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10 Best Houseplants That Purify The Indoor Air Naturally

Back in 1980’s, the Associated Landscape Contractors of America together with NASA published the fact that, there are many plants, which have the ability to purify the indoor environment. Which could be the houseplants that have the power to purify the house space area? According to the research, a group of plants has the natural capacity to filter the unwanted, organic compounds, which can cause adverse effects on health. The growth of these phenomenal plants may help in cleaning the Mother Earth too. For indoor quality air, you must have the following houseplants:

1: Aloe Vera:

Aloe Vera being an herbal medicinal plant has lots of heath and skin care benefits, it has also the capacity for air filtration. It is easy to grow and handle; at the same time, it takes in all the essence of the harmful gases or by products of paints, chemical cleanser. It s a wonderful choice to keep in the kitchen space – its gel has the ability to cure wounds and burns too. Concisely, it is among the best great indoor plants with lots of utility.

Aloe vera

2: Spider Plant:

The biological name for the plant is “Chlorophytum Comsum” – the plant has lot of gorgeous white flowers and contains extra amount of foliage. It helps in reducing the effects of benzene, Xylene, formaldehyde, chemical from cleansing agents and carbon monoxide. It belongs to the family of indoor plants that clean the air effectively. You can place it in your car porch, main entrance or near the windows. Related: Low light house plants.

Spider Plant

3: Gerby Daisy:

You are not sure about the idea, how to clean the air in your home, get your house small pots of “Gerby Daisy”. The plant is rich in bold flowers that are effective in curbing the effects of trichloroethylene. This is the dangerous type of emission that is spread with the use of cleaning agents. Similarly, it would produce best results in filtration of byproducts of ink, like benzene. This houseplant is ideal to be placed in laundry space or near the bedroom. Make sure you provide it sufficient light for its growth. Related: tropical house plants.

Gerby Daisy

4: Snake plant:

The nickname for this houseplant is “mother-in-law’s tongue” – as the name suggests, it is a powerful plant, which can easily fight against formaldehyde. It is released from all those products cleaning agents, toilet detergents and skin care products. It is one of the popular indoor plants that can be placed in bathrooms and laundry spaces. It does not require much care for growth, so you would not have to pay much attention to it.

Snake plant

5: Golden Pothos:

If you want to clean indoor air by controlling formaldehyde, place this lovely houseplant in your territory.This hanging vertical plant is one of the most common in homes, particularly because it’s so easy to grow. It grows in the form of a green bunch and makes it a wonderful floral basket. At same time, you can increase the beauty of your house too. It would always stay green and healthy, even it dark – to your surprise, it is also known as  “Devil’s Ivy”.

Golden Pothos

6: Chrysanthemum:

The beautiful flowers from cool house pant would boost the appeal and elegance: whilst, the smell and bloom would help you in reducing all those intruders that affect the indoor air. For example, glue, paint, inks, cleaning agents, these all has many emissions that you are not even aware of. Keep it in fresh sunlight and air so that it keeps on growing and reducing all the nuisances. Related: small and large indoor plants.


7: Red-Edged Dracaena: 

‘Red-Edged Dracaena’  (a vertical plant) as the name gives a hint, this air purifying plant has the ability to grow until the ceiling, and keep the air fresh and healthy within the areas it is placed. It fights best against formaldehyde, trichloroethylene and xylene.

Red-Edged Dracaena

8: Weeping fig:

Weeping fig is such a powerful plant that would help you in cleaning your indoor air from the pollutants left by furniture, paints, carpet or other detergents. However, the plant requires much attention for its growth and nourishment.

Weeping fig

9: Azalea

It is not only the most beautiful flowering shrub, but also a great fighter against formaldehyde, which results from foam insulation and plywood. You can use them in your basement too.


10: English ivy

It belongs to the indoor air filtration plants that are easy to grow, and work best when it comes to protecting the air from the byproducts of household cleaning agents. Related: indoor vine plants.

English ivy


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  1. Great pictures. The lighting is very nice. Great list of houseplants that can help purify that air. I have been looking for a list like this to get some houseplants in my living area. Thanks.

  2. Appreciate your information about growing your own mushrooms. Grocery store products are all filled with so much pesticide it’s not good for your health any more. I don’t understand why the American people don’t demand better regulations. Everyone knows the pesticides are the cause of most of the health problems we have in the United States today.

  3. Hmm some of these are new to the lists i always see, did you ever think of putting peace lily on this list? Not only is it such a beautiful plant but it is usually rated near the top for air purifying plants.

    • You right Michael! Peace lily is a beautiful indeed and also best among indoor air purifying plants.The reason I didn’t include it;it’s a poisonous plant so you’ve to keep it out of children and pets.

  4. Yes that would make sense. Thank you for the response.

  5. Great post filled with really useful information.

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