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21 DIY Garage Workbench Plans To Make Your DIY Work Easy To Do

A DIY garage workbench plans can help you be more efficient with all the projects on your ‘honey-do’ list. You will be able to keep all your tools in one location so you won’t waste time trying to find the screwdriver or drill bit.

You can customize a DIY garage workbench to fit the space and to hold all of your tools. Create side drawers or cabinets with a center seating area and workspace so you can work on a project and have tools within arm’s length.

Whatever your need is for workspace, one of these 21 garage workbench ideas that we have brought for you will be just right for you.

1- Garage Workbench Plans

If you don’t need a place to store tools but a place to store a portable toolbox, then check out these DIY garage workbench plans  by instructables.

Here we have a large bench that has a sturdy work surface on top and open storage on one side of the bottom so you can roll in a large tool chest at the end of the workday. The other half of the bottom of the bench contains open shelving for easy access to items.

Custom the size and height when building a garage workbench like this one so your portable tool chest will fit perfectly under it.

DIY garage workbench plans
DIY garage workbench plans,, Image via: instructables

2- Corner Workbench

Use these garage workbench plans by ana-white to build a customized corner workbench to fit your space. This idea also incorporates a lazy Susan into the design so tools that are stored in the corner are easy to access.

We recommend this workbench to those who are beginners. This is a simple, sturdy workbench that is affordable and easy to build. It’s a great way to use leftover lumber and get some use out of the garage corner.

Corner Workbench
Corner Workbench, Image via: ana-white

3- Side Drawers and Pegboard

If you need a DIY workbench that gives you lots of hidden storage plus a pegboard to keep frequently used tools handy, then here we have a great plan for you.

This DIY garage workbench by fixthisbuildthat has 10 side drawers to keep things stored out of sight, a seating space with work surface plus a pegboard for hanging tools. Follow these plans to build this workbench that won’t take up too much garage space yet will provide you with an efficient work and storage space.

DIY garage workbench
DIY workbench, Image via: fixthisbuildthat

4- All Purpose Workbench

Big DIY projects and small DIY projects can be done on this all purpose workbench by familyhandyman. This bench can handle a variety of household tasks and you will wonder how you ever got along without it.

Use this diy garage workbench to fold laundry on and store cleaning supplies on the bottom shelf, or use it for woodworking projects or automotive repair projects. This workbench is versatile and can be customized to fit any size space in the garage, laundry room, or craft room.

This is an easy and affordable DIY project, so you may want to build more than one for use in different rooms of your home.

All Purpose Workbench
All Purpose Workbench, Image via: familyhandyman

5- Corner Workbench

Use these free plans to create a customized corner workbench by myoutdoorplans that will fit perfectly into your garage.

Get rid of the clutter and get your tools organized into one location for easy access. A corner workbench utilizes space that typically is wasted in a garage and transforms it into a highly functional workspace.

The detailed plans will show you how to build it to fit into your exact corner space.

customized corner workbench
customized corner workbench, Image via: myoutdoorplans

6- Workbench Table

These free DIY workbench plans by lowes will show you how to build a basic wooden table that is extra sturdy for your garage.

If you just need a solid work surface for all your home improvement or hobby projects, this workbench is for you. It is simple and quick to build and a shelf can be added to the bottom if more storage space on the bench is needed.

DIY workbench plans
DIY workbench plans, Image via: lowes

7- Portable Workbench

This large workbench has open shelving on the bottom for easy tool access and it has wheels so it’s easy to roll around to the job site.

Move the bench where to the location of your DIY project or just roll it outside of the garage while you work so you can enjoy some fresh air and sunshine. The back pegboard keeps small tools handy and the bottom storage shelves can easily accommodate larger tools.

Use these free garage workbench plans by shanty-2-chic and build yourself a new workspace this weekend. You may also like to check out diy garage air heaters.

garage workbench plans
garage workbench plans, Image via: shanty-2-chic

8- Ultimate Workbench

This garage workbench by ana-white is the ultimate in design and functionality we love it. It looks like one large workbench with bottom storage, but looks are deceiving. On each side is a towable cart that rolls out from under the workbench so you can have easy access to tools.

Each towable cart has heavy-duty shelves that will hold power tools and make them available where ever they are needed. The carts also have a solid top surface that will increase your work space for completing projects.

At the end of the work day, roll the portable cart back under the stationary part of the workbench for a neat, attractive work space.

garage workbench
garage workbench, Image via: ana-white

9- Cheap Workbench

Cheap and quick to build but very sturdy to work on. This garage workbench idea by familyhandyman will show you how to build a functional work space for under $50.

Store tools on the bottom shelf and top shelves and enjoy working after dark with an overhead light on the large work surface.

The electrical outlet allows you to plug in power tools and hooks on the side allow you to hang items up and keep them at your fingertips.

garage workbench idea
garage workbench idea, Image via: familyhandyman

10- Workshop Assembly Table

More than a workbench, this is an assembly table with everything right at your fingertips. These garage workbench plans sawdust2stitches will show you how to build this ultimate work station for your home garage.

Here is a detailed tutorial that takes you through the DIY project so you can customize a workshop table like this one that will fit your garage space and hold all of your power tools. With a place for everything, it will be easy to keep everything in its’ place so home assembly projects will be more efficient to complete.

Workshop Assembly Table
Workshop Assembly Table, Image via: sawdust2stitches

11- Fold Down Workbench

We suggest this DIY garage workbench to those who have a small garage area or need to do small woodworking projects. This space-saving workbench idea allows even the smallest garage to have a solid work surface and tool storage area.

This DIY garage workbench by familyhandyman folds up against the wall when not in use has hidden storage inside so all your tools are kept out of sight. When the work surface or a tool is needed, the workbench quickly folds down for easy access.

Fold Down Workbench
Fold Down Workbench, Image via: familyhandyman

12- Mobile Workbench

This large mobile workbench by instructables can go where you need it to be and carry all your tools securely. Slide-out end panels make storage and tool access easy and the front drawers hold smaller tools securely until they are needed for a project.

Large items, like a shop vac, fit perfectly in the bottom of the workbench and are easily accessible. The large work surface on top is covered with a piece of sheet metal so various types of projects can be done on the work surface without harming the plywood this DIY workbench is built with.

large mobile workbench
large mobile workbench, Image via: instructables

13- Large Work Table

Here are the plans for a 4×8 feet work table by jenwoodhouse that can be used in many different ways in the garage. Easy and straightforward build and it’s budget-friendly with a total cost of under $100.

The large size provides room for large projects or for two people to working together on a DIY project.

Large Work Table
Large Work Table, Image via: jenwoodhouse

14- Timber Workbench With Built-in Stools

This garage workbench plan by instructables could double as a plan for a kitchen bar or table because it is so rustically attractive.

Made from rough-cut lumber, two large slabs of wood create a solid work surface and sturdy table legs made from timber hold the table in place. Metal pipes hold everything together and connects the stools to the workbench to compliment the rustic appearance.

Great idea for use on a homestead or cabin as well as in a garage. If you have a tree that needs to be cut down on your property, here is a great idea for using the lumber.

Timber Workbench With Built-in Stools
Timber Workbench With Built-in Stools, Image via: instructables

15- Legless Workbench

This is a great idea for a small garage – a narrow legless workbench by instructables. Clean-up is easier when you don’t have to work around the legs of a piece of furniture and the work surface size can be customized to fit your garage space.

This is a simple sturdy bench that is attached to the wall and it provides plenty of work space without taking up the entire garage floor.

small garage - a narrow
small garage – a narrow, Image via: instructables

16- Folding Workbench

This is a solid and sturdy that is easy to build when you follow these garage workbench plans by familyhandyman. It only requires 2 sheets of plywood and a few pieces of hardware to create. Build time is minimal too, in less than a day you will be able to complete this DIY project with these free detailed plans.

When the work surface is not needed, this DIY workbench folds down into a compact until that can be stored in the corner of your garage. Add a side pegboard or hooks for increased storage if desired. You may also like to check out reloading bench plans.

garage workbench plans
garage workbench plans, Image via: familyhandyman

17- Small Space Workbench

Here is a great idea for creating a sturdy work surface in a small space. Use these garage workbench plans by hgtv to build a small fold down workbench that folds up flush against the wall when not in use.

There will be plenty of room left in the garage for other items if you use this space-saving idea. A pegboard behind the space provide places to hang tools and are within easy reach when the workbench is folded down or when it’s folded up.

This affordable DIY project can be completed in less than a day and cost under $50.

garage workbench plans
Garage workbench plans, Image via: hgtv

18- Table Saw Outlet Feed

If you use a table saw frequently and need an outlet feed to make the sawing easier, then check out this DIY workbench by woodmagazine.

It’s a solid build table with plenty of drawer storage underneath. The key to this project being so compatible with a table saw is to build the table slightly lower than your table saw. This is a multi-functional and sturdy workbench that every serious DIYer needs in their garage.

DIY workbench
                              DIY workbench, Image via: woodmagazine

19- Heavy Duty Workbench

Use these free plans to build a customized heavy duty workbench by oneprojectcloser that will keep all of your tools in one location and provide you with ample work space.

This is a sturdy, free-standing, inexpensive workbench that has caters so it’s easy to move as needed. With all of your tools stored in this movable workbench, it will enable you to be more efficient while working and get the job done faster.

Stop wasting time looking for tools, keep them within easy reach at all times with this heavy duty workbench on wheels. The simple build can be completed in one day and for under $100.

free plans to build a customized heavy duty workbench
free plans to build a customized heavy duty workbench, Image  via: oneprojectcloser

20- Workbench With Power

If you frequently work with power tools that run off electricity, then this garage bench idea is for you.

This sturdy workbench has several electrical outlets in the front and back, plus a built-in wood vise to hold your DIY project secure while you work on them. The workbench has 8 drawers and is finished with an attractive wood veneer so it looks like a piece of furniture that belongs in the house instead of a tool cabinet for a garage.

Use these plans and learn how to build a garage workbench by instructables like this one for your home workspace.

how to build a garage workbench
Workbench With Power, Image  via: instructables

21- Wood Workbench

These free detailed plans will show you how to build a wood workbench with 2 open storage shelves and a large top surface for completing projects.

Get your garage organized and de-cluttered with this DIY garage workbench by dreamdesigndiy that will enable you to keep all your work tools in one location. The solid construction can hold up to years of hard work and the bottom casters make moving the workbench very easy.

Use your tools to build this wood workbench this weekend, then store large and small tools on the open bottom shelves to keep your garage looking tidy.

DIY garage workbench
DIY garage workbench, Image via: dreamdesigndiy


DIY garage workbench provides you a designated work area and space to store all your tools and equipment in one single location. This helps you to do all your DIY woodworking tasks easier. You can select any of the DIY garage workbench plans we have shared you above to build your own garage workbench.

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