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21 Cool DIY Zen Garden Ideas That Will Keep You Calm And Relaxed

There’s nothing like a DIY zen garden to create a peaceful environment in your space. A zen garden encourages relaxation and meditation, and it’s fun to put together. In fact, creating a zen garden is a project the whole family can enjoy. You can find a variety of DIY zen garden ideas, from a small garden on your table to a large garden in your backyard.

It’s easy to find a project that works for you. When you’re finished, you can use your zen garden to find peace or meditate. Are you ready to create a soothing atmosphere in your space? Here are 21 cool DIY zen garden ideas we have brought for you that will keep you calm and relaxed.

1. DIY Zen Garden For Kids

Children need to relax just as much as adults, so look into a zen garden for kids like this one by projectswithkids. They can add their colored sand to kid-safe containers and create designs, as well as choose their own rocks, crystals and seashells. Of course, your child may want to add a small figurine or dry plant, and that’s okay. The key is to create a zen garden that helps your child to feel calm and happy. You may also like to check out Keywhole garden ideas.

DIY Zen Garden for Kids
Image via: projectswithkids

2. Mini Zen Garden Idea

A mini diy zen garden like this one by themerrythought is just what you need when you’re having a stressful day at home or work. One idea is to fill a white dish with black sand and a black dish with white sand, creating an elegant but relaxing color scheme. When you add your rocks, crystals, dry plants and knick-knacks, stick to your black and white palette. Remember to draw designs in your sand using a miniature rake or stick.

DIY Mini Zen Garden
Image via: themerrythought

3. Grass and Sand Zen Garden Idea

If you’re looking for zen garden ideas that don’t only focus on sand, you’re sure to love this tabletop zen garden by thirstyfortea. It’s a project for a grass and sand zen garden, with a shadow box as your container. You’re going to use decorative sand and a moss sheet, as well as decorative stones and figurines. The contents allow you to create a design that promotes peace and relaxation. You may also like to check out rain gutter garden ideas.

Grass and Sand Zen Garden
Image via: thirstyfortea

4. Succulent DIY Zen Garden

A succulent zen garden like this one by dwellbeautiful on your desk is great for relaxing when your day is hectic. You can create a small zen garden with a glass container, which is going to be full of light-colored sand. Of course, you also need an artificial or real succulent plant for your garden. You can also add in stones, rocks or crystals if you want, and don’t forget a rake, stick or pencil for creating your designs in the sand.

Succulent DIY Zen Garden Image
Succulent DIY Zen Garden Image via: dwellbeautiful.com

5. Desktop Zen Garden

When your work day is too much, you need a desktop zen garden like this one by gardenista to help you feel calm in the midst of chaos. For this garden, you’re going to need potting soil, beach stones and a Silver Plant or Calocephalus, all in a shallow vessel. As you can see, you’re putting together a zen garden with a plant and soil rather than sand, but the sight of your beautiful zen garden is enough to help you relax or meditate.

Desktop Zen Garden
Image via: gardenista

6. Pink Zen Garden

If the sight of bubbly, chic items makes you feel good inside, then you’re sure to love this pink zen garden by brit.co. Fill a light-toned wooden tray with pink sand, with a bunch of small white pebbles or crystals in one corner. The other items may include stones, figurines or a small air plant. To enhance the color scheme, consider a white stick or miniature rake. You’re sure to feel happy whenever you look at your garden.

Pink Zen Garden
Image via: brit.co

7. DIY Zen Garden in Tins

Space is never an obstacle when creating a mini zen garden like this one by designsponge, especially when you can create a zen garden in an Altoids tin. You can even paint the tin in a color that helps you to feel calm. If you want to create two gardens, add sand and smaller stones to the first tin, with enough space to draw smaller designs in the sand. For the other tin, you’re going to add dried moss and dried plants. You’ve learned how to create both sand and moss gardens, so using Altoids tins allows you to add both of them to your desk.

DIY Zen Garden in Tins
Image via: designsponge

8. Mini Succulent Zen Garden

If you’re looking for zen garden ideas that use plants, look no further than this mini succulent zen garden. Start with a decorative bowl, and make sure it’s shallow enough to hold the sand. For your sand, you’re going to use two soothing colors, such as white and blue. Of course, you don’t want to forget your small decorative rocks. You’re also going to transfer a small succulent plant to a paper cup in your garden. When you’re finished, you have a small succulent surrounded by rocks on one side, and enough space to draw your design on the other side. You may also like to check out hanging herb garden ideas.

Mini Succulent Zen Garden

9. DIY Zen Garden For Chilling

There’s nothing like a small zen garden like this one by mybluprint to help you chill out when you’re having a rough day. Just filling the tray with sand and stones can be relaxing, let alone drawing designs in the sand using a stick or tool. You’re also going to add small air plants throughout your garden. You can create a zen garden that looks like a small dessert or beach, whichever helps you to feel calm, cool and collected.

DIY Zen Garden For Chilling
Image via: mybluprint

10. Simple Zen Garden Idea

As you can see, these zen garden ideas by cutoutandkeep are very easy to put together, and here’s a set of plans for another simple zen garden. Start by filling a wooden box or tray with colored sand. Next, you’re going to arrange three mini glass candle holders in the center of the garden, surrounding each one with stones. Finally, you’re going to add a flower to the center candle holder, and a tealight to the other two candle holders. Of course, you can use different items for your garden, such as a succulent, pebbles and crystals.

Simple Zen Garden Idea
Image via: cutoutandkeep

11. Miniature Golf Zen Garden

With these plans, you’re going to create a miniature golf zen garden on youtube. That’s right, this adorable zen garden actually looks like a miniature golf course, and it’s a fun way to relieve your stress when you need a break. Instead of moss, you’re filling a cardboard lid or wooden tray with green felt for the grass. You’re also going to create a pond, sand bunker for designs and vegetation. Finish it off with small pebbles. You can create your own golf ball and club, or you can find miniature items in stores.

12. Backyard Zen Garden

If you’re looking for something bigger, consider this backyard zen garden by getbusygardening. Start by designating a spot in your backyard to your garden, such as a corner next to your house. It should be a place that doesn’t receive much rain water, but you want to stick with low-maintenance succulent plants if it receives a lot of sun. Your zen garden may include rocks or boulders, a gravel or water feature and a zen-inspired statue, but it’s up to you of course. One idea is to place a bench near your garden for reading or relaxing, or take your yoga mat outside for meditating.

Backyard Zen Garden
Image via: getbusygardening

13. Mini Zen Garden Favor Kits

How would you like to create mini DIY zen garden like this one by ruffledblog favors? They’re perfect for bridal showers, wedding receptions and other special occasions. Fill each mini tin with sand, and place two or three stones or crystals in each tin. You can also add a miniature rake to each garden, so your recipients can draw their designs. Another idea is to use the tins, card stock, gravel and an air plant to create a mini vertical zen garden. You can even attach a magnetic strip to the back, so your recipients can hang their garden on the refrigerator or file cabinet.

Mini Zen Garden Favor Kits
Image via: ruffledblog

14. DIY Desktop Zen Garden

For this project, you’re going to build your own DIY desktop zen garden by instructables. The first step is to build the box out of wooden scraps, and be sure to insulate and paint your box. Fill the box with pebbles, sand and stones, and arrange your stones in a design that works for you. Use a wooden dowel, miniature rake or sharp tool to draw designs in the sand, such as ripples for a water effect. While the garden may remind you of a dessert, there’s something calming about drawing in the sand or rearranging your stones.

DIY Desktop Zen Garden
Image via: instructables

15. Tabletop Zen Garden

You can put together a tabletop zen garden like this one by diynetwork with a bowl or plate in any shape, as well as sand in a color that helps you to feel calm. You may want tan, white or black sand for this project. Of course, you want to add items that make you feel good, such as smooth stones and pebbles, or maybe an air plant or figurine. Use a bamboo skewer to draw your designs and enhance the relaxation aspect of your garden. If you’re making more than one zen garden, you can have fun switching out the items.

Tabletop Zen Garden
Image via: diynetwork

16. Mini Beach Zen Garden

Another fun idea for children, you can put together a mini beach zen garden using tan sand and blue slime. Of course the sand is going to represent the beach, and the slime can represent the water. Add in small items such as a miniature beach ball and umbrella, as well as a miniature rake. You can make or buy a small ball and rake, and for the umbrella, the toothpick umbrellas designed for cocktails work just fine. Pretending to spend a day at the beach is a great way to help your child relax.

17. Father’s Day Zen Garden

If you’re looking for zen garden ideas like this one by seevanessacraft for Father’s Day, look no further than this Father’s Day zen garden. It’s a great gift idea for his office or man cave. You can use a plastic container, shoe box or subscription box for his garden. As usual, you’re going to fill it with sand in his favorite color. The items can include an air plant, rocks or stones and a small tool. Whether he’s having a bad day at home or hectic day at the office, your child can bring him a little peace with his own zen garden.

Father's Day Zen Garden
Image via: seevanessacraft

18. Beaded Cacti Zen Garden

A beaded cacti zen garden like this one by blog.darice is a little different from the other zen garden projects. For this garden, you’re placing sand and river rocks inside the lid of a round paper mache box. Now, here’s where things get a little different. You’re going to hot glue several green teardrop acrylic beads together, making several bunches of two or three. Next, hot glue small silver acrylic cone spike beads to the teardrop beads, but don’t stick to a pattern or design. Place the arrangements into the sand to resemble small cacti. You may also like to check out wall planter ideas.

Beaded Cacti Zen Garden
Image via: blog.darice

19. Cheerful DIY Zen Garden

Whether you’re happy or relaxed, the purpose of a DIY zen garden like this one by diynetwork is to make you feel good. Why not create a cheerful zen garden with purple or pink sand? There’s something about those shades that invoke feelings of happiness. Instead of filling it with rocks and stones, add a small succulent plant. You can also use a see-through container, so you can admire your garden from any angle. Remember to find a small tool for drawing the designs in the sand.

Cheerful Zen Garden
Image via: diynetwork

20. Colorful DIY Zen Garden

A colorful zen garden like this one by artfulparent is great for both children and adults, starting with sand in a tray. Now, you’re going to add a pop of color to your rocks, which you can do by melting crayons over them. Another idea is to paint your rocks, but the melted crayons create a fun design. You also need your tools for drawing designs in the sand, such as a stick or fork. The best part is you can put together the garden and color the rocks with your children.

Colorful DIY Zen Garden
Image via: artfulparent

21. Mini DIY Zen Garden

Just like other projects, you’re going to put together a mini zen garden like this one by blog.darice with sand and a wooden shadow box. You can choose from a variety of small objects for your zen garden, including rocks, stones, crystals and an artificial succulent. Another idea is to purchase a miniature metal bridge for your garden, which is both adorable and peaceful.

Mini DIY Zen Garden
Image via: blog.darice


If you’re looking for a project that’s fun, appealing and calming, consider a DIY zen garden. A zen garden is a great way to promote relaxation and meditation.

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