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15 DIY Wishing Well Plans To Add Charm To Your Garden Or Yard

If you’re looking to add charm to your garden or yard, look into different DIY wishing well plans we have collected for you. A wishing well is a decorative piece that adds an enchanting touch to your exterior. Of course, you can also use your wishing well as a functional piece, such as a planter, or as a way to store water for your garden.

You can find a wide range of wishing well plans to consider for your exterior. While most of the wishing wells are made of wood, the plans feature different sizes and styles. You may even want to decorate your wishing well by staining or painting it. If you’re interested in adding character to your garden or yard, check out the following DIY wishing well plans we bring for you.

1. Multipurpose DIY Wishing Well

When browsing through wooden wishing well plans by howtospecialist, you may enjoy a multipurpose wishing well. This way, you’re building a piece that can be used in different situations. Place it in the middle of your yard as a decorative piece or in your garden as a planter. If you’re hosting a wedding, shower or anniversary party, a DIY wishing well is a great addition to your decor. It could take a week to build your well, but it’s worth it to have a charming piece for your yard.

Multipurpose DIY Wishing Well
Multipurpose DIY Wishing Well, Image via: howtospecialist

2. DIY Wishing Well Planter

For these wishing well plans by instructables, you’re going to build a wishing well planter. In the center of your wishing well is a box, and that box is going to hold the planter. This way, it’s easy to add or remove your planter as needed. Use it as a standalone planter on your porch or in your backyard, or use it to add another plant or flower arrangement to an existing garden. You may also like to see: DIY zen garden ideas.

DIY Wishing Well Planter
DIY Wishing Well Planter, Image via: instructables

3. DIY Wishing Well With Bucket

What would a wooden wishing well be without a bucket? Once you’re finished building your wishing well, you’re going to attach a metal bucket or pail to the top using rope. You can leave the bucket empty to serve as an accent, or you can turn the bucket into a planter. Instead of a standard round or square wishing well, this wishing well is going to be in the shape of a hexagon.

DIY Wishing Well With Bucket
DIY Wishing Well With Bucket

4. DIY Wishing Well With Handle

When learning how to build a wishing well such as this one by construct101, you’re going to find most, if not all, of the wishing well plans use wooden materials. Now, these plans call for a handle, which may not be included in other plans. The handle may be stationary or movable, but this depends on your personal preference. You can also attach a bucket, and stain or paint your wishing well.

DIY Wishing Well With Handle
DIY wishing well image via: construct101

5. Garden Wishing Well

You’re sure to love this set of DIY wishing well plans by buildeazy, as you’re building a garden wishing well. Instead of a bucket attached to the top of the well, you’re going to attach a planter with beautiful greenery, as well as a handle. You can switch out the planter as needed. It’s a great standalone piece if you don’t have a garden, but you can also use it to add more greenery to an existing garden.

Garden Wishing Well
Garden Wishing Well, Image via: buildeazy

6. Painted DIY Wishing Well

A painted wishing well by hometalk is perfect if you’re looking to decorate your finished product. You want to paint the wishing well to match your exterior, such as white with a dark red trim. A wishing well that matches your exterior is charming and adorable, and your guests and neighbors are sure to agree. You’re also going to use the bucket as a planter, or you can attach your own planter, just like in the previous plans.

Painted DIY Wishing Well
Painted DIY Wishing Well, Image via: hometalk

7. DIY Wishing Well Planter

Use these wishing well plans to build a DIY wishing well planter by howtospecialist. You’re building a square wishing well that can sit in your garden or backyard. Place a planter box inside the well itself, or attach a bucket to use as a planter, this depends on your personal preference. You also have the option of staining your wooden wishing well to add a dark but natural shade to it. You may also like to see: diy garden markers and labels.

DIY Wishing Well Planter
square wishing well planter, Image via: howtospecialist

8. Wishing Well Burn Barrel

If you’re looking for metal and wooden wishing well plans like this one by instructables that stand out, consider a wishing well burn barrel. From an evening in the backyard to a weekend of camping, this piece is convenient for cooking and keeping warm. The bucket, which can be traded for a camping kettle or hanging pot, is used to cook food or warm water. Now, it’s important to follow all the instructions, as you need to ensure you’re building a safe piece that doesn’t trap heat. Tutorial:

Wishing Well Burn Barrel
Wishing Well Burn Barrel, Image via: instructables

9. DIY Wishing Well Planter

With these wishing well plans, you’re building a DIY wishing well planter such as this one by Ana-White. This charming octagon-shaped well is a great planter for your garden or yard. It features a handle, as well as a darker stain. For this project, the wishing well is stained in an oxford brown shade, creating an attractive but natural piece for your exterior. Of course, you’re going to use the interior of the wishing well as a planter. You may also like to see: rain gutter garden ideas.

DIY Wishing Well Planter
wishing well plans,, image via: Ana-White

10. Wooden Wishing Well for Gardens

Here we have another set of plan for building a wooden wishing well in this youtube video for your garden. The difference is the hole of the well is a solid surface. However, there’s a small door for the bucket, which you’ll lower down into the well. You can use the well for water for your garden, or you can get creative and store beverages in the well for gatherings. Of course, you can leave the well empty and only use it for decorative purposes. You may also like to see: diy water fountain.

11. Solid DIY Wishing Well

With these wishing well plans by gardenplansfree you’re going to build a solid wishing well, which means it’s not going to have an opening in the top for a bucket. You can still attach a bucket and handle for decorative purposes, but you’re not going to lower it down into the well. Instead, you can use the bucket as a planter, attach an actual planter or use the well as a decorative piece.

Solid DIY Wishing Well
Solid DIY Wishing Well, Image via: gardenplansfree

12. Cheap Wishing Well

When building a cheap DIY wishing well like this one on youtube, keep in mind that it’s cheap in cost and not cheap in quality. You can find the materials at your local hardware store, or you may even have materials from another project. While it’s going to take a bit of work to build your wishing well, you can rest assured that you’re not breaking the bank to add a decorative piece to your exterior.

13. Wooden Wishing Well

As you already know, you can find a variety of wooden wishing well plans like this one by myoutdoorplans. Some plans feature a bucket and handle, while other plans allow you to switch out the bucket for a planter. There are also plans that don’t feature a bucket or planter at all, as they’re only for decorative purposes. The key is to find the wooden wishing well plans that work for you.

Wooden Wishing Well
Wooden Wishing Well, Image via: myoutdoorplans

14. Elegant DIY Wishing Well

Whether you’re hosting a special event or looking to add sophistication to your exterior, consider an elegant wishing well. For this DIY wishing well by hallmarkchannel, you’re going to use a bucket or basket as the well itself, with twigs on your handle, as well as a tiny metal bucket hanging from the handle. It’s not a standard wishing well, but it’s perfect for greeting cards, greenery or beverages, depending on why you’re building it.

Elegant DIY Wishing Well
Elegant DIY Wishing Well, Image via: hallmarkchannel

15. DIY Wishing Well With Planter

Here we have another set of plans to build a garden wishing well like this one by woodcentral for your planter. You can place your planter in a bucket or attach the planter itself to the well. Of course, your wishing well is made of wood, which can be stained and painted. The wooden materials paired with the gorgeous greenery creates a nature-inspired piece.

DIY Wishing Well With Planter
DIY Wishing Well With Planter, Image via: woodcentral

Ending Note

With such a wide selection of wishing well plans, you’re sure to find a DIY wishing well that fits your style, space and budget.

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