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21 Deer Blind Plans To Enjoy You Hunting This Season

One of these 21 deer blind plans that I have collected for you will be perfect for use on your hunting land. A deer blind is a cover device for hunters to help them avoid detection from the deer they are hunting. There are several different styles and types of hunting blinds that are designed for different hunting situations.

These free deer blind plans I am showing you range from above ground to on the ground, portable and stationary. The key when building a deer blind and erecting it is finding the right spot for hunting deer. It’s essential to stay out of the direct field of vision the animal has and be off to the side and out of sight.

A homemade deer blind will provide you with just the right amount of coverage for any hunting situation. And because this is a DIY project, the cost is minimal so you can build more than one hunting blind and enjoy the sport of deer hunting even more.

1- Compact Deer Blind Plans

In our first plan you are going to have everything you need to keep you hidden from view and protected from the weather is found in this DIY hunting blind

Use these free deer blind plans by gardenplansfree to build this compact deer blind that will last for years and help you harvest trophy bucks. The pitched roof will keep the rain and snow from building up on top of the blind and the wide side windows will provide you with an excellent view of the surroundings.

Basic materials to build this deer blind plan are, different lengths of plywood, lumber, metal roof, screw, paint, glue, door hardware kit. Tools you need are hammer, miter saw, screw driver, gloves and a drill machine.

DIY hunting blind, Image via: gardenplansfree

2-  Tower Deer blind Plans

Follow the instructions on this YouTube video and build this deer blind box tower on Youtube for hunting deer. You will be up high enough to have a good field of vision but still be out of sight from the animals moving along on the ground.

This is one of the best idea that I like the most in our round up. This large blind tower is safe and secure for multiple hunters and will last for years out in the woods. You can add rails around the perimeter of the deck for added safety and/or a handrail on the wooden stairs. Safety always comes first and this DIY deer blind will keep you safe while you hunt.

3- Cedar Deer Blind Plans

For a long-lasting hunting blind, I recommend that you use cedar wood to build deer blind. Cedar wood will stand up to the weather longer than other wood types plus it is easy to work with. 

These free deer blind plans by myoutdoorplans will show you how to build an elevated 6×6 foot deer blind that can be used for years. The step by step instructions can be downloaded and printed out so they are easy to follow. 

Other structure ideas that can be built using this sturdy design and cedar wood are also included on this website.

Material and tools to build this deer blind plan are different lengths of plywood, lumber, metal roof, screw, filer, stain, glue, hammer, framing square, screwdriver and sander.

How to build an elevated 6×6 foot deer blind, Image via: myoutdoorplans

4- Hunting Tree Stand 

This design for a hunting blind is a little different than the ones I have discussed with you above but it provides a safe, secure, and cheap platform for hunting.

These free plans will show you how to build a tree stand like this one by hho4free from limber and attach it to a tree. An open platform is built and permanently secured to the tree and a set of wooden steps will take you up to the stand. It also has a built-in seat so you can rest while watching for deer or sit down while taking a shot.

The plans can easily be modified to create a larger or smaller platform and to make the tree stand higher or lower, which is what I love about this deer blind plan. You may also like to check out deer feeder plans to attract this wildlife creature.

Deer Blind Plans
Hunting Tree Stand Deer Blind Plans, Image via: hho4free

5- Deer Box Stand

A box stand is stationary and provides a two story vantage point and shooting deck. These free plans will show you from the ground up that will be both safe and economical.

I consider this an ideal box blind plans to use if you typically hunt with a partner. The first story can be used as an open-air observation deck and/or shooting platform. It also makes a safe, secure platform for archery hunting.

The top story is enclosed for use during windy or rainy weather and the built-in sturdy ladders provide secure access. As the wood ages, it will blend in with the natural surroundings and be difficult for animals to detect.

Deer Box Stand
Deer Box Stand

6- Pallet Deer Blind Plans

Free oak wood. That is what you will get from recycled pallets and these free hunting blind plans by discussions.texasbowhunter will show you how to take that free oak wood and build a usable deer blind.

Use the oak wood to create a ground blind like this one that will last for at least a decade. The key to helping the wood last a long time is to place something under it so it won’t come into contact with the ground. Cement blocks, blocks of wood from a felled tree, or even a couple more pallets placed under the blind will help prolong the life of the recycled pallet wood.

hunting blind plans
Pallet Deer Blind Plans, Image via: discussions.texasbowhunter

7- Elevated Deer Blind

Use these free elevated deer blind plans by myoutdoorplans to create a 6×6 foot blind that is sturdy enough to hold several hunters at the same time.

The elevated height will give you a clear view on all sides and the deer blind plans include windows on all four sides. The windows give 360-degree vision and will open easily when it’s time to take a shot.

This is a simple basic DIY building project in my round up and a list of all the needed materials is included in these free plans. The plans can be used to just build an elevated platform for deer hunting and can be combined with a portable fabric deer blind that will provide shelter from the weather.

Build an elevated platform for deer hunting, Image via: myoutdoorplans

8- Deer Box Blind

Simple box blind that can be used on the ground or an elevated platform. The plans for this deer box blind are detailed and easy to follow. 

A deer box blind like this one by howtospecialist has four sides, roof, door, and floor, with openings on all four sides for viewing and shooting. It’s not fancy but it will do the job a hunting blind needs to do – provide you with shelter and camouflage covering.

If you have some 2×4‘s and plywood lying around, then use these homemade deer blinds plans to build yourself a cheap and functional box blind for hunting season.

Simple deer box blind, Image via: howtospecialist

9- Deer Hunting Box

A box design is good for many things, including deer hunting. This YouTube video will provide you with detailed deer blind plans for building a large hunting box that can comfortably hold up to four hunters.

Keep the wind, rain, and snow off of you while you hunt in this large DIY hunting box on youtube. The side windows and gun slots will keep you protected from the weather while providing you with great views and an easy, quiet way to position your hunting rifle.

10- Free Standing Deer Blind

When there are no suitable trees on your hunting land to place a tree stand, I recommend you to consider building a freestanding deer blind like this one.

These free deer stand plans by freedeerstandplans will provide you with detailed building instructions so you can build this free standing deer blind. Stay safe, secure, out of sight, and out of the weather with this hunting blind.

Its two story design allows you to have a hunting platform for bow hunting and observing the surroundings, plus an enclosed upper blind. This sturdy blind will camouflage you for years out in an open field while you hunt for trophy bucks.

Free Standing Deer Blind
Free Standing Deer Blind

11- Shadow Hunt Blind

Watch this YouTube video to see what a shadow hunt blind is and how to build one for yourself. Detailed instructions make building this large, elevated deer blind easy. These deer blind plans on Youtube  incorporate a ready-made ladder tree stand as access to the elevated blind and also for a shooting platform.

The shadow hunt blind is enclosed with side windows for observation and rifle shooting. The open platform on the ladder stand provides a place for bow hunting.

12- 5X5 Deer Blind Plans

Simple to build, durable, and inexpensive. These homemade deer blind plans by howtospecialist are detailed and easy to follow so you can build the blind in less than a day.

It’s a simple woodworking project that will only require basic carpentry skills and minimal building materials. A few sheets of plywood and some 2×4‘s are the main components of the structure. 

This 5×5 deer blind is designed to be used as a ground blind but it could be elevated on a platform if you prefer to be above the animals’ field of vision. The plywood can be left as-is to be aged naturally by the weather or if you need fast camo covering paint the plywood to blend in with the surroundings.

Download this detailed PDF file and get started with this DIY project today.

5X5 DIY Deer-Blind, Image via: howtospecialist

13- Hunting Box Blind

Here is a building idea that will allow the whole family to go hunting together and stay warm and dry. The free plans for this hunting box blind on youtube will take you through the process of building a 6×8 box that is 7-feet high.

The 2-part YouTube video is easy to follow and will provide all the details needed to build a comfortable, warm hunting blind that is large enough for several people. Teach your kids hunter safety and how to harvest wild game from the safety of this large blind.

This large hunting blind box will take a few days to build and the materials will cost around $500. However, for the investment of time and money, you will get to spend quality time with your family while on the hunt for the trophy bucks.

14- Cheap Ground Blind

These hunting blind plans will show you how to recycle a couple of sections of old wooden privacy fence and wooden pallets into a ground blind by archeryaddix for hunting deer. 

If you have some old fencing, pallets, and lumber on hand, then you can cobble together a DIY deer blind that will keep you camouflaged from the deer and protected from the weather. Remember the objective is not to build something pretty but to build something that will keep you hidden from deer during your hunting trip.

Save time and money by using sections of wood that are already put together, like for a privacy fence, to build a functional and cheap ground blind.

DIY deer blind
Cheap hunting blind plans, Image via: archeryaddix

15- Long Box Blind 

These homemade blind plans will show you how to build a long box blind by outdoortexan that will comfortably hold 2-3 hunters. The long windows in the front provide a great viewing area and easy access for shooting.

More windows can be placed on each end and in the back, and the door can be placed in the back or on one end. This design is adaptable to the number of hunters that will be using it and to the terrain it will be built on. This is a quick building project and not expensive to create.

Long Box Blind
Long Box Blind Plans, Image via: outdoortexan

16- Budget Blind Plans

Use these free plans to build an elevated deer blind by gameandfishmag on a budget. The budget blind blends in perfectly with the woodland surroundings so you will be hidden from the view of the deer when inside the blind.

This is a very safe and sturdy design and is only a few feet off the ground. Great for people who may have a fear of heights, this design will place you just above the underbrush in the woods so you can have a better view of approaching animals. It is the right height for keeping you out of sight and keeping your human scent above the animal’s sense of smell.

Budget Blind Plans
Budget Blind Plans, Image via: gameandfishmag

17- Wooden Ladder Stand

Basic design is easy and inexpensive to construct, and the permanent structure will last for years. A sturdy wooden ladder by sportsmensempire leads up to a comfortable wooden seat so you can sit out of sight all day and you wait for the trophy buck to come by.

The wide steps provide security when climbing up or down with all your hunting equipment. And the wide seat and sturdy platform provide ample room for sitting, standing, and placing a cooler and other equipment.

Build a few of these wooden ladder stands in different locations on your hunting property so it will be easy for you to follow the deer as they move.

Wooden Ladder Stand
Wooden Ladder Stand Deer Blind Plan, Image via: sportsmensempire

18- Insulated Deer Blind

A deer blind gives the hunter a little edge over the animals when hunting. After all, the hunter is in the animal’s home and they always sense when something is not right. A homemade deer blind like this one will give you an extra edge and keep you warm while you’re hunting.

An insulated deer blind like this one on YouTube video is needed when hunting in climates that have cold and snowy conditions during hunting season. The blind will keep you out of the deer view and the insulated blind will help keep you dry and warm.

This insulated deer hunting blind does not cost a lot to build. The overall size is 5 feet by 6 feet and is large enough to hold two deer hunters comfortably. The sliding windows can be kept closed and used to watch animals come close enough to harvest. When the animals are within range, slide the window open silently and take your shot.

This hunting blind design is not too high off the ground so carrying hunting equipment up and down the ladder entrance is not difficult. Bring a cooler packed with food and beverages so you can spend the day out in the woods during hunting season.

Spend more time enjoying the sports of deer hunting this winter by building yourself an insulated deer blind like this one. These free YouTube plans will show you how you can stay warm while you are hunting.

19- Octagon Deer Blind

These free deer blind plans show you how to build an efficient octagon-shaped DIY deer stand in this YouTube video. The unique octagon shape provides the deer hunter with more angles to hunt from. Watch for the deer to approach and take the shot from almost any angle in this hunting blind.

There are two window sizes in this hunting blind, with one window on each wall. The larger windows allow you to bow hunt for deer and provides plenty of clearance for using a large bow inside the blind. The many windows also provide room to use a muzzle loader or a hunting rifle, so you will be able to hunt throughout the entire deer season with various weapons.

This YouTube video will give you step by step instructions for building a deer blind with multiple sides and angles. It is much easier than you may imagine and will provide you will some advantages over a four sided box blind design.

The floor design has options too and is described in the video details. You can build this DIY deer blind with a square floor or an octagon shaped floor. Each floor shape has advantages and it will be a matter of personal preference for the shape you chose.

These deer blind plans don’t show you how to insulate the blind for warmth but it is not a difficult task to add insulation if you hunt in a cold climate and need to keep warm.

20- One Person Deer Stand

These deer stand plans will show you how to build the ultimate homemade deer blind for one person. The stand is hexagon shaped and allows one hunter to sit in the middle of the blind and have a 360 degree view of the hunting land. The better view that you have the better the chances of harvesting a deer.

This homemade deer blind on youtube is about 3 feet off the ground but you can customize it to be higher if desired. The short climb into the blind makes it an ideal deer stand for a senior hunter who may find it challenging to climb up a long ladder while carrying hunting gear. The 3 feet height allows the hunter to put the hunting gear inside the blind while standing on the ground.

The wood exterior is painted green so it will blend into the landscape and not alarm the deer as they approach. The wood deer stand could also be painted camo colors to blend in with the surroundings.

Watch this YouTube video for the free plans so you can build this one person deer stand. It will keep you dry, warm, and out of sight while you are hunting for that trophy buck this hunting season.

If you have a large tract of land to hunt on, consider building several of these one person deer stands to place in strategic locations across the property. These are much safer than a tree stand that attaches to a tree and they will provide you with protection from the weather.

21- Box Blind Plan

This YouTube video will show you how to build a simple, basic box blind from plywood and 2 x4‘s. These deer blind plans on YouTube are for a simple design that has been tried and true by many deer hunters over the years. It is easy to build and provides all that a deer hunter needs while out in the woods hunting.

This box blind features three oblong windows that provide plenty of viewing area so you can watch for the deer to approach and get within shooting range. The side of the blind that the door is on does not have a window but if the temperature is not too cold, the door can be left open to provide a 360 degree view around the entire hunting area.

This box blind sets on the ground and is ideal for anyone who might be afraid of heights. It would also be great for deer hunting areas that are primarily short shrubs and tall grass because an off the ground hunting blind that towered above the surrounding landscape would alert the deer that something was not right in their home.

The idea behind a good deer blind plan is to build one that blends into the surrounding hunting area. That way, the hunting blind won’t alarm the animals and will give the hunter an increased chance of harvesting deer. A box blind like this one will also help keep you warm and dry while it hides your presence from the animals.

Benefits Of A Deer Blind

  • A deer blind protects you. You and your hunting equipment will stay warmer and drier inside a deer blind while waiting for a buck to come within shooting range.
  • Less visible. Inside a deer blind you will blend in with the surroundings and be less visible to wildlife.
  • Masks human scent. DIY deer blinds can be sprayed with scent blocker to make your natural human scent undetectable.
  • Makes hunting more comfortable. Inside a deer blind you can stretch your legs and move around without spooking the wildlife. It will make a long day of hunting much more comfortable.

Drawbacks Of A Deer Blind

  • They are difficult to transport. Moving a deer blind can be difficult, so be prepared to leave it in one location.
  • Not stable. High winds and heavy rain can topple over a deer blind that is not secured in place.
  • Limit shooting angles. Depending on the design, a deer blind can cause you to miss a shot if you can’t get into the proper shooting position. Make sure the openings in the deer blind allow you to take shots from various angles.


Hunting deer is a favourite hobby of many hunters but it requires some perfection to be successful in shooting deer. Such as hiding yourself from the vision of deer, correct spot and height for shooting, portable, cost efficient, easy to make and whether resistable.

These deer blind plans that I have made a round up for, will give you a lot of choice to gear your hunting to the next level. Hope you enjoy the article!

To answer some of the common questions I have prepared a questionnaire.


What is the best size to build a deer blind?

An ideal size for a deer blind is 4’x4′ or 4’x5′ that can accomodate one person and 4’x6′, 5’x5’is good for two people. How big or small your deer blind is also depends upon many other factors such as your hunting hours, how often you move your chair, and to spread your legs to give some relaxation.

What direction is best for deer blind?

The location of your blind depends upon the direction of winds. The south and north are better locations for hunting , in other cases if you choose a sun facing location keep in mind that wind should be crossed or down and hunt only when the Sub is back to you.

Can deer smell you in a blind?

Deer can smell through the wind if you are in a non-grounded area and sense your movement. In a grounded area where you have better control of these elements they can still smell if you do not have a better brushing habit.

What materials are used for deer blinds?

When considering wood, pressure treated lumber is a better option as it is weather resistant. A light weight steel is also good to consider, they are also weather resistant and durable as well.

Can I build a deer blind off the ground?

Yes. A DIY deer blind can be built directly on the ground or at any height that you want.

Does the deer blind need to be placed on a wildlife trail?

No, it needs to be placed away from their trails but in a location where you can see the trail.

Which roof style is the best?

A pitched or sloped roof is preferred over a flat roof. A flat roof will hold rainwater, snow, and small debris. The angle of a pitched or sloped roof will prevent water, snow, or debris from building up on the roof.


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