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17 DIY Router Table Plans You Can Build Easily

A DIY router table will help you complete building projects faster than with just a router alone.  It’s so easy to cut your own moldings and shape narrow pieces of wood when you have a homemade router table to hold the router in place.

If you work with larger bits and need to make multiple passes to shape the lumber correctly, one of these 17 router table plans we are sharing with you will show you how to build a sturdy work table that will make your woodworking tasks easier and quicker.

1- Portable Routing Table

As we all know that most woodworking hobbyists want their own routing table to make their projects easier. But the cost can be a little pricey and the table may get pushed to the bottom of the list of things needed for the home.

Use these free plans to build a router table and you can save a lot of money and get that table for your shop that you always wanted. This is not an ordinary DIY router table this one by oneprojectcloser has wheels on the bottom so it can be moved wherever it’s needed.

Being able to move the routing table to different locations makes the woodworking projects easier and faster. No need to lift the wood and carry it to the table then back to the original location, just roll the table to the lumber. The bottom casters can be locked into place so there’s no danger of the table rolling away while.

Portable Routing Table
Portable Routing Table Image via: oneprojectcloser

2- Plywood Routing Table

Use these router table plans to construct a solid work surface using plywood and 2x4s. These free plans will show you how to build a routing table by instructables that will fit your router and your usage needs.

The size and location of the mounting hole are easy to adapt to fit your specific type of router, plus the dust collection hole location can be changed if desired. The basic plans can be adjusted to create a custom DIY router table for your home woodworking business or hobby.

Plywood Routing Table
Plywood Routing Table Image via: instructables

3- Wood Frame Table

Make your own router table with these step-by-step instructions and all of the decorative woodworking you do will be so much easier. Cut grooves and bevels into the wood with a stable router that is attached to a solid table so you create the smallest details into the wood.

A stable router will enable you to cut intricate designs into the wood with fewer mistakes due to the router slipping. This simple table can be built in just a few hours and will keep your router stable while it’s in use.

This router table plan PDF by wikihow has detail written instructions and pictorial instructions to make this DIY project go smoothly. It can be easily downloaded and printed out so you can follow the building instructions in locations where internet services might not be available. You may also like to check out diy gaming tables

Wood Frame Table
Wood Frame Table, Image via: wikihow

4- Mini Router Table

Not all wood workers need a large router table, sometimes a mini router table is perfect for the task. So we recommend this router table to those who have small woodworking needs. This video will provide detailed instructions for building a DIY routing table on youtube that will fit into a small space but can handle large routing tasks if needed.

This mini router table also has plenty of storage underneath so you can keep all your woodworking tools secure and handy. A plexiglass door encloses the bottom of the router and a small light is installed for illumination.

Keep tools handy and your work area neat with this homemade routing table.

5- Fully Loaded DIY Router Table

If you want (or need) a routing table that is loaded with extras, then check out these router table plans that we have listed on number five.

The table has plenty of work space with both over and under dust collectors to keep the work surface clean, tool holders, stop blocks, adjustable fence, storage cabinet, and safety switch. This video provides all the detailed instructions so you will be able to construct this fully loaded DIY router table like this one on youtube for your home or business workshop.

The overall size is not too big so the homemade table can easily fit into a small workshop and keep all your tools at your fingertips.

6- Table Saw Router Fence

Your new table saw and DIY router table like this one by jeffbranch.files will need a fence so you can create various types of joineries and moldings to make your woodworking projects look professional. A router fence like this one will be needed to cut wood just the way you want to.

This detailed PDF file will show you how to build a router fence so all of your wood projects can have smooth, detailed edges. The fence is crafted from melamine covered particle board and plywood, so the cost of this DIY project is minimal. You can use other similar materials that you have on hand to make the router fence free.

Customize your router table so woodworking projects will be easier, faster, and more enjoyable. You may also like to check out diy welding tables.

Table Saw Router Fence
We love this Table Saw Router Fence, Image via: jeffbranch.files

7- Bit Storage and Dust Collection

Working with wood creates lots of dust, and you don’t want that dust all over your workshop. This compact designed DIY router table by craftedworkshop will keep the dust collected in one spot, plus keep all your woodworking bits at your fingertips.

Follow these free router table plans to build a secure work area for your router that has bit storage and dust collection. Add casters on the bottom to make the router table mobile so it can go wherever you need it.

This DIY project is simple and will make all your woodworking projects so much easier. The sturdy construction will last for decades and provide a solid work surface for almost any project you want to undertake.

Bit Storage and Dust Collection
Bit Storage and Dust Collection Image via: craftedworkshop

8- Decorative and Useful

Some people want their workshop to look less like a workshop and more like an extension of their home. If this sounds like you, then this decorative and useful DIY router table idea by ana-white is just your style.

Form and function join together in this DIY project to make your woodworking projects easier while looking stylish. Two side pull out drawers and two bottom drawers provide hidden storage to keep woodworking tools neatly concealed and bottom casters make the router table easy to move.

The compact size makes it ideal for use in a small workshop. At the end of the work day the table can be rolled to an out of the way corner where it will look like a decorative cabinet until it’s needed again.

DIY router table
Decorative and Useful Router Table Image via: ana-white

9- No-Frills and Rock Solid

This router table by woodsmithshop gets back to the basics for a no-frills, rock-solid design that is created for heavy duty woodworking projects.

Easy and straightforward to build with downloadable PDF files, this heavy-duty router table has a simplistic design with a base constructed from 2x4s. The free plans provide two options for the finished appearance of the tables – it can be an open table design with the four bottom legs exposed and an open shelf, or there is an option for enclosing the bottom with sides and front cabinet doors.

Either design will provide a rock-solid table for your router and woodworking projects.

No-Frills and Rock Solid
No-Frills and Rock Solid Image via: woodsmithshop

10- DIY Router Table For Big Jobs

Are you planning to do some home remodeling that will require a lot of routing work? Then this homemade routing table is for you. Remodeling tasks, like cutting and installing new wainscoting, require a lot of routing work and you will need this DIY bench by oneprojectcloser to help you get the job done efficiently and safely.

It’s a simple four-legged design constructed from 2x4s and plywood but it’s stable and able to handle the large sheets of wood and long pieces of wood trimming. Add four casters to the bottom of the bench legs to make the router portable so you can take it wherever you go. You may also like to check out diy puzzle tables.

DIY Router Table For Big Jobs
DIY Router Table For Big Jobs Image via: oneprojectcloser

11- Benchtop Routing Table

This is a must-have for working on a remote job site! This portable benchtop routing table is easy to take along with you and is ideal for use on a tabletop or on the back of a truck. Any sturdy flat surface will work for placing this self-contained router table by instructables so you can get the wood work done on site with ease.

Great for use with a battery powered cordless router but it will also work with a corded electric router. This portable table has space for a few bits so your woodworking tools will always be handy while you’re on the job.

Benchtop Routing Table
Benchtop Routing Table, Image via: instructables

12- Not Found In Any Store

Router tables can be bought in most hardware stores but not this table. This table can only be constructed at home using these free plans.

All the features you want in a table router such as this one by popularwoodworking at a fraction of the cost. Easy to build and easy to use. This homemade router table will help you complete any woodworking job you undertake.

The bench features a tool-free fence that can be adjusted quickly and sub fencing that can be adjusted to any bit size. A sturdy top and dust collection make this ideal for anyone who regularly works with wood.

homemade router table
homemade router table Image via: popularwoodworking

13- Simple Router Table

Simple to build and easy to use, this DIY router table familyhandyman will help you do woodworking projects that you never thought possible before.

A handheld router is a great tool for any woodworking shop but when you turn it upside down and mount it onto a table, it gives you much more versatility. Plus, this simple table has double dust collection, storage, adjustable fence, safety switch, and is sturdy.

Build this simple router table this weekend and enjoy easier work next week.

Simple Router Table
Simple Router Table Image via: familyhandyman

14- Stand Alone Router Table

This portable, stand-alone router table by finewoodworking goes where it’s needed and makes the tough woodworking task easy.

This easy to follow video provides detailed instructions so you can build this sturdy stand-alone routing table that can help you with all your woodworking tasks from building a house to installing decorative trim on bathroom cabinetry.

Storage and dust collection are also included in this sturdy router table project. You may also like to check out small woodworking projects.

Stand Alone Router Table
Stand Alone Router Table Image via: finewoodworking

15- Versatile Table

This versatile routing table by popularwoodworking can help you complete many woodworking projects and has plenty of storage for all your bits and attachments.

Dust collecting is included in the design so this versatile, heavy-duty table can be used inside a workshop without making a mess. Keep the dust down and the finished wood projects up by using these detailed plans to build this versatile router table.

DIY router table
DIY router table Image via: popularwoodworking

16- Trash Can Router Table

Any ordinary metal trash can is easily transformed into the base for this router table design by woodworkingtips. The trash can serves double duty as the table base and as the dust collector. When the router is not in use, the trash can is used for its original purpose – collecting trash.

This is a great idea for small spaces and when woodworking is not done on a steady basis. A sand bag placed in the bottom of the trash can keeps it stable and the table top is secured to the top of the trash can with screw eyes. It’s easy to set up for work and easy to dismantle when the work is completed.

Follow these simple instructions and create your own cost effective, space saving DIY router table.

Trash Can Router Table
Trash Can Router Table Image via: woodworkingtips

17- Self-Contained Router Table

The last one in our list is a homemade router table that puts everything at your fingertips in a compact and functional design.

Pull out drawers hold all your bits and other woodworking tools and the side mounted safety stop is easy to reach in case of an emergency. This self-contained router table on youtube is a must-have in your woodworking shop so you can complete all your wood building projects with ease.

The table is small and is ideal for small spaces. Add four casters to the bottom legs of the table to make it mobile and easy to move wherever it’s needed.

This YouTube video will show you how to build this custom router table for less than half the price of store-bought tables that are not as good.


Router tables bring perfection in your woodworking projects by holding the router and provide a plane surface to smoothly run the router. Building your own router is always more cost effective than the marker made routers. You choose any of these router tables plans from our round up to build the table that suits your needs.

Based upon some of the most common questions asked I have prepared a questionnaire. 


What is a good size for a router table?

A good size for the top of a router table is 2 feet x 3 feet. Take into consideration the size of the wood you will be working with most often and adjust the table top size accordingly.

The height of the table should be determined by the user and should be a comfortable height for the user. You don’t want it to be too high or too low as either one can result in back and/or shoulder pain after a day of woodworking.

What materials do I need for a router table?

You will need 3/4 inch plywood or MDF and solid pine boards. Hardware like wood screws, bolts, washers, a router plate insert, and an on/off switch.

You will also need tools like a table saw, miter saw, jigsaw, router and bits, drill and drill bits, clamps, sanding block, and wood glue.

Accessories for a router table include adjustable fencing, feather boards, miter sled, T-track, and a dust collection system to keep your woodworking shop clean.

Are router tables safe to use?

As with any power tool, safety precautions should be used when using a router table. Always wear protective eye gear, face shield, and ear protection. Never wear loose fitting clothing when operating a router.

Kickback is the main hazard of using a router table. When a router bit become stuck in the material, it will try to spin the material it’s stuck in which can result in kickback. It’s the same scenario as when a saw blade becomes stuck and tries to free itself.

Use caution, safety precautions, and common sense and a router table will be a safe tool to add to your woodworking shop.


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