10 Famous Large and Small Indoor Plants

In order to complete the decoration of a room, it is a good idea to have an indoor plant. The size of the plant has to be chosen according to the size of the room. For larger rooms large indoor plants are ideal and for small rooms smaller plants are better. The following are some of the large and small indoor plants you could use in order to provide good looks to your rooms.

Tall and Small Indoor Plants

1-Bird of paradise:

Known as Strelitzia Nicolai with its botanical name Bird of paradise is a lush tropical plant with broad leaves. It grows up to a height of five to six feet and you need a 14” pot to grow it. This is one of the best tall indoor plants you could use to provide a tropical appearance to a room. It is necessary to clean its leaves once in a week.

Bird of paradise

2-Bamboo palm:

Being a medium green plant that grows up to a height of about five feet this is a plant that could add a graceful look to your room. It is one of the tall house plants that are more suitable for a corner in a bedroom. You must grow it in a 14” pot. Chamaedorea hybrid is its botanical name. There are also smaller varieties in case you look for a tiny one.

bamboo palm

3-Hawaiian Warneckii:

This tall and skinny plant is one of the best office plants to be kept in the opposite side of a window. White lines on the leaves of this plant make it an attractive one that could decorate any room. You can grow it in a 10” pot.

Hawaiian Warneckii

4-Umbrella tree:

You will find this plant in many different sizes as it is one of the most common indoor potted plant. It grows to a height of about six feet and it is necessary for you to prune it once in a way to keep its shape. Grow it in a 14” pot. There will be beautiful aerial roots when it grows older.

Umbrella tree

5-Kentia plant:

This easy to care and long living plant is one of the best indoor plants for a room that has lots of space. It could also add a lot of color to a conference room or a reception area as it is an elegant plant. Its height could be six to seven feet. Though it looks like an Areca palm it is very much different in characteristics.

Kentia plant

6-Fiddle leaf fig column:

This is a beautiful plant with large leaves that could add a modern appearance to a room. It is one of the good indoor plants to be kept close to a window. Being a plant that could grow up to a height of six feet you need a 14” pot to grow it.

Fiddle leaf fig column

7-Schefflera Amate or Umbrella Tree:

If you are looking for large house plants this is a good candidate. Though its normal height is five feet it could grow up to eight feet in case it is not pruned. Since the leaves need sunlight it has to be kept close to a window and rotated frequently.

Schefflera Amate


If you are looking for small house plants peperomia is a plant you must consider. Its waxy leaves make them attractive and suitable for small spaces such as apartments. There are several varieties of this plant to choose from.


9-Parlor palm:

Growing to a height of just two to three feet, parlor palm is most suitable to be placed close to a sofa or for leaving on a console table. It will grow to cover a width of around two and a half feet. This plant also needs a lot of sunlight.

parlor palm

10-Areca palm:

This is another plant that needs a lot of sunlight and it is most suitable for leaving close to a window. This plant is also a great air purifier. It has a lot of foliage and is able to add life to any room in the house. This is a plant that will grow up to a height of between five and six feet.

Areca palm

There are just a few plants that could be used to add life to a home. The most important aspect of having them is to find the most suitable places to leave them. Watering on time according to the recommendations and cleaning leaves of broad leaved varieties will help maintaining the glittery look of most of these plants. Choosing the right pot size is also important when you grow indoor plants.

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