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37 Cool Hanging Herb Garden Ideas To Grow Your Favorite Herbs Indoors

Hanging herb garden is the modern way to grow herbs all year long, they are essential in a home as you need a variety of herbs for your cooking, and also beautifies your home.

Hanging herb gardens are simple to build. However, most persons are unable to do it, because they were clueless as to how to begin.

Below are 37 cool hanging herb garden ideas to grow your favorite herbs indoors and outdoors, with step by step instruction on creating each of them.

1. DIY Window Hang Garden

This idea here is to build and hang herb planters like this one by therusticwillow on your window. The plants would receive sufficient sunlight through the window, while also beautifying your home.

To make this window plan, you would need a few items including hooks, shower curtain, and glasses. One beautiful thing about this set is that you can easily integrate it to any window in your home that receives sufficient sunlight.

 DIY Window Hang Garden
Image via: therusticwillow

2. String-Held Indoor Hanging Herb Garden

The effect of fresh herbs on your cooking is undisputable. It’s cool having to rush to the groceries whenever you need them. However, it will be better and less of a burden if you can access your favorite herbs whenever you want to.

You can make this hanging herb garden by foxyfolksy indoors or outside, depending on where you have enough space.

String-Held Indoor Hanging Herb Garden
Image via: foxyfolksy

3. Tin Can Hang Herb Garden

The cravings for fresh and tasty herbs are always a little way ahead of the season and growing your herbs saves you money and time. During the winter, it could be too cold to plant outside, however, with this hanging herb garden by persephonemagazine; you can grow herbs indoors.

Tin Can Hang Herb Garden
Image via: persephonemagazine

4. Hanging Flower Tins

If you are still searching for the right DIY herb garden project like this one by stuffstephdoes for your home, then you should consider this plan. It involves using Tin Cans to make hanging wall planter that can be hanged on the fence or wall. This is amongst low budget hanging herb ideas that can cost you next to nothing. You would only need the cans and a few other materials. You may also like to check out shade loving herbs.

Hanging Flower Tins
Image via: stuffstephdoes

5. DIY Vertical Hanging Garden

A DIY herb garden is essential for your home, especially if you enjoy fresh leaves and herbs. This vertical herb planter by homemade-modern is easy to create project that can turn a part of your home into a beautiful and helpful garden.

It involves poring small holes (according to the size of the clay pot) on plywood and placing clay pots in it. When you put the pot into the flat plywood, it would hold the pot. You may also like to check out herbal or medicinal plants.

DIY Vertical Hanging Garden
Image via: homemade-modern

6. Shelve-Style Hanging Garden Planters

DIY projects like these are designed to add warmth to our homes and help make life easier. This project involves building a DIY hanging planter like this one by shanty-2-chic to place clay pots for herbs.

The design is three steps box-like wooden shelves held together with strong ropes, while the clay pots are placed on it. You can set it outside or indoors.

Shelve-Style Hanging Garden Planters
Image via: shanty-2-chic

7. DIY Macramé Indoor Hanging Herb Garden

It’s always hard accessing fresh herbs during winter. The thought of even going to the groceries in the cold could make one lose appetite. However, you can relive summer all year long, by making this indoor herb planter by thenest. This project blends fashionable copper with macramé and is super easy to make.

You can follow the step by step instruction to make this indoor herb garden and enjoy your unique delicacies all year long.

DIY Macramé Indoor Hanging Herb Garden
Image via: thenest

8. The Cutest Hanging Herb Garden

It could be strenuous having to go to the groceries every time you need to use your favourite herb in your recipes, not to mention the cost and the time you may spend going to and fro.

Making this therusticwillowhanging plants garden by therusticwillow relieves you of the stress and the cost. You will be able to get enough herbs for your cake and other culinary. It also provides an exceptional beautification for your home. Each clay pot is held to one another with wood and rope.

The Cutest Hanging Herb Garden
Image via: thenest

9. Hanging Herb Mason Jars

Everyone loves fresh herbs, and it only gets better when you can easily access it at no cost, an excellent reward for growing a herb garden by domestically-speaking. Also, you get to avoid waste, as you would get the right portion you need at that moment.

This project involves making a kitchen herb garden where you can grow your favorite herbs. It’s not only easy to undertake, but also cost very little and can be done by anyone old enough to handle a clay pot.

Hanging Herb Mason Jars
Image via: domestically-speaking

10. Upside down Herb Hanging Garden

There numerous excellent reasons why you need to have a hanging herb garden in your home. Apart from having unlimited access to your favorite herbs, it also provides a dazzling display in any part of the house is placed.

Following this tutorial, you can make a simple DIY hanging garden like this one by apartmenttherapy for your home.

Upside down Herb Hanging Garden
Image via: apartmenttherapy

11. Two Steps Hanging Herb planters

Individual packages of herbs are costly at the store, and your delicacy may not be as tasty without them. To save money, you can take out a few hours from your schedule to build this DIY indoor garden by homedepot.

Two steps Hanging Herb planters
Image via: homedepot

12. Window-Mounted Garden Planter

Have your favorite herbs at your fingertips for your cooking adventure by making this window hanging herb garden. Follow this simple guide to create your own unique kitchen herb garden to grow your herbs.

By placing this simple hanging herb garden by hgtv in your sunny kitchen window, you are sure to get unlimited access to fresh herbs for your cooking needs all year round.

Window-Mounted Garden Planter
Image via: hgtv

13. DIY hanging Metal Planter

Everyone enjoys the fantastic taste and smell of herbs, be it children, parents or grandparents. Many herbs grow best when it’s placed in a sunny location. The design is a metal cone cut-in-half and held firmly on both sides to a pole with two ropes.

You can then plant the herbs like this one by suburban-bees directly on the cone.

DIY hanging Metal Planter
Image via: suburban-bees

14. DIY Basket Hanging Herb Garden

If you have recently been to the groceries store to buy packaged fresh herbs, you would realize that prices are quite high.

Save money by making a hanging herb garden like this one by savvysouthernbelle. The DIY project involves building a basket hanging garden, something different from the traditional garden setting.

The project is easy to make and requires no particular skill.

DIY Basket Hanging Herb Garden
Image via: savvysouthernbelle

15. Industrial Style DIY Hanging Garden

The design for this DIY hanging garden by diyfunideas was inspired by an industrial environment. You can utilize this vertical hanging garden with any plant and not just herbs.

The design requires you to cut a circle into some pieces of wood to hold the planter.

Industrial Style DIY Hanging Garden
Hanging herb garden Image via: diyfunideas.com

16. Hanging Coffee Cup Herb Garden

Having a little garden make it easier to get fresh herbs when cooking. This is amongst outdoor herb garden ideas by stephanielynn tailored to help you plant and effectively grow your fresh herbs in cups. You would need to put tiny pebbles at the bottom of the Cans to prevent root damage.

Hanging Coffee Cup Herb Garden
Hanging Herb Garden Image via: bystephanielynn.com

17. Hanging Herb Garden For Patio

With some fresh herb garden ideas like this one by wkfr, and fresh herbs, summer is always cool, and this patio garden idea is just the perfect fit.

You can follow this guide to build a small garden to grow your herbs.

Hanging Herb Garden for Patio
Image via: wkfr

18. The Movable Hanging Herb Garden

There are so many reasons why a garden is a necessity in your home. Apart from the fact that it gives you access to fresh herbs and veggies, you also get to save money and time.

The garden idea involves making a hanging garden like this one by instructables that can be moved from one place to another. It’s very cheap to build and only takes a few hours work.

The Movable Hanging Herb Garden
Image via: instructables

19. Water Bottle Hanging Herb Garden

It’s always tricky figuring how to make herb planter like this one by home-dzine, especially when you are new to DIY projects. This wall-mounted herb can be made from recycled materials and can be mounted right next to the door. This hanging garden sure guarantees you a constant supply of fresh herbs.

Water Bottle Hanging Herb Garden
Image via: home-dzine

20. Large Macrame Wall Hanging

Herbs have a freshening fragrance that usually perfumes the atmosphere they are planted. With a DIY hanging herb garden like this one by myfrenchtwist around your home, you need to continually water the plants, and it would keep looking beautiful while providing you with the required nutrient.

Large Macrame Wall Hanging
Image via: myfrenchtwist

21. DIY Indoor Hanging Herb Garden with Ecoscraps

Planting herbs in your backyard garden during the winter is a bad idea; however, following a DIY plan, you can quickly build an inexpensive DIY indoor hanging herb garden like this one by bullocksbuzz, which you can use to grow the exact herbs you desire.

One great reason of growing your herbs is that you get the exact amount you need, and that helps to reduce waste. You may also like to check out vegetables and herbs to grow indoors.

DIY Indoor Hanging Herb Garden with Ecoscraps
Image via: bullocksbuzz

22. Hanging Coffee Can Herb Garden

Fresh herbs are a great way to spice up your cooking game. Herbs help makes your dished taste incredibly amazing. All you have to do is to plant the herbs and water them continue to enjoy this wonderful treat.

This hanging herb garden by buzzfeed is the perfect addition to your kitchen, it’s made with old coffee Cans.

Hanging Coffee Can Herb Garden
Image via: buzzfeed

23. Our Shoe Holder Herb Garden

This DIY herbs garden by prettyplainjanes was born out of creativity and a desire to utilize available resources judiciously. It involves using a shoe holder as a planter.

The plants are placed in the compartments meant for the shoes, and it’s continuously watered. This project is incredibly inexpensive and is the perfect idea to grow your herbs.

Our Shoe Holder Garden
Image via: prettyplainjanes

24. Mason Jar Hanging Herb Garden

Having this DIY hanging planter by camillestyles in the house will provide a nice homey ambience.

You can build your garden following this idea. This is just the perfect weekend project for you.

Mason Jar Herb Garden
Image via: camillestyles

25. DIY Floating Shelf

You can’t even imagine how easy it is to make this DIY floating shelf by placeofmytaste. It’s also amazingly comfortable to build. The project is a modern shelve display for plants and decorations.

DIY Floating Shelf
Image via: placeofmytaste

26. Copper Rack Hanging Herb Gardens

This project is one of the modern window ideas that would teach you how to turn your kitchen into a productive herb garden like this one by homemade-modern. This project involves building modern hanging planters. It involves making copper racks and using them to hold potted herbs.

Copper Rack Hanging Gardens
Image via: homemade-modern.com

27. Makedo Hanging Herb Garden

Showcase your creativity by creating this quick and easy to make herb planter by instructables. This hanging herb garden is made with yoghurt containers; you can source for the containers around your home and follow the guide to build it quickly. You would also need string or any other strong trapping material to hang the herb garden.

Makedo Hanging Herb Garden
Image via: instructables

28. DIY Wooden Hanging Planter

Liven up your home with a little greenery and natural perfume from herb plants like this one by homedit. This herb planter combines fun materials to deliver a modern yet rustic feel to any room. After planting, you need to water the plants according to each plant’s needs.

DIY Wooden Hanging Planter
Image via: homedit

29. Hanging Herb Garden with Galvanized Metal Mesh

This hanging garden plan by therewasacrookedhouse is perfect when you have little space. It involves making a square wooden frame with galvanized metal mesh, where the clay pots are hanged. You can attach an assortment of potted herbs.

Hanging Herb Garden with Galvanized Metal Mesh
Image via: therewasacrookedhouse

30. DIY Hanging Recycled Herb Garden

This DIY hanging herb idea by instructables can be made with recycled materials such as pill bottles, plastic frame. You can create little holes at the bottom, to give more space for the root.

DIY Hanging Recycled Herb Garden
Image via: instructables

31. Hanging Herb Garden

Move your herb garden indoors, and enjoy fresh flavor all year long; both in winter and summer. Follow this guide to build a simple hanging herb garden by familyhandyman. Its designed in a way that rectangular boxes hold the flower pots containing the herb.

 Hanging Herb Garden
Image via: familyhandyman

32. Great Indoor Herb Garden Idea

Planting your herbs garden in the backyard is outdated. The current trend is to make the herb planter like this one by 1001gardens inside your house, to enjoy it all year round, be it winter or summer. You can make this planter and start planting item in your living room or kitchen.

Great Indoor Herb Garden Idea
Image via: 1001gardens

33. Easy DIY Hanging Herb Garden

This DIY garden idea by homedit shows how to make a hanging garden with wine bottles and copper tubes. This project is perfect, especially when you are short of space to plant outside. It’s the ideal project to carry out during the winter. The copper tubing is used as a central annex for the garden.

Easy DIY Hanging Herb Garden
Image via: homedit

34. Water Bottle Hanging Herb Garden

Instead of spending so much on buying from the store, you can make your special garden to grow your favorite herbs following the step by step guide. The idea is to make the herb garden like this one by inhabitat using water bottles.

Water bottle herb garden
Image via: inhabitat

35. Indoor Hanging Herb Garden

The sense of accomplishment that comes with doing things yourself can be addictive. You would feel powerful, creative and also save money in the process. Showcase your skill by making this simple DIY herb garden by thebirdandhersong.

Indoor Hanging Herb Garden
Image via: thebirdandhersong

36. Custom Potted Hanging Herb Garden DIY

The project is straightforward to make, yet beautiful. You can complete the whole project with just a few hours job. It involves creating a potted hanging herb garden like this one by freshmommyblog that you can attach to your ceiling. By hanging your plants from the ceiling, you also keep them safe from pets and kids.

Custom Potted Hanging Herb Garden DIY
Image via: freshmommyblog

37- Crooked Pot Herb Garden

Crooked Pot Herb Garden
Image via:.ourcozycubbyhole.com


Conclusively, Herbs makes our cooking taste great; they also provide us with a lot of essential nutrients. You can save the cost of fuel and purchases by making one of the DIY herb garden ideas listed above.

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