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25 DIY Computer Desks For Home Office And PC Gaming

Creating your own computer desk is a great way to have a workspace that suits you perfectly. When I decided to make my own desk at home, it was exciting to think about having a space that was exactly what I wanted for work and gaming. Plus, making it myself meant I could save money and customize it to fit the dimensions of my room.

One of the best things about DIY computer desks is the flexibility they offer. You can design them to have overhead shelving, drawers, benches, and more. Planning mine, I included some overhead shelves to keep my books and other accessories organized. It made my workspace feel more personalized and efficient.

Another advantage of DIY computer desks is that you can tailor them to fit your space perfectly. Measuring the corner of my room where I wanted to place the desk, I decided to go for an ‘L’ shape design. It fit snugly into the corner, maximizing the available space and giving me plenty of room to spread out when working or gaming.

It’s also worth considering building a desk that can accommodate more than one person if you share your space with someone else. When my sibling started working from home too, we decided to make our desk long and straight so we could both use it comfortably. It was a fun project to work on together, and now we have a shared workspace that suits both of our needs.

1- The Bunnings Desk project

If you want to know how to build a computer desk while repurposing an old set of drawers into a functional desk, here we have a diy project to guide you. This project is cost-effective and environmentally friendly, as it allows you to reuse existing furniture rather than buying new pieces. This DIY desk plan by Bunnings is especially perfect for those who want to save money and create a unique and personalized workspace.

The Bunnings Desk project is highly customizable, and you can modify it to suit your specific needs. For example, you can add additional shelves or storage space, or even create a standing desk by attaching a height-adjustable mechanism to the underside of the desk surface.

One of the best things about this project that I like is, it is relatively easy to complete, even for those who are not experienced DIYers. The detailed instructions provided by Bunnings make it easy to follow along and complete the project with confidence. So what are you waiting for?  Start building a computer desk that suits your needs and preferences now!

Steps and material to build this DIY computer desk are

Gather your tools and materials such as Timber screws, Cordless drill, Desk legs, Earplugs, pencil and sawhorse. Measure the area you’ll be putting your desk, Mark out your side and end placement points, use your drill to secure the screws, just place the desk and you are done!

how to build a computer desk
how to build a computer desk, Image via: Bunnings

2- DIY Computer Desk

Having ventured into the realm of DIY projects, I found myself intrigued by the idea of crafting my own computer desk. Popsci’s suggestion to utilize a used door as the primary surface immediately caught my attention. What I personally appreciate about their approach is its simplicity and affordability. Scouring local thrift shops for a cheap door felt like a treasure hunt, and finding the perfect one brought a sense of accomplishment. Assembling the desk with two drawer file cabinets as support was straightforward, and the ample storage space they provided was a pleasant surprise.

What truly sets Popsci’s DIY desk apart, in my experience, is the ingenious use of a hollow core door. Not only does it offer a spacious work area, but the built-in interior space for hiding cords and installing a USB port is a game-changer. This feature not only adds to the desk’s functionality but also helps maintain a clean and organized workspace—a definite plus for someone like me who values tidiness. Moreover, the lightweight nature of the hollow core door makes it easy to maneuver, allowing me to adapt my workspace layout effortlessly.

Overall, my personal experience with the DIY computer desk by Popsci has been overwhelmingly positive. It combines practicality with creativity, offering a customizable solution that fits both my space and budget requirements. Building it was not only a fulfilling project but also resulted in a functional and stylish addition to my home office setup.

DIY Computer Desk
DIY Computer Desk, Image via: Popsci

3- The Good DIY Plans’ Computer Desk

This DIY computer desk design by Good DIY Plans is one of the most simple and practical diy desk plan you will ever find. The Good DIY Plan website page includes step-by-step instructions with a cutting list and diagrams to guide you throughout the building process. The desk is made from plywood and can be completed in a day or two, the thing which makes it a great weekend project.

One of the benefits of I found in this DIY computer desk is, it can fit into any space and can be modified to suit your very specific needs. For example, you can adjust the height and width of the desk to fit your body and space requirements or add shelves or drawers for extra storage. The design is straightforward and doesn’t require advanced woodworking skills, so even if you are not an experienced DIYer, you can easily build this desk with a little patience and effort.

In addition to being functional, this DIY Project is also cost-effective. The materials needed for this diy computer desk are relatively inexpensive, and you can save money by using scraps of plywood or reclaimed wood.

DIY computer desk step by step instructions

Gather material such as saw, impact driver, sander, wood glue, small hinges and pencil. Take require sized lumber pieces, join all the pieces by predrilling holes, adding glue, and adding 3.5-inch-long screws, Next, add the desk top to the main frame of the desk, assemble and attach monitor platform as storage piece, keyboard and mouse tray and the doors to the desk with simple hinges, Next, sand down the desk and you are all done!

DIY computer desk
The Good DIY Plans’ Computer Desk, Image via: Good DIY Plans

4- Lift Top PC Desk

Keep all the computer hardware out of sight with this lift top PC desk. The plans for this DIY computer desk by instructables will show you how to build this functional and attractive desk that will provide plenty of surface space and hide all the hardware components.

If you need multiple monitors and custom built systems for work or gaming, then go an extra step and build a customized PC desk to hold everything neatly.

This desk features storage drawers on each end and built it computers. You will need knowledge of wood working and computer building for this PC desk build, and the results will be amazing.

DIY computer desk
Lift Top PC Desk, Image via: instructables

5- Modern Work Desk

This modern work desk couldn’t be easier to build. On one end is a metal cabinet that supports the wooden desk top and the other end is supported by an easy to build timber frame.

This desk can be built to any length, height, and width that you need. Paint the metal cabinet and wood components in any color to match the decor of your home office.

By using a metal cabinet as support, minimal building will be required for this diy computer desk by bunnings. Build your own desk with these free plans in less than one day. If you have an old metal cabinet and wood that can be upcycled, this DIY project will be very cheap to create.

Modern Work Desk
Modern Work Desk, Image via: bunnings

6- L-Shaped Farmhouse Desk

If you like the look of farmhouse style furniture and need a desk for your home office, you must watch this YouTube video.

You can easily create this adorable, functional computer desk like this one on YouTube for your home office or gaming area with the help of these free and detailed plans. The L shape of the desk takes up very little space in a room but it provides a lot of surface space. You will be able to spread out books, papers, and use more than one computer on this DIY L shaped desk.

You can customize the size so two people can work at the DIY corner desk at the same time. It’s a beautiful piece of furniture that can be built for under $100.

7- Two-Tiered Desk With Shelves

This is the ultimate DIY gaming desk on a Youtube Video and it can be built for $100 with these YouTube instructions.

The two tiers provide ample space for multiple computer monitors, keyboards, and towers. The built-in storage shelves can hold games and other items needed by the serious gamer. In this YouTube video, the desk is painted white and has chrome hardware for a sleek, modern appearance. You can customize the color to make it fit in with any home decor.

What i like about this project, it is simple and classic style will never go out of style and the building cost is budget friendly. The DIY computer desk is strong and sturdy for years of gaming fun. You may also like to check out DIY puzzle tables that will keep you busy for the weekend

8- DIY Desk With Built-In Computer

This awesome design has some amazing features. The solid wood design provides an  appearance that is mid-century modern and looks like a high-end piece of furniture.

The computer is built into the desk and is always out of sight behind a drawer. Ideal for gaming or work, watch this YouTube video to get all the building plans so you can create one for yourself.

If you enjoy wood working, you will love building this DIY computer desk on youtube! And once you have finished the building project, you will love participating in games from this attractive desk for many years.

9- PC Gaming Desk

Check out these detailed plans for a DIY gaming desk by instructables that has room for all your gaming components.

The design has built-in compartments for everything so the desk surface is kept free of clutter. The monitor is mounted on the wall above the desk and the game controllers can be kept on a pull out compartment under the desk top.

This PC gaming desk is ideal for a man cave and will last for years.

PC Gaming Desk
PC Gaming Desk, Image via: instructables

10- Industrial Gaming Desk

If you need an ergonomic gaming desk that has an industrial look, these detailed plans by simplifiedbuilding will show you how to build one.

This custom designed gaming desk features space for multiple monitors and shelving that allows for easy access to everything you need while gaming. The ergonomic design will let you play for hours without becoming fatigued.

Stained wood and chrome pipe fittings give the desk a sleek and industrial appearance that is ideal for a modern living space. The wood and metal design is easy to put together and will provide a sturdy PC gaming desk for years.

DIY Gaming Desk
Industrial Gaming Desk, Image via: simplifiedbuilding

11- Built-in Computer Desk

When living space is small but you still need dedicated desk space for your computer, consider this idea for a built-in computer desk by abeautifulmess.

The work surface is small but functional and it takes up very little space in a room. The desk is attached to the wall and features overhead hangers and shelving to hold items. If the space needs to serve double duty, you could create the desk top to fold and fit flush against the wall when it’s not in use.

Paint the desk and shelving the same color as the walls in the room and it will blend in with the decor. Ideal computer desk plans for home schooling or work from home jobs.

Built-in Computer Desk
Built-in Computer Desk, Image via: abeautifulmess

12- Rustic Modern PC Desk

This DIY computer desk by learn.kregtool is a cross between rustic and modern and will look good in any living space.

The desk provides plenty of surface space for a keyboard and other items needed for work or play. The desk also has an upper shelf for monitors and storage drawers’ underneath. The hair pin legs on one end provide the modern look and the wood top and drawers give the desk a rustic appearance. Quick and easy to build, plus it’s budget friendly.

Rustic Modern PC Desk
Rustic Modern PC Desk, Image via: learn.kregtool

13- Floating Desk

This DIY desk on Youtube appears to be floating in the air with no visible support. The supports are tucked away out of sight underneath the desk surface to give it a floating appearance. Underneath the desk are brackets for supports and it gives the DIY desk a clean, modern appearance. Narrow wire baskets are attached under the desk to hold all the wiring and keep it tucked neatly out of sight.

The finishing touch to this floating desk is the LED rope lights. This is a great desk to place in the bedroom so the LED lights can be used as night lights. Watch this YouTube video to get the detailed building plans.

14- Modern Gaming Desk

This modern gaming desk on a Youtube is a simple design that is built very inexpensively. The straight lines make the wood cutting and assembly an easy task. Modern straight lines and distressed paint finish makes this desk look like it was purchased at a high-end furniture store.

Watch this YouTube video to get the free plans and build a custom gaming desk for your home office this weekend.

15- Wood Computer Desk

This wood computer desk by woodshopdiaries is a classic style that will never go out of style. Center seating area with drawer storage on each side. A narrow center drawer and plenty of surface space complete the classic design.

This desk design is perfect to build for a young daughter’s bedroom because it can grow with her through the years. A desk to do elementary, high school, and college work, then the desk can be used for work from home jobs or gaming fun.

The wood desk is created from plywood and can be painted to stained to match any home decor. Ideal design for use in any room of the home for work, home school, or gaming. Follow these detailed plans and build yourself a classic wood computer desk.

Wood Computer Desk
Classic Style Wooden Computer Desk, Image source: woodshopdiaries

16- Plywood Desk

Get the instructions on how to build a plywood desk in this youtube video. I would suggest this design to you as it provides a professional appearance and would be ideal for use in a business location. The top surface is large and the desk has plenty of storage on each side.

Use this DIY desk for writing, gaming, work, school, or editing YouTube videos. It’s just the right size for home or office and is ideal for multiple uses. Upcycle a used chair and paint the desk and chair the same color so they will display a unified appearance anywhere you place them.

Plywood and 2×4 lumber can be transformed into a beautiful desk when you follow these free building plans.

17- Multi-Shelved PC Desk

Watch this video to learn how to build this fun, functional, multi-shelved PC desk on Youtube.

Design is fun and would make a great addition to a man cave or teenager’s room. The multiple shelves of each end of the desk provide ample storage space so you can keep everything within easy reach. The desk surface provides plenty of space for more than one monitor.

It’s ergonomic to help reduce strain on the back and hands when working or gaming for long hours. If you want something different than a traditional PC desk, check this one out.

DIY computer desk
DIY computer desk, Image via: Youtube

18- The DIY computer desk

This DFR Workshop’s computer desk on youtube is a beautiful and functional piece of furniture that features a unique design with ample storage space. This L-shaped desk has a wooden frame with a distressed finish and a black metal base, giving it a rustic and industrial look. The desk is perfect for a home office or gaming setup and can be customized to suit your very own specific needs.

The instructions for this project are provided in a video tutorial. The video is well-produced and easy to follow, and it provides detailed diagrams and step-by-step instructions. The materials for this project will cost around $200, and it will take a few days to complete.

19- The mobile stand-up computer desk

This computer desk plan by jayscustomcreations is a perfect project for those who need a versatile workspace. This desk is designed to be both portable and adjustable, so it can be used in a variety of settings.

The materials for this diy computer desk are relatively simple, including hardwood, wheels, and basic tools. Build the desk on a sturdy wooden frame with casters attached to the bottom for easy movement. The top of the desk is also adjustable, and this allows the user to switch between sitting and standing positions.

The design includes multiple shelves for storage, a pull-out keyboard tray, and a monitor stand. The shelves are perfect for storing office supplies, books, or a CPU tower. The monitor stand is also adjustable, so it can be customized to fit any size monitor or laptop.

Jay Bates provides a detailed step-by-step guide on his website, along with helpful diagrams and photos. The project can be completed in just a few days, and this makes it a perfect weekend project.

This desk is ideal for those who work from home or need a portable workspace. Its mobility and adjustability make it an excellent option for those who like to switch up their work environment frequently. Don’t waste time and build your own computer desk now!

computer desk plan
The mobile stand-up computer desk, Image via: jayscustomcreations

20- The DIY Modern Wood Desk From House

This DIY project by houseonlongwoodlane is an excellent option for those who want to create a sleek and stylish workspace. The project requires some woodworking skills, but the end result is a beautiful and functional desk that will enhance any workspace.

The desk is made from hardwood and plywood, and the project can be completed on a weekend. The desk has a minimalist design with a wooden top and black metal legs. The dimensions of the desk are customizable, so it can be tailored to your specific needs and the size of your space. Don’t waste time and start building your own computer desk now!

DIY modern wood desk
DIY modern wood desk, Image via: houseonlongwoodlane

21- The Low Budget Computer Desk project

It is a simple yet functional DIY desk plan that is perfect for those who are on a tight budget. Get step-by-step instructions on how to build a computer desk by Instructables using only a few basic materials, including plywood, 2x4s, and screws.

The desk features a minimalist design with a spacious surface area that can accommodate a computer monitor, keyboard, and other accessories. It also has an open shelf underneath for storage and easy access to items. The materials needed for this project can be purchased for under $50, making it an affordable option for anyone looking to create a practical workspace without spending much money.

Low Cost Computer Desk
Low Cost Computer Desk, Image source: Instructables

22- The Woodworking Skill’s Desk

This is a modern and stylish computer desk on youtube that can be built from scratch using hardwood and steel pipes. The project is featured in a detailed video tutorial by the Woodworking Skill YouTube channel. This desk is a great option for those who want a custom-built workspace that is both functional and aesthetically pleasing.

The video tutorial introduces the materials needed for the project and provides a detailed cutting list to help with the material preparation.

23- The DIY computer desk plan

This DIY computer desk by Angela Marie Made is a simple and functional project that can be completed on a weekend. The desk is made from hardwood and features a sleek and modern design that can fit into any workspace.

The plan includes detailed instructions with helpful visuals and a cutting list, and this makes it easy for even beginners to follow along. This DIY computer desk project from Angela Marie Made is also a great option for those who want a simple and functional workspace that can be completed on a weekend with basic tools and materials.

DIY computer desk plan
The DIY computer desk plan, Image source: Angela Marie Made

24- Two Level Desk

You can increase the surface space of a gaming desk by building it with two levels like the one shown in these free plans by addicted2diy.

The bottom level is a large flat surface that can be used for the keyboard, game controllers, and mouse. The top level is the perfect size for holding the monitor at eye level so eye strain and body fatigue will be reduced.

On one end of the DIY computer desk is a three-drawer storage unit and the other end is supported with metal hair pin legs. The overall appearance is sleek and modern and the size is perfect for any room.

DIY computer desk
Two Level Desk, Image source: addicted2diy

25- Work Desk For Under $75

This wooden work desk on Youtube has a large top surface that can hold two computers and other equipment for work or play. Best of all, it can be built for under $75.

The wood top is supported by four round metal legs and gives this PC desk build a sleek industrial appearance. Watch this YouTube video for the detailed building instructions. You can customize the lenght and height so it will fit into your interior space. Use a wood stain or paint to finish the custom look of this desk that can be used for work or gaming.


So these are the diy computer desks you can make yourself using your diy skills, budget, and custom requirements such as space or shape. Hope this article has helped you in giving an idea to decide how your desk should be starting from simple, large, curved, having multiple drawers and shelves.

Frequently asked questions  

What is the best type of wood for desks?

Hardwood is the best material to use for desks. Natural wood is available in various forms in the market such as MDF, Bamboo, sustainable melamine and oak wood. You can select any of these woods for building a desk. They are all solid, appealing and durable as well.

Is it cheaper to build your own computer desk?

Building your own computer desk is always cheaper than the one you purchase from the market. You can have a custom design and add many options when building your own desk such as drawers, a keyboard tray, a cabinet and as many shelves as you need.

How to Choose the Best Gaming Desk?

The best gaming desk should have enough space to accommodate keyboard, mouse, monitors, audio system and any other necessities you need for your desk. Sitting on a table can consume a lot of time so it should have elements that make you more comfortable with your PC time. The keyboard should be at the right place, a sitting needs proper distance and adjustable height option and a proper space for your legs down the desk.

What is the cost of building a computer desk

It depends upon many factors such as your custom size, woodworking tools, material you choose, the design you like. It can be build from 50$ to 500$


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