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10 Storage Shed Plans You Can Build On A DIY Budget

There are several ways of building a garden storage shed keeping in mind your resources and space. You can build it all by yourself or you can always take help along. Here you will find ten inspiring storage shed plans listed, which can be a guide in the building of your own diy storage shed.

10. A Simple Storage Shed Made From Scratch:

People who are willing to build their garden shed from the scratch along with a number of tools require ample time as well. This storage shed plan requires timber, hot dipped galvanized nails, drill driver and timber with half the cost a labor would charge you. You need to be properly familiar with these tools before working with them as building a garden shed requires proper measurements and installation of blocks and roof. These tools are readily available in the markets and won’t be a hassle to find.

A simple shed from scratch

9. Cheap and Affordable Storage Shed:

Spending reasonable amount of money would give you a wonderful garden shed. There are several designs of garden storage sheds which can give you a fairly cheap garden shed including the usage of materials which are less expensive. For example instead of using plywood or solid wood panels try using the siding panels which are less expensive and you will be saving a huge amount of money. Also as an alternative of windows which are quite costly you can imitate a window instead of putting one on your storage.

Spending reasonable amount of money

8.   Hexagonal Garden Shed Plan:

If you want an innovative backyard shed plans you can always try the Hexagonal Garden Shed. It is beautiful with a different shape and can be made spacious if you have a commodious backyard. But even a small hexagonal garden shed can give your garden an alluring look. With a total 6 sides including the door this garden shed’s roof can be made using any fallen tree near your place. You can mostly use timber for the construction of your garden sheds and your base as well.

Hexagonal Garden shed

7. Building Of A Potting Shed For Your Land:

Designed by a Progressive farmer this Potting shed costs about $1100 to build. It has three windows in its construction so that your plants get sufficient sunlight with three countertops and a door. It is similar to the large garden sheds except it has a very close relationship with gardening. It is more like storage shed as you have to place your things like pots, seeds and your gardening material and for that you can build shelves in your potting shed. You will be in need of all the basic tools required for a basic garden shed which includes metal roofing which is vital for a potting shed. You can also build it in your home which will give a dreamy look to your garden.

Potting Shed for your land

6. Capacious Storage Shed Plan:

Like every person we all have equipment like tools and gardening kits which need a place to rest and our small houses doesn’t have any. If you have a garden with some space you should build a garden storage shed. You can make it a cost free shed plan by renovating a shed house if you already have one or you can make it according to the space you need.

Capacious storage shed

5. A Tool Storage Shed Plan:

For your garden tools a small yet vacant shed should be constructed. This tool shed plan will take about 8 hours and can be built on one side of your garden with all your garden tools as it will prevent your tools from rusting. Constructing your shed with a cedar wood will prevent the wood from rotting and insect eating.

A tool storage Plan

4. Cedar Wood Picket Fence Storage:

Using a picket fence on your shed is a brilliant and a very reasonable idea. A small picket fence shed will cost you just a $260. This storage shed is made out of cedar wood, and occupies just up to 12”. Building this small garden shed is not a hard task to complete at all.

Cedar Wood Picket Fence Storage

3. Backyard Storage Shed: 

If you are in need of a DIY garden shed, then you might find this link useful. A storage shed is like a necessity in every home as we all have plenty of equipment to shove into it. Following some simple steps will lead to a proper construction and building the foundation is the foremost step and completing it by installing the windows and doors and with a total sum of ranging $500-$1000.

backyard Storage Shed

2. A Perfect Addition To Your Garden:

A spacious addition to your garage, these shed building plans are followed by several people. Try to build it on a flat ground rather than on a slope one as it will make your task more complicated. You can make some additions like a sliding door if you own a wheelbarrow and also build some cupboards and shelves.

A Perfect addition to your garden

1-Gambrel Garage Storage Shed

This garage storage shed has several features inside it that makes it a versatile garden storage. The solid base can support heavy machinery and equipment to put inside the shed. If you’re looking for an economic and durable shed this might be your choice of preference.

Gambrel garage shed

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