remingtonavenue.com

rustic barn door
Image via: remingtonavenue.com
  1. Great Look, Low Price

These barn door plans by remodelaholic show you how to give a DIY barn door a great look with inexpensive hardware. A high-end look for a low price.

barn door plans
Image via: remodelaholic
  1. Door and Track

Discover how to build a barn door like this one by akadesign.ca and track for a very low cost. Attractive wood design works in any room and can be stained or painted to blend with room decor.

how to build a barn door
Image via: akadesign.ca
  1. Barn Door Tutorial

Step by step tutorial shows you how to build an attractive barn door like this one by houseseven.blogspot for minimal cost. This detailed tutorial takes all the guess work out of the DIY build and makes it easy for you.

how to build an attractive barn door
Image via: houseseven.blogspot
  1. Lightweight Sliding Screen

When you want the look of a barn door like this one by vintagerevivals without the heavy weight of wood. consider this DIY sliding screen.

Lightweight Sliding Screen
Image via: vintagerevivals

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