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10 Best Low Light Houseplants That Are Easy To grow

Everyone loves decorating the interior of their house with some greenery and so for this reason they usually prefer the indoor plants. The basic problem which they face with the indoor plants is that after a few days they may get wilted even through the plant is getting fresh air and proper water. What it is not getting is the proper sunlight. Many plant wilt in this way and so plant lovers have to make sure that their plants receive ample amount of sunlight by placing them near window with direct sunlight. But what about if you’re leaving in a house or building which doesn’t receive enough sunlight such as basement, hallways, offices, small window or a room with large window covering. Many people would go for the artificial plants but honestly, that won’t give that look at all and so for this you can go for the low light indoor plants.

The low light houseplants are those plants which can grow and survive well in a low light. Unlike other indoor plants, they don’t require much of the sunlight and so one can have the freedom to put them anywhere they want. Some of these plants may grow in pots with soil while there are others that may grow in water jars, vases or bottles. There is a large variety of houseplants for low light, below mentioned is the list of 10 plants which are great indoors and can grow well in low light:


The Pothos is one of the most famous low light indoor plants commonly planted in many homes all around the world. This is also known as golden pathos, devil’s Ivy and money plant. Pothos is a low maintenance; heart shaped leaves plant which can grow well in soil potted containers or in water vases or jars. They can grow in an upright position with the help of a pole or may grow while being hanged. Related: Low light outdoor plants.

Golden Pothos


Known for its heart shaped leaves, the Philodendron is one of the great indoor plants for low light. They can be planted in pots or hanging pots and jars. With support they can grow upright or can just hang down. If the plant gets too long; cut the plant back and put it in water until the roots grow. Once you observe that the roots have grown you can place it in a pot or container with soil so that it can grow further. Related: low light indoor trees.


Snake Plant

This is one of the best indoor air purifying plant that can grow exceptionally well in the low light. This plant has many varieties which have leaves both in tall and short. The only problem with this plant is that it has to be watered carefully otherwise the root will rot. This is an excellent indoor plant which also purifies air.

Snake plant

Zeezee Plant

The Zeezee Plant is one of the most favorite succulent house plants for low light. However with this plant you have to be very patient because it has a slow growth however will make an excellent indoor plant.

Zeezee Plan

Arrowhead Vine

Known for its arrow shaped leaves, the Arrowhead Vine is another famous low light house plants which can thrive well in low light. The leaves have a variety of colors and so can be a great decoration for your house.

Arrowhead Vine

Cast iron Plant

The Cast iron Plant is another houseplant which can thrive really well in low light however is very tough to grow. It requires a different range of temperature and humidity and so can be tough.

Cast iron Plant

Chinese evergreen

With the beautiful shades of green, gray and silver, the Chinese evergreen is one of the good indoor plants and also very famous. If you go to different shopping malls, you will see these plants potted around on different floors. They can be excellent for your house because of their color and easy maintenance.

Chinese evergreen


With tropical looks of the green, the Dieffenbachia can be an excellent addition to your living room or bedroom. They have large leaves, large stems and have lush foliage and have a shrub like look. Related: tropical house plants.



Add a little diversity and colors to your living room with the Peperomia. This houseplant is known for its wax textured leaves and stems which have colors varying from green, red, purple, yellow, orange and brown. Related: small and large indoor plants.


Peace Lily

The last but not the least is the Peace Lily. This beautiful  houseplant can thrive well in low light and is known for having a gorgeous white flower with dark colored leaves around. The flower has a single large petal with a pollen type stigma in the middle. Related: low maintenance plants.

Peace Lily

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  4. I’d like to add the Christmas cactus (Schlumbergera?) to your list! I’ve had mine now for nearly ten years in a rather dark condo which only receives sunlight during the summer, and it does fantastically during the winter, when there is only very, very indirect light from about mid-Oct until mid-May.
    Not only does it thrive on low light, it seems to prefer/demand it, flowering multiple times during the colder months.

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