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7 Effective Ways To Getting Rid Of Moles In The Yard

It is the dream of every housewife to have a nice looking garden with an emerald green lawn. Most often, they toil for achieving this dream and realize it by creating beautiful lawns. It is quite possible for such housewives to witness the beauty of their lawns being disturbed by moles that leave mounds of dust excavated from lower layers of the gardens strewn all over. Quite naturally, they will look for ways to eliminate these little diggers.

There are more reasons than having to manage with mounds for one to try and eliminate these creatures. Since the tunnels created by these unwelcome guests of your garden are close to the surface, a visitor of yours unsuspectingly walk in your beautiful lawn could get her ankle sprained if she steps on top of one. Treatment for such an accident could cost a lot. Also, these tunnels provide paths for parasites to reach the roots of your plants.

The following are seven successful ways to eliminate them.

1.  Catch them and release them in a safe area: This is the best way to get rid of moles if you want to do it in a humane way. The methodology is simple. The first thing to do is to locate an area where moles dig. After finding a tunnel, you need to dig a pit that is able to hold an empty can. Leave the can with its open end at the level of the tunnel. Cover the can with an empty shoe box or something of the sort to make it dark. Inspect this simple trap from time to time. You could pick up the moles trapped and release them in a safe distance away.

Catch them and release them in a safe area

2.  Use a Commercially available trap: When you go to the pest control product store you could buy a trap which usually is spring loaded. These traps kill the vermin when it attempts to feed on the bait. 

Mole Trap


3.  Use repellents: Those who want to know how to get rid of a mole without harming it could formulate repellents for moles and spray them in lawns inhabited by them. The mixture will have soap, cayenne pepper and castor oil. This mixture will cause irritation to moles when it comes in contact with their skins. Therefore, they will avoid coming to your garden.

moles repellents
Image via: plantprotec


4.  Put a Barrier around your garden: Unlike catching or killing moles this is a more permanent solution if you use it the right way. The only thing to do is to dig a trench around 2 feet deep. The barrier could be a mesh that will not allow the little diggers to cross. You also could fill it with gravel or clay. Such a barrier has to be 8 to 12 inches in width.

wire mesh barrier


5.  Use of natural repellents: This is how to get rid of moles naturally. Planting garlic and chocolate lilies in your garden is a very effective natural way to control them as moles dislike these plants. They will go and find a place that is devoid of such plants when you do so.

chocolate lilies


6.  Using baits: Use of baits is for those who want to know how to kill moles. There are baits that are poisonous to moles which you could buy in the shop. Some of them look like worms while there are others such as poison peanuts which could be left on the trails where moles dig. When you use this method, you need to make sure that pets or kids will not be able to pick them up.

moles baits


7.  Use of vibrating devices: If you want to know how to get rid of ground moles without much effort, this method is for you.  Moles do not like to live in areas where they are disturbed. Therefore, you could repel them effectively by leaving a few wind propelled spinners along the paths they dig. Even you could use battery operated ones.

Image Source
Image via: sustainable.co.za

Since you have seven ways to control moles that dig tunnels in your garden and disturb the appearance of your lawn, you could choose just one or two of them which are most suitable for your garden. When you use them in the proper way, you are sure to eliminate the nuisance caused by them. In case you choose methods that do not kill these little animals, you will also have the satisfaction that you have treated them humanely.

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  2. I strongly disagree with getting rid of moles in your lawn. They are beneficial in that they cultivate the soil that gets compacted by the lawnmower.

  3. Article missed the number one fix that I used and the one that lasts about 5 years. Moles are tearing up your lawn because they have found a food source, namely beetle larvae. The larvae are feeding on your grass roots – and damaging your turf. The remedy? Milky spore. It’s a powdery mixture that contains a bacterium that attacks and kills the beetle larvae, and it is harmless to you, your dog and just about everything else. Do it!

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