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21 DIY Electric Bike-How To Make An Electric Bicycle At Home

If you are looking for an inexpensive way to travel around town, a DIY electric bike may be just what you need. All the fun and freedom you had on a bicycle as a child can be had in this grown-up version that will take you wherever you want to go without having to pedal. Major cities have designated bike lanes that make this form of transportation fast, safe, and fun. Zip around town to run errands, meet up with friends and get to work on time without having to spend money on public transportation on a homemade electric bike.

Check out our list of these 21 DIY electric bikes to get inspired to build one for yourself.

1- Fastest Electronic Bike (over 50mph)

This model we are going to discuss is built for speed and will get you where you need to go on time. With a top speed of 50mph, this homemade electric bike is fast and can replace a car for normal daily travel.

This is one of the fastest electric bike styles by instructables we like the most and it can reach and maintain a cruising speed of 45-55mph with 4-hours of battery power. The battery charges on a typically 120v household current and it will provide 4-hours of riding time on each charge.

Commute with speed and safety around town on this simple to build DIY electric bike and forget about parking problems. Most cities provide secure bike parking racks throughout the city for free parking and there are always slots available to park.

Fastest Electronic Bike
Fastest Electronic Bike Image via: instructables

2- DIY eBike Scrap Metal Build

Learn how to make an electric bike out of scrap metal in this Youtube video. Source the metal parts from your favorite junkyard and watch this youtube video to discover how to cut and weld the sourced scrap metal to make an electric bike.

If you have the basic metal working tools and basic skills, then you can put together some random parts that will create a new method of transportation for you. Save money on parts, save money on gas and auto insurance, and travel around town in style with this new DIY ebike.

You will feel good knowing you are benefiting the planet by recycling usable material to create a new vehicle that does not cause air pollution.

3- High Speed E-Bike

Get where you want to go quickly with this homemade high speed e bike. This DIY electric bike on Youtube runs on a 12v battery and can travel about 25 miles on a single charge. The ebike can cruise at around 40mph so you won’t be late for an appointment again.

Say goodbye to public transportation and hello to your own high speed ebike that you can build this weekend. Save time, save money, and save gas with this new method of travel. Follow the detailed instructions on this YouTube video that will take you through each phase of the DIY project.

4- Starter Motor Electric Bike

Learn how to build an electric bike in this Youtube video that uses a starter from an old car. The self starting ebike does not require you to pedal it before the battery takes over. The car starter gets the ebike up and running at full speed with just a flip of a toggle switch mounted on the handle bar.

Easy and reliable, using a stater motor allows you to enjoy the ride without having to put any work into the trip. Set down and relax while the bike does all the work for you.

5- Drone Motor Electric Bike

Enjoy traveling on bike trails through woods or on paved roadways with this DIY electric bicycle powered by a drone motor in a youtube video. Using unconventional electronic parts for this build was not easy but this YouTube video will show you the entire process so it will be easier for you to replicate.

The drone motor provides all the power you will need for traveling along dirt trails in wooded landscapes or along paved roadways beside moving vehicles. Go wherever the road takes you with this easy to maneuver homemade electric bike.

6- Washing Machine Motor Bike (65mph)

This guy is thinking way outside the box and used an old washing machine motor to create a DIY electric bike by interestingengineering. Old washing machines are tossed in the junkyard and the spare parts, like the motor, can be bought for just a few dollars.

This is a great way to recycle usable parts and create a reliable method of transportation that will be kind to the planet. An ebike uses no gas or oil and emits no pollution into the air. Insurance is not required and upkeep is minimal.

Be kind to your wallet and the plant by building and using an ebike from used washing machine parts. This fastest electric bike model can reach speeds of over 65mph so you can get to work on time every morning.

Washing Machine Motor Bike
Washing Machine Motor Bike Image via: interestingengineering

7- Brushless Motor DIY Electric Bike

Travel 25mph on this DIY electric bike on youtube powered by a brushless motor. The YouTube video maker used a 250w reducer brushless motor for this DIY project, but you could use a motor size that will best suit your needs.

The build process is simple and the finished ebike will provide you with speed, safety, and freedom. Travel about without having to stop and fill up the gas tank with fuel or pay high insurance premiums. A homemade electric bicycle is ideal for traveling around town.

8- DIY Electric Bike

Check out these photos of the transformation of a used adult bike from pedal power to battery power. Detailed instructions accompany the photos so if you want to transform an old bike into a new DIY ebike such as this one by instructables, the process will be simple.

If you don’t already have an adult bike, a good used one can be purchased at a flea market, thrift shop, or private seller. For less than $100 you can replicate this same bike transformation in your home workshop.

A DIY e bike uses no gas, so you will save a ton of money on gas and be eco-friendly.

DIY Electric Bike
DIY Electric Bike Image via: instructables

9- Cheapest Electric Bike

Enjoy an alternate method of transportation without investing a lot of money into with these fee plans. Learn how to build a reliable DIY electric bike in this youtube video for under $200 .

This would be a great DIY project to work on while in quarantine and it will provide you with cheap transportation. Ideal for use on those days when both the gas tank and wallet are empty.  Save money on this DIY project while building it with the ideas provided in the YouTube video and save money on future fuel purchases.

10- DIY Motorized Bike

Ever dream of riding a bike without having to pedal it? Going uphill can be difficult when riding a traditional pedal bicycle but that can be a thing of the past with this homemade motorized bike on youtube.

Make your dream come true and enjoy riding a bike without pedaling when you build this DIY motorized bike. This YouTube video will take you through the entire building process so you can build one for yourself this weekend.

Ride to work or ride for fun without having to pedal. The motor provides the power and you get to enjoy the ride. Travel where you want to go cheaply and easily with this DIY project idea.

11- DIY Bike Conversion Kit

This is a simple, straightforward, and inexpensive DIY project that will transform an ordinary bike into a DIY electric bike like this one at Wikihow.

All you need is a bike in good working order, a conversion kit, and a battery. A day or two to put it all together and you can be cruising down the road enjoying the scenery and saving money. These detailed instructions will show you every step of the building process so you can use a conversion kit to transform a pedal bike into an ebike this weekend.

DIY Bike Conversion Kit
DIY Bike Conversion Kit Image via: Wikihow

12- Beautiful And Fastest Electric Bike

This is the next level of homemade electric bikes by inverse. It’s a hybrid design that uses off the shelf parts and custom made 3D parts and the result is a beautiful and fastest electric bike.

The ebike is powerful and can reach 50mph in less than 5 seconds. The top speed is 70mph that puts this ebike in the category of a motorcycle. The custom designed parts that were created on a 3D printer give the ebike a look that is much like a motorcycle also.

Use these free plans to build yourself one and make people wonder if it’s an electric bike or a motorcycle. Only you will know for sure.

Beautiful And Fastest Electric Bike
Image via: inverse

13- Electric Cycle

This is a simple homemade electric cycle by instructables that will provide you with fuss-free and cheap transportation.

Nothing fancy about this ebike but it is reliable and easy to build. An adult bike, a 120W DC motor and 2 – 12v batteries can be joined together with the free instructions provided on this website so you can have cheap and easy transportation.

The parts for this DIY project are inexpensive and the peace of mind that your own reliable transportation will provide is priceless. Follow these step by step instructions and build yourself a DIY electric bike this weekend.

homemade electric cycle
homemade electric cycle Image via: instructables

14- 1,500W E-Bike

If you want to save money on your daily commute but still arrive at your destination swiftly, a DIY ebike may be just right for you.

Using a DIY electric bike conversion kit like the one shown in this Youtube video can transform your ordinary bike into an efficient DIY electric bicycle. A 1,500W ebike can reach speeds of up to 65 miles per hour and enable you to reach your destination as fast as if you were driving a car. Traveling on a DIY electric bike in this youtube video can help you avoid traffic jams so you may be able to cut down your commuting time.

A powerful ebike like this one can go up hills without any problems. It also has pedal assist so you can save battery power and Bluetooth connectivity so you can stay in touch while cruising down the highway.

15- Two Horse Power

This YouTube video will show you how to make an electric bike out of your traditional pedal style bike.

This two horse power motor is powerful enough to run this DIY electric bike on Youtube all the way to your job and back home. Avoid the traffic and don’t spend any money on gas when you travel on a stylish homemade electric bike like this one.

A two horse power motor is also very quiet so you will be able to carry on phone conversations or listen to music while you are traveling. If you have to travel for many miles and the battery runs out, you can still keep going by pedaling the bicycle. The small electric motor does not add much weight to the bike so pedaling is still easy.

16- High Speed DIY Electric Bike

If you want to get to your destination fast, this high speed electric bike will be perfect for you. Get detailed instructions for creating a DIY electric bike in this Youtube video. Once the project is completed, you will be able to travel up to 55 miles per hour without using any gas.

The large 1,500W battery will keep the power going for a long time on this ebike. You can also pedal assist to prolong the life of the battery charge and travel for long distances. You will be able to travel up to 75 miles on a single charge on this DIY electric bike.

If you charge the battery often and don’t let it run completely out it won’t take very long to re-charge.

17- Motorcycle Look

This YouTube video will show you how to build your own ebike that looks more like a motorcycle than a bicycle.

Complete with a head light and center motor that is covered, at first glance this DIY electric bike looks like a motorcycle. A closer inspection reveals this is a DIY electric bike conversion done by kirby in her youtube channel and not a motorcycle. This is not a difficult DIY project and it will provide multiple benefits.

You will be able to travel in style and arrive at your destination swiftly on this homemade ebike. You will also save money on gas and do your part to cut down on air pollution. Being eco-friendly while traveling on a motorized bike is a good deal for everyone.

18- Recycled Junk Bikes

Give a couple of old junk bikes new life with these free diy electric bike plans on Youtube video. Recycled parts from junk bikes are used to build a DIY electric bike. The new electric bike can easily reach speeds of over 60 miles per hour and it won’t use any gas.

By recycling old junk bikes you will save money on building costs and you will save money on gas. Everyone wins with this homemade electric bike. Riding up hill is easy when you don’t have to pedal and a windy day won’t slow you down when you have electric power propelling the bike along.

An electric bicycle is a little heavier than an ordinary bike, so keep that in mind when calculating the size of the battery that you want on your ebike. If you have a garage or live on the ground level, the weight of an ebike won’t be a problem.

19- Electric Cycle

You don’t have to quit riding a bike after you grow up, just put an electric motor on it to make riding faster and easier. This YouTube video will show you how to convert your old bike into a new electric bike in this Youtube video that will get you where you want to go very fast.

Bike riding is good exercise but as we get older pedaling up hills or over long distances becomes more difficult. Enjoy the best of both worlds by converting your bike into an E-Bike and letting the electric motor do the hard work and just pedal on the level pavement.

20- Electric Mountain Bike

If you enjoy riding on rough terrain in the mountains, then you need to build an electric mountain bike to make riding easier.

You will be able to enjoy the outdoor scenery more when the electric bike like in this Youtube Video is doing all the hard work for you. Turn the battery power on when climbing up large hills or when riding on challenging trails. When the riding trails smooth out, use pedal assist to save your battery power and get in some exercise.

This YouTube video will provide you with all the details for building this DIY electric mountain bike. You supply the building parts and the mountain to ride the completed ebike on.

21- Cheap Conversion

These free plans will show you how to convert your bike to a DIY electric bike by spectrum.ieee without spending a lot of money.

This is a great idea for those who are not sure if they would like an electric bike but want to try one. With this build, you won’t be spending a lot of money upfront but the ebike you build will be efficient.

You can print out these detailed instructions and build your own ebike for less than $200. A DIY electric bike is eco-friendly, cheap to operate, and gets you where you need to go quickly.

DIY electric bike
DIY electric bike Image via: spectrum.ieee

Ending Note

Fuel cost is getting higher every month since after covid-19 panadamic. Everyday we are challenged with energy prices and finding an alternative source of energy. Electric bicycle is an ideal solution to reduce our travel expenses as well as having some fun while riding on bicycles just like we did in our childhood. Select any of these DIY electric bikes from our vast list that you find easy to build.

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