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13 Shooting Bench Plans In A Variety Of Shapes And Sizes

If you love shooting and this is your hobby, then you definitely will need the shooting benches. In most cases, they are pretty pricy to purchase and they may not have all the features that you need. Additionally, making the DIY shooting bench can be a pretty easy thing to do.

So, why waste money when you can do a homemade shooting bench? No worries if you do not know where to start. Our article below will explore and explain some of the most useful instructions on how to do your own DIY shooting benches.

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1.   A perfect step-by-step DIY Concrete Shooting Bench And Slab

A concrete shooting bench and slab can be the perfect solution if you are looking for something very strong and durable. The work can actually be done right under $300.

In A small step-by-step DIY project, the DIYer talks about his experience of building the concrete shooting bench and the slab.  DIY project also shares some useful DIY projects which will help you to make the plan for your shooting bench.

Additionally, there is a list of needed materials and their prices. So, you know in advance what you will need and how much will it cost.

In the DIY project, the DIYer closely explains how to do each part of the shooting bench. For example, he first explains how to do a concrete slab.

As you go on, it teaches how to build the base, install the top, and then set the bench top. He also talks about his mistakes and what he would do differently.

It is worth mentioning, that this shooting bench plan also includes a video. Hearing about his experience can be very useful in your shooting bench project. This particular project will guide you to do the concrete shooting bench with a very strong support system.

Shooting Bench Plans

2.   Instructions For Making DIY “2X4s Plans” Shooting Bench

With this DIY project, you will be able to make a simple shooting bench with a minimum amount of materials. You will only need 2X4s plans and screws.

At the beginning of the DIY project, you will come across some useful tips. For example, the DIYer states that you will have to buy lumber that is weather-resistant. In such cases, Cedar and Pine can be useful.

In the DIY project, there are detailed illustrations of each step, with its measurements. So, it gives you all the essential information to do a homemade shooting bench yourself. A project will only take one weekend to be finished.

In addition to that, there is also a list of tools that will be needed and materials. These instructions will help you from beginning to end to build the wooden 2X4s plans shooting bench.

simple shooting bench

3.   Homemade DIY Shooting Bench

This homemade shooting bench project, which is very easy to do, is more like a photo blog than written instructions or video. In the project description, you will come across pictures of the wooden shooting bench-building process.

In addition, the finished result is also shown. Even though the pictures seem interesting and show the result pretty well, the shooting bench plan is lacking specification. In the pictures, the used tools are also shown too.

So, even though it is not a detailed DIY project, you get to see some parts of the process and what is ahead of you.

Homemade DIY Shooting Bench

4.   Ultimate Shooting Bench Building DIY project

A shooting bench that is strong and very durable will last for a long time. These particular DIY shooting bench instructions will help you to build the perfect ultimate shooting benchAnother benefit of this particular bench type is that it does not get affected by humidity, rainfall, heat, sunshine, or time.

Typically building the shooting benches from wood is easier. However, a concrete shooting bench is not difficult to do either if you follow the instructions carefully.

At the beginning of the DOY project, the DIYer talks about his experience regarding the shooting benches. The importance of steady and high-quality shooting table plans is also shown.

In the DIY project, you will see that the three phases of the construction process are shown. The first phase is making a slab foundation. After that, the legs are done, and the final stage of the building process is making the table.

The pictures are added to the written DIY project, which makes every step clearer and better to understand. Overall, this shooting bench plan is great if you want to make a steady, high-quality, concrete shooting bench.

Ultimate Shooting Bench Building DIY project

5.   “Outdoor With The Morgans” Shooting Bench Building Instructions

Shooting the bench-building process in an 18-minute-long YouTube video is a great way to get started with your DIY project.  The viewer also gets to see what are all the needed materials and tools. As he puts the wood plates together, he also explains which materials are better and what is the exact measurement of different parts.

The DIYer in the video explains important steps as he goes through the process. As you go through the comments and reviews, you will see that many people tried to follow this DIY project and succeeded.

So, if you want to do your own low-cost homemade shooting bench, then this is the perfect video guide for you.

6.   Easy DIY Shooting Bench Instructions

Wooden shooting bench can be relatively easy to make and also will cost much less. The video is 10 minutes long and starts by showing the result of a beautiful wooden shooting bench. So, you know what will your shooting bench look like if you follow this shooting bench plan carefully.

The great thing about this video DIY project is that he explains the steps well and carefully. As the video goes on, you can see the important information is written in large font size, so you will not be able to miss it.

The building process is pictured perfectly there. The DIYer in the video slowly explains all the details such as measurements of the plates and shows shooting bench plans. Every time he uses new tool, he talks about how to properly work with it and why it is necessary.

So, by following this instruction, you can build your own homemade shooting bench easily.

7.   Building Portable Shooting Bench

As already mentioned above, there are many different types of shooting benches. One of the best varieties is portable shooting benches. This DIY project is very detailed instructions for a DIY portable shooting bench.

It is worth mentioning that the project has very useful external links which will provide you with more information about the topic.

At the beginning of the plan, there are plans for a shooting bench. It is followed by the list of materials that will be needed. There are detailed instructions for the measurements of each material, which can be very useful.

In addition to that, there are very clear pictures that show every step of the process. This shooting bench plan, which is full of notes and useful information will definitely help you to build the portable shooting bench on your own.

Building Portable Shooting Bench

8.   Instructions For Large Shooting Bench Projects

A large-size shooting bench DIY project will help you in every step of the process. However, it is more complicated too, and requires some experience.

At the beginning of the DIY project, this particular project takes more time to be completed. It also requires specialized equipment. There, you will see two types of shooting projects done.

The first bench will have an Adjustable elevation and portable swivel top. The second one is a rock-solid folding shooting bench.

The bench in this project is mainly made out of steel. In the guide, you will see a list of other needed tools and materials. However, this instruction is lacking the main components- detailed, step-by-step instructions.

large-size shooting bench

9.   DIY Mobile Shooting Bench

The next plan shows how to do the DIY mobile shooting bench. This particular DIY project shows only two pictures and minor information. The shooting bench that is shown there has wheels and is large in size.

The DIYer briefly talks about the materials that he used in the building process. In addition to that, you can also see the external link to the instructions.

To conclude, this shooting bench plan also shows the end result. Therefore, you will probably need some previous experience to finalize this project.

DIY Mobile Shooting Bench

10.   Shooting Bench Plans For Your DIY Project

If you are looking for a beginner-friendly DIY project, then this particular shooting bench plans can be very helpful. On the main page of the instructions, there are 12 steps of the process. Each of them is explained well with the pictures, tables, and illustrations.

The first part is material lists. When clicking on this option, you will see the list of all materials that you may need with the exact measurements. After that, there are steps discussing the tabletop, leg mount, Assembly, and finishing up.

This shooting bench plan is a good, brief overview of the building process. It is suitable for beginners too and when following instructions, will turn out perfect.

Shooting Bench Plans For Your DIY Project

11.   PDF Instructions For Shooting Bench Plans

Here, you will come across something different. In this case, you will see shooting bench plans in a PDF document. At the beginning of the document, there is a list of needed materials for the project.

The list includes a Circular saw, Drill, level, square, pencil, tape measure, file, sander, hole saw, and eye and year protection. After the tools, then comes the list of materials with the needed measurements.

On the third page, you will come across the breakdown of how the wood needs to be cut. This is a very smart and good visualization. After that, the whole process is explained in detail, and pictures and drawings are added too.

This is a definitely DIY project that will help you build a wooden shooting bench with little to no experience.

Shooting Bench Plans

12.   Get Free Shooting Bench Plans

Are you looking for some free bench plans? This particular DIY project offers very useful information and provides free shooting bench plans. It also teaches how to do the double shooting bench from the basic materials.

At the beginning of the DIY project, you can see the pictures of projects that were done using those plans for shooting bench. The duration of this project is one day and there, you will also be able to see the list of materials and tools that will be needed in the process.

The plans are visualized well with the illustrations. It also has the exact measurements of the wood and how to cut it. In these particular instructions, you will also get some tips that can be very helpful in the process.

In the comments section, people discuss how much these plans helped them in finalizing the project.

Get Free Shooting Bench Plans

13.   DIY Shooting Bench Under $100

The last DIY project shows how to make a DIY shooting bench under $100. It is a youtube video made by “Outdoors with the morgans”. It teaches how to build a shooting bench that is suitable for both right-handed and left-handed shooters.

The instructions show the whole process starting from the cut of the wood, and ending with showing the beautiful final result. In the video, you will see the process itself as long as the explanatory DIY project.

The DIYer, who seems to be pretty experienced shares tips on the DIY shooting bench. 13 minutes long video also shows you the measurements of the materials and tells about the needed tools. Overall, it is a pretty good shooting bench plan that will help you to start and finish your project easily.


Shooting benches are just what their name implies: the bench that is used when shooting. They have been around since the 19th century. There actually is a sport called bench shooting.

The sport has gained enormous popularity and is followed by many people all around the world. A shooting bench’s main function is to steady the pistol as much as possible, enabling the optimum shooting technique. You can make any type of shooting bench yourself by following the instructions.

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