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16 Potting Bench Plans To Make Gardening Work Easy

Potting bench is going to add luxury to your gardening experience with these free plans; moreover, it is an essential technique to make sure everything extra within the garden space remains organized. Important gardening items like empty pots, soil pots, gardening tools, fertilizers and related supplies can be kept at one location. You don’t have to spend lots of money on buying such a gardening table, in fact, you can create one on your own.

There are so many detailed and comprehensive diy potting bench plans available online that you would not face any trouble carrying out activity on your own. Listed below are some of the simplest gardening bench plans that are going to make your life easier, once you are done with it.

1- $150 DIY Potting Bench Plan

Using this potting bench plan you can create a gorgeous looking, spacious bench for the garden. It has two large slabs for placing pots and vertical board for hanging tools, it’s simple yet elegant. Read Ana White plan here.

DIY Potting Bench Plan

2- Pallet Potting Station

Foldaway recycled pallet is perfect outdoor potting station that can be fixed against the wall. Know the simple steps leading to successful completion of the project.  The expertise required for the construction of this garden work bench might not be for starters, but if you seek help from a professional, it is going to be real fun activity.

Pallet Potting Station

3- Redwood Table Plans

Redwood garden potting bench is going to accommodate everything extra that is placed in your garden. Since the wood used is weather resistant, the table is going to last for years. The beauty of the table lies in its design which includes so many small and big compartments for organizing supplies.

garden potting bench

4- Treated Lumber Potting Table

Well at first sight it is going to look like a mini dressing table. Sophisticated, elegant and beautifully designed, this is perfect type of outdoor potting bench that can surge the beauty of your garden space. If you have good carpeting skills, take out two weeks time and you would be done.

Treated Lumber Potting Table

5- DIY Potting Bench

Look at the way Tom Thulen teaches you how to build a bench for your garden space . This is one of the most versatile plans with proper detail of each step.

DIY Potting Bench

6- Three Level Potting Bench

Choose cedar of treated lumber for starting the construction of this particular type of bench. The expertise required are medium level with 7 to 8 hours to have it done. Get the instruction at This Old House

Three Level Potting Bench

7- Red Lumber Potting Bench

Read the PDF to know the details about this gorgeous looking potting  bench – if your garden is the place to fall for, this is perfect plan to feed your need.

Red Lumber Potting Bench

8- Beginner Level Bench Plan

If you haven’t find anything that you may think is the right DIY activity for you, read Ana White’s beginner level bench plan – nothing can be more convincing than this one.

Beginner Level Bench Plan

9- $200 Year Round Garden Station

Once you have this, you would not have to worry about anything; with proper space and elegant design, this is going to win hearts of all. Get the instructions at This Old House

Garden Station

10- 15 Step Bench Plan

Very simple, quick and detailed plan regarding the making of potting bench is here for you. Learn in detail about materials, supplies, and tools to avoid any chaos and complete the bench making process with desired results.

Potting Bench Plan

11- Tri-Wood Potting Station

Working on H Shaped module, the designer has used three different types of wood to attain the perfect and elegant looking potting plan for small garden spaces.

12- Simple Garden Potting Bench

With various shelves and attractive design, this potting plan works well for those who have to accommodate larger supplies or pots in the garden. view the detailed video tutorial here, there is no room for any mistake now.

Simple Garden Potting Bench

13- Custom Potting Bench

The best thing about custom plans is that you get the perfect shape or space you require. While working on such a plan you can ideally create a masterpiece in your home to suit the need of your garden supplies. Moreover, if you master the art of making elegant potting benches, you can sell them too.

Custom Potting Bench

14- Short Potting Bench

In case you don’t want to spend time making a proper potting station, you can work out with this simple idea – a small table looking DIY bench is going to help you with organizing the gardening tools and pots.

Short Potting Bench

15- Elegant Garden Workbench

To all the gardeners who have heart into their spaces, this plan is going to ease your work, while adding ultimate beauty to the garden area. Learn here how to get the task done. See the detail at Sunset.com

Elegant Garden Workbench

16- Pallet Potting Workstation

To be honest, this plan is not much organised or pretty, but it is going to work really well for those who just intend to have basic pallet potting work station for keeping their gardening belonging.

Pallet Potting Workstation

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