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DIY Septic System

13 DIY Septic Systems-Install Your Own To Save Several Thousand Dollars

A DIY septic system can save you thousands of dollars and be just as safe as a professionally installed system. Certain regulatory requirements and precautions must be observed, and some regions may require permits, but with a little research, you can discover and follow all the requirements.

A properly installed DIY septic system will last for years and is an ideal solution for people building homesteads in remote locations. A composting toilet is not always a desirable choice for homesteaders and a homemade septic tank with a DIY drain field might be a better option.

Check out these 13 DIY septic systems, then check your state and county regulatory and permit requirements and get started building.

1- Septic Tank Install

These free instructions show you how to install a large concrete septic tank in your backyard. If you know how to operate a backhoe then the install will be very simple.

This installation, along with all the needed components (including the tank) only costs $1,500. That’s a small price to pay for having the convenience of a usable toilet inside the home. If you own or can borrow a backhoe, the total cost will be even cheaper.

DIY Septic Tank Install

2- Trash Can Septic Tank

Here is an easy and affordable way to have working a septic system for your hunting or fishing cabin. A large trash can is used as the tank and is a sufficient size for a cabin that is only used on weekends. By adding a box of Rid-X a couple times a year the trash can tank will last for years without the need to be emptied.

As a safety precaution, place plywood or other sturdy, solid surface on top of the trash can before backfilling the space with dirt so it won’t cause the lid of the trash to collapse.

3- Tank Replacement

As the family grows the old septic tank might not be able to keep up with the increased bathroom use and an old small tank may need to upgraded to be a larger tank.

This YouTube video will show you how a 300-gallon septic tank was removed and replaced with a 1,500-gallon tank. The detailed DIY septic system installation is easy to follow and can save you thousands of dollars by showing how to install a septic tank.

DIY septic system

4- Small Septic Tank

A tiny house with only two people residing in it only needs a small septic tank, so there’s no need to pay thousands of dollars for a professionally installed, large-capacity septic tank.

Use these detailed instructions and learn how to build a septic tank from two 55-gallon barrels.

This DIY septic system is ideal for a small house and it’s cheap to build. Download and print this free PDF file so you will have the building instructions right at your fingertips.

Small Septic Tank
Image via: wikihow.com

5- Off Grid Septic Tank

This YouTube video will take you through the entire installation process and provide you with plenty of tips and tricks about the best and easiest way to do it.

An off grid cabin doesn’t have to be lacking in comforts, an indoor flushing toilet makes off grid living much more comfortable for all age groups. This DIY septic system’s cost is minimal and it will last for years.

6- Plastic Container

A large plastic container is easy to transform into a septic tank and this YouTube video will show you how to do it.

Many off grid homesteaders use these plastic containers that are surrounded by metal frames as water tanks or food storage, one can also be used as a septic tank. The thick, sturdy plastic and metal cage make these containers ideal for many uses on the homestead.

The cost is minimal and the installation is simple with this video tutorial. Make your homestead more comfortable with a flushable indoor toilet when you install this cheap septic system.

7- Doggie DIY Septic Tank

All dog owners can understand how tiresome it can be to have to pick up after your dog when going for a walk. Letting the dogs run free within the confines of a fenced-in yard still requires hands-on clean up of the lawn.

There is a better way and it’s called a doggie septic system and it’s an easy DIY project. It’s a private, un-noticeable, odor-free place for your dog to relieve himself and you won’t have to pick up what he drops anymore.

The doggie septic system works like an ordinary septic system, just on a smaller scale. A 5-gallon bucket is the tank and the rest of the detailed instructions can be found on this website.

Doggie DIY Septic Tank

8- Cabin DIY Septic System

Make your off grid cabin a comfortable place to live with indoor plumbing by installing a DIY septic system. This YouTube instructional video will show the tools that will make the installation process much easier and provide step by step instructions.

Sturdy 55-gallon barrels are used as the underground tanks and are very inexpensive to purchase.

9- Homemade Septic Tank

Watch this amazing YouTube video of people join together to make a homemade septic tank in a remote location.

The DIY project is done by hand and turns out as good as anything that could be manufactured in a concrete manufacturing facility. This shows what can be accomplished when people work together and are not afraid of getting a little dirty.

This detailed video will show you how to build this DIY septic tank and you can scale it down to the size you need.

10- Three Barrel DIY Septic System

Easy, cheap, and functional is a good way to describe this 3-barrel septic system. Three 55-gallon barrels make up the septic system and it’s a perfect size for a cabin in the woods, workshop behind your house, or any other location that won’t be using flushing the toilet frequently.

The small system is cost-efficient and recycles old barrels and makes them useful again.

11- Brick Septic Tank

This YouTube video will show you how to create a septic system using recycled bricks. Discover how to lay the bricks in the fastest and easiest way possible for this DIY project. No special tools are needed for this septic tank build and it is large enough to support the usage of a typical family.

12- Above Ground System

Septic systems don’t have to be underground, they can be above-ground and in plain view. This YouTube video shows you how to create an above ground aerated waste water treatment process that can handle the waste without creating a stink.

Large sturdy plastic tanks surrounded by metal cages are the primary components of this DIY project. If you don’t want to dig a deep hole in your backyard, this above-ground system just might be your answer.

13- Lots of Drain Lines

Some areas have poor soil drainage and it’s not able to absorb the waste water from a septic system without a little help. If you have poorly draining soil then your septic tank will need to have lots of drain lines and this YouTube video will show you how to build it.

Lots of Drain Lines

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