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16 Free Ramp Plans-Learn How To Build Various Ramps

Making a ramp tops is one of the best DIY projects you can execute and there are various types of ramp plans you can create to improve functionality within your home, we have compiled 16 free easy to build DIY ramps plans to make your home more attractive and accessible. There are steps to guide you on how to build a ramp to enable you to get underneath your car quickly, a wheelchair ramp or shed ramp for more accessibility to and a skateboard ramps to provide a fun-filled skateboarding experience right in your home.

Here are the standard supplies and tools used in these projects.

Basic supplies required

  • Pressure treated wood boards – you can find these in hardware stores.
  • Plywood
  • Beam joist
  • Metal sheet – you can get this from home depots, or search the internet for steel fabricators.
  • Screws – from home improvement stores.
  • Metal handles – from home improvement stores.
  • Roofing nails
  • Shims
  • Pines
  • Adhesive

Basic tools

If you have the budget, you can buy most of these tools, as you would be using them for other diy projects. Otherwise, lookout for where you can borrow some of these.

  • Miter saw
  • Level and framing nailer
  • Power drill
  • Measurement tape
  • Triangular ruler
  • Philip-head
  • Belt sander
  • Masonry Bit
  • Hand file.
  • Pencil for marking.

Wheelchair Ramp Plans

1. Build a Wheelchair Ramp

Building a wheelchair ramp like this one by familyhandyman would be a fantastic project to carry out. This ramp can go a long way in helping someone with mobility challenges live independently and can be made of wood or all aluminum.

You can get already formed ramp material (wooden or Prefabricated aluminum), and then assemble it yourself.

When making this ramp, you need first to create a sketch of your ramp considering the measure of the width, landing size and location. Measure the distance between the thresholds to the ground and adjust the length and slope of the ramp to fit your yard. Then start building

Build a Wheelchair Ramp
How to Build a Wheelchair Ramp, Image via: familyhandyman

2. Build a Portable Wheelchair Ramp

Moving a wheelchair into homes, vehicles and shops could be hectic as the entrance might be steep. A portable wheelchair ramp like this one by instructables by becomes the ideal solution to ease movement in and out of these places.

Custom made aluminum ramp are good, but are quite expensive and most of them may not work correctly for all kinds of wheelchairs, as they are mainly made for lighter wheelchairs, and are not very strong.

When building these wheelchair ramp plans, always bear in mind the measurements of the available space. You can attach handles to the ramp for comfortable carriage.

Build a Portable Wheelchair Ramp
Moveable wheelchair ramp plans,, Image via: instructables

3. Make a Handicap Ramp and Landing

Make your home easily accessible to people with movement challenges with this classic DIY project. Handicap ramps like this one by hgtv are easy to create and a great DIY project to embark on. First, you have to measure your space and then sketch your ramp design.  “The Americans-with Disabilities-Act requires that ramps such as this should be at least 5fts by 5fts, so someone in a wheelchair can quickly turn around without getting stuck).

Assemble each piece of wood using a framing nailer.

Check to ensure the frame is sturdy, then add a few pressure treated wood shims in areas where needed, before attaching the structure to the building with nails.

Create support for the diy ramp, by cutting woods that measure from the top of the landing to the concrete base and nailing them to the side of the ramp.

Make a Handicap Ramp and Landing
Make a Handicap Ramp and Landing, Image via: hgtv

4. Wheelchair Ramp Plan 

Another wheelchair ramp idea, to improve home accessibility for people who can’t use the stairs. This wheelchair ramp plan by lowes provides a gentler and less stressful way of entering or leaving their home for them.

This is amongst the most straightforward DIY projects you can start right away. However, you might want to ensure building a wheelchair ramp complies with local building requirements and its created to meet the specific needs of the occupant. The diy wheelchair ramp should be formed according to the measurement of the entrance point of the home.

To make it safe and sturdy, hardwood is used and its coated with stain to ensure durability.

Build a Wheelchair Ramp
building a wheelchair ramp,, Image via: lowes

Car Ramp Plans

5. Make a Car Ramp For Your Vehicle

It’s always fun doing things the DIY way, Instead of using hydraulic jacks, build a DIY car ramps like this one by corvetteforum to access underneath your vehicle. The design of this diy ramp is very straightforward.

First, cut the wood to the required dimension and get the fillets done and edge sloped. Get the plank smoothened (using a hand planer); you can take it to a carpenter to do this.

Next, attach the planks to each other by applying the adhesive at the base of each plank and then stacking them one above the other.

Mark the points to drill and drill at that point ensuring the planks don’t move. After that, you can then use a Philip-head to screw it together.

Check that the end of the screw doesn’t jut out at the bottom. Use a hand file to file out any jutting screw.

Make a Car Ramp For Your Vehicle
Make a Car Ramp For Your Vehicle, Image via: corvetteforum

6. Build A Diy Car Ramp To View Underneath Your Vehicle

We have all had that moment when we want to get the car up in the air and access or fix something under it. Well, these easy to build ramp plans by team-bhp give you an inexpensive and easy way to achieve that.

First, create a framework of the ramp using the planks, the length of the ramp can either be 2”x10” or 2”x12”. Screw the planks to each other with screws to create the frame.

Then cut each plywood to a width of 3 strips 16”, and then screw to attach to the various sides of the ramp. The ramps take a sheet each. There you have it.

Build A Diy Car Ramp To View Underneath Your Vehicle
Build A Diy Car Ramp To View Underneath Your Vehicle, Image via: bhp

7. Have A Low Profile Car? – Build A Car Ramp To Fit Your Vehicle

Low car ramps cost as much as $200, but with this Diy hack, you could build very sturdy DIY car ramp like this one by golfmkv for a quarter of that.

Sketch the slope; this would make it easier to build.

Using the saw, cut the wood according to the measurement, this should depend on the length of your car. A 90” size was used here.

Then assemble the wood one after the other with a screw, You can then attach caster wheels to simplify moving the ramp and sand the edges to provide extra refinement.

Have A Low Profile Car? – Build A Car Ramp To Fit Your Vehicle
Build A Car Ramp To Fit Your Vehicle, Image via: golfmkv

8. Create A Customized Low DIY Car Ramp 

Another diy ramp plan by instructables for those with low cars. You might end up having an issue if the cowling under your car’s bumper touches the ramp. Make this customized low day diy car ramp to keep your vehicle in good shape.  A little innovation was introduced in this project and its aimed to help indicate to you when to stop moving when climbing the ramp. So, a small switch connected to a bulb was attached to the close to the end of one of the ramp, in a way that when climbed on, the build start lightening and you would know to stop.

Create A Low Customized Low Car Ramp
Create A Customized Low DIY Car Ramp , Image via: instructables

Skateboard Ramp Plans

9. Build A Skateboard Quarter Pipe Ramp

If you love skateboarding, then quarter pipe skateboard ramps such as this one by liveabout is a must have. You can also use it for bikes, and it isn’t hard to build. Having a skating ramp at home is excellent as it provides you with an alternative when it’s raining or when you want to skate alone.

Building a 3 inches quarter pipe ramp is not so difficult or time-consuming, and it cost less than a 100 bucks. That’s less pay compared to the fun it would provide.

It’s going to require some of the necessary materials for this project, In addition to those listed at the top; you would need a metal pipe (you can quickly get one from a home improvement shop).

Build A Skateboard Quarter Pipe Ramp
Build A Skateboard Quarter Pipe Ramp, Image via: liveabout

10. Make A Skateboard Mini Ramp

Another skateboarding DIY project for enthusiasts. Whether you are an experienced skateboarder, just starting out or have got kids who love skating, this DIY mini ramp plan by wikihow is the ideal project to provide fun and satisfying experience. Have the time and space to practice till you become a good skateboarder.

Before embarking on this project, check the possibility of storage, whether you have enough space for it in your home would help you determine the size.

To start, get your ideas on paper and create a blueprint for your design. Then organise the needed supplies and then begin to build.

Make A Skateboard Ramp
Make A Skateboard Mini Ramp, Image via: m.wikihow.com

11. Build A Micro Quarter Pipe Ramp

Skating never gets old; if you still haven’t found the ideal skating DIY project, these micro quarter mini ramp plans by howtheyplay would be suitable for you. Size and mobility are crucial factors to consider when building your diy ramp; this particular project would fit any home due to its variance in size.

You can also create the micro-ramp indoors, to protect the elements. However, When built outside, you can use pressure treated woods and paint to ensure longevity.

Apart from the primary materials, you can get others from home improvement stores. First, gather your tools, design your ramp and start building.

Build A Micro Quarter Pipe Ramp
Build A Micro Quarter Pipe Ramp, Image via: howtheyplay

Shed Ramp Plans

12. Build a Shed Ramp For Your Home

A shed ramp like this one by thesawguy adds so much functionality to your home; it eases the movement of things in and out through the door. You might have challenges moving the wheelbarrow, mower or the dolly in or out of the house, but building a shed ramp within a few hours can make life far more comfortable for you.

A shed ramp is a basic necessity in all home, while some sheds are permanently attached, shed ramp plans like this are made to be detachable, so you only get to put it in place when you need to use it.

It’s important that you measure the height from the ground to the base of your door and build the shed accordingly.

You may also like to see diy pallet shed and garden shed plan.

Build a Shed Ramp For Your Home
Build a Shed Ramp For Your Home, Image via: thesawguy

13. Make A Garage Shed Ramp

Want a ramp to enable you quickly walk into your garage, or move equipment like the lawn mower or even ride the motorcycle out? Then this is the ideal DIY ramp by instructables for you.

Building a shed ramp yourself gives you the opportunity to make it very sturdy.

Firstly measure the height from the garage floor to the ground, in this case, it was 14”, so the front side of the diy ramp was built to be 14” high.

As usual, its best you start with a sketch of the ramp, then source for materials before you begin building,

Make A Garage Shed Ramp

14. Make A Backyard Shed Ramp

A shed ramp can come very handy in the yard if you use a cart, or want to access specific areas, and in this DIY wood project, you would be learning how to build a shed ramp like this one by howtospecialist very quickly, no matter your experience .

The good thing about this DIY project is that you would create the ramp, how you want it and suit your need.

From the design to the length and width, everything should be about the space you have out there.

First, you would have to source materials, in addition to those listed at the top, you can also get a wood stain and paint optionally.

Make A Backyard Shed Ramp
Shed ramp plans image credit: howtospecialist.com

Deck and Launch Ramp Plans

15. Build a Deck Access Ramp

Make your deck more accessible by building and installing a deck ramp like this one by bhg. You can design it to be either an angle deck or flat stairs all according to the space you have. You can also have a building inspector look over your plan before you start constructing.

Get the necessary materials and create the deck ramp according to instructions, then place it in a way that’s convenient and offers unrestricted access to the deck.

Build a Deck Access Ramp
Build a Deck Access Ramp, Image via: bhg

16. Make a Launch Ramp

There is so much fun from a launch ramp to pass up.

If you aren’t conversant with using a launch ramp, it’s quite easy to learn. Find out how to build a ramp of any size you want.

These are mainly some of the best ramp ideas out there, go through the list and choose those that fit your need and that of your home and start working on it.

Make a Launch Ramp
Make a Launch Ramp

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