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  1. OTR Homegrown
    OTR Homegrown at |

    Great vertical garden images and examples. Nice pics. The soda bottle wall design looked very sharp, I love how they used gravity as a design element ala Buckminster Fuller.

  2. OLG
    OLG at |

    Great ideas to make the most out of limited space. I really like the indoor kitchen idea.

  3. Rabia Ahmad
    Rabia Ahmad at |

    Thanks for sharing..:)

  4. vertical gardens
    vertical gardens at |

    It’s great example of creativity and imagination and I would say that it’s a wonderful and creative idea that automatically promise success. Furthermore, I would like to experiment this design with some of my favorite colors.

  5. Colin Lee
    Colin Lee at |

    Great pictures and a great way to show how to build vertical garden on small spaces. I particularly liked the idea of using containers and pouches to grow trees. It is easy and takes less time. Thank you once again for sharing the ideas.

  6. Oliver The Landscaper
    Oliver The Landscaper at |

    Thanks for this massive list! Everything is good but one that got my attention was the fern and moss painting. Very original, I must say!

  7. Kopila Sen
    Kopila Sen at |

    Thanks !

    Wonderful posts. I run a homestay in Kathmandu. Kathmandu is bustling town with rampant urbanization. I have been trying to make things better by adopting eco friendly lifestyle in city and this is how I found this post. This is really helpful. Because of lack of space, I need to do vertical gardening. I think I can use plastic bottles in the first phase to grow my spices like coriander. The listings above gave me lot of ideas. I will definitely use more stuffs like old window (from above) from my store.

    Thanks again !

  8. vijayakumar
    vijayakumar at |

    thanks for sharing. I like planting in soda bottle ,I will try.


    Thanks. I am trying vertical garden in my home ( Tamil nadu, India). The media which i have put is mixture of soil, sand and perlite. But the plants not responding well with this media. I have put Rhoeodiscolor, Asparagus, Ixora dwarf and pantanas. Is there any special media for the vertical garden plants? Please advice.


  10. Darlene Donovan
    Darlene Donovan at |

    Wonderfully designed gardens! The idea about the soda bottles is quite good. I moved in a new house recently and just yesterday found few bags full of bottles in the basement (such careless tenants!). And in the backyard there’s the perfect wall to hang the planters. Thanks for sharing!

  11. Jyotsna
    Jyotsna at |

    Fantastic ideas. Is it easy to get this vertical garden in an already constructed house?
    Thank you


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