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27 DIY Lemonade Stands For Your Kids To Have A Fun Summer

A DIY lemonade stand is a great way to teach your child a little about responsibility. It gives them a sense of accomplishment to know they earned their own money. The best part is learning how to make a lemonade stand, which gives you quality time with your child.

When building a DIY lemonade stand, you want to look through different lemonade stand ideas to find one that works for your family. You can build a lemonade stand using materials ranging from cardboard to a nightstand. Use the following ideas to learn how to build a lemonade stand.

DIY Lemonade Stand Ideas For Kids

1. Wooden Crate Lemonade Stand

The wooden crate lemonade stand by thenerdswife is easy to build because it doesn’t require any tools. You’re going to use four wooden crates, two wooden stakes, twelve zip ties and a hot glue gun to build this stand. If you want to add a splash of color, consider white spray paint and yellow acrylic paint, or you can go with another color scheme.

 Wooden Crate Lemonade Stand
Image via: thenerdswife

2. Chalkboard Lemonade Stand

You can build your chalkboard lemonade stand like this one by lollyjane out of an old lemonade stand or a small wooden cart with wheels. Paint the front with chalkboard paint, which you can decorate with yellow vinyl letters. Your awning is made with pieces of fabric, a curtain rod and translucent Velcro. If your child wants to add more pizzazz, consider a colorful bunting made of patterned fabric. You may also like to see other relevant ideas for fun activities such diy play houses.

Chalkboard Lemonade Stand
Image via: lollyjane

3. Cardboard Lemonade Stand

If you’re looking for an easy kids lemonade stand idea like this one by ohhappyday, you can never go wrong with a cardboard lemonade stand. A refrigerator box is a great option, and you can easily cut a window and door into the stand. Use extra strips of sturdy cardboard to make a shelf that displays your inventory. One idea is to create a slope for the paper awning by cutting off the top of the box. Finally, decorate the lemonade stand with a little paint.

Cardboard Lemonade Stand
Image via: ohhappyday

4. DIY Lemonade Stand

Are you looking for lemonade stand ideas that allow you to work more with your hands? You’re sure to enjoy building this DIY lemonade stand by lowes. The materials include lumber, boards, plywood, deck screws, sandpaper and a jigsaw. Like any DIY project, you’re going to start by building the frame, and then you can add the rest. When you’re finished, your child can help you decorate with paint and fabrics.

DIY Lemonade Stand
Image via: lowes

5. Shipping Pallet Lemonade Stand

When learning how to make a lemonade stand like this one by diynetwork, you may want to build it out of shipping pallets. This is a great way to upcycle wooden pallets and crates. You’re also going to use scraps of plywood, and you can even add decorative or functional wheels. Let your children paint the entire shipping pallet lemonade stand, or just paint the sign and leave the rest unpainted for a natural look. You may also like to see other relevant ideas for fun activities such diy tree houses.

Shipping Pallet Lemonade Stand
Image via: diynetwork

6. Display Table Lemonade Stand

Another great choice for a kids lemonade stand like this one by thisoldhouse, this stand uses slots and notches instead of screws and nails. It’s similar to a display table used for science fairs. While you’re sawing the slots and notches, your children can sand and paint the table. When they’re not using the table to sell lemonade, it can easily be disassembled and packed inside your house.

Display Table Lemonade Stand
Image via: thisoldhouse

7. Beverage Cart Lemonade Stand

Whether your child is selling lemonade on your front yard or in front of a grocery store, a lemonade stand with wheels like this one by hertoolbelt is a good way to transport everything. The stand is built using pieces of wood such as boards and plywood, as well as nails, screws, wood glue and sandpaper. Use a handle and wheels to create a design similar to a beverage cart. Once again, you want to take care of the actual construction, and let your child decorate the stand with paint and fabric. You may also like to see other relevant ideas for fun activities such diy swing sets for kids playing.

Beverage Cart Lemonade Stand
Image via: hertoolbelt

8. Wood Pallet Lemonade Stand

As you can see, a wood pallet lemonade stand like this one by dolendiaries is an easy way to build a stand for your child. You can find the wood pallets and scrap wood in lumber yards, home improvement stores or your own garage. Use the scrap wood as a counter, and add hinges so you can fold up the stand later. Finish it off with a paint job by your children, and add an umbrella for shade.

Wood Pallet Lemonade Stand
Image via: dolendiaries

9. Charming Lemonade Stand

Whether you’re upcycling or hitting the flea market, a nightstand makes a charming lemonade stand like this one by designdazzle. You’re going to make a topper and sign using plywood and two pieces of 1×2 boards that stand at 5 feet tall. Once everything is assembled, paint it in a fun color scheme, such as green and yellow. Position the stand so the drawers are facing your child, as they can use them for money jars and extra supplies.

Charming Lemonade Stand
Image via: designdazzle

10. Picket Fence Lemonade Stand

Have you ever thought of building a picket fence lemonade stand like this one by ana-white? Okay, it’s not going to be an actual picket fence, but you’re going to use the pickets to build it. You’ll be cutting and stapling the wood pickets to reduce the amount of scrap leftover. Use 1×3 boards and a piece of cedar picket to create your topper and sign. Your children are sure to love painting their stand in fun colors, such as yellow and white.

Picket Fence Lemonade Stand
Image via: ana-white

11. Wooden Lemonade Stand

You’re going to build a wooden lemonade stand like this one by skiptomylou out of plywood, PVC pipe and Masonite board. The plywood and PVC pipe are for the stand itself. The Masonite board is for the sign, which is going to be designed by your children. You can even attach hinges to fold it up for easy storage. Use paint, chalkboard paint and printed graphics to decorate the lemonade stand.

Wooden Lemonade Stand
Image via: skiptomylou

12. Simple Lemonade Stand

Build a simple DIY lemonade stand like this one by rainonatinroof using two large wood crates, plywood project panel and boards. You do need to use a drill, circular saw and wood screws for the actual construction. Use Velvet Finishes Bold and Baroque to paint the stand and sign in a vibrant color scheme. When you’re finished, you have a lemonade stand that’s just right for your little one.

Simple Lemonade Stand
Image via: rainonatinroof

13. Wooden DIY Lemonade Stand

If you’re looking for more lemonade stand ideas that use wood, you can build this wooden lemonade stand by thegirlcreative with wooden crates and scraps of wood. Start by stacking four wooden crates, two-by-two, on top of a plywood base. Then, place more plywood on top as a counter. Use nails and a nail gun to attach the pieces together. When it’s time to paint, you can use painter’s tape to create a fun design.

Wooden DIY Lemonade Stand
Image via: thegirlcreative

14. Gourmet Lemonade Stand

In addition to lemonade, you may want to serve tasty snacks, so consider a gourmet lemonade stand like this one by nobiggie. You’re going to use a three tier cart, which you can find in a fun color or paint yourself. Use the top tier for lemonade, the second tier for cookies and brownies and the bottom tier for candy, extra lemons and supplies. Label the tiers with laminated scrapbook paper and mailbox stickers. If you need to move your stand, the wheels on the cart makes it easy to transport everything.

Gourmet Lemonade Stand
Image via: nobiggie

15. Carnival Booth Lemonade Stand

How would you like to build a carnival booth lemonade stand like this one by mrmcgroovys? It resembles a ticket booth, which is a cute design for your child. You can build is out of a refrigerator, wardrobe or washer/dryer box, as well as a rivet project kit. You’re going to create a large front window with a shelf for selling the lemonade, and you can create side windows as well. Your child is sure to have a blast decorating the box with paint.

Carnival Booth Lemonade Stand
Image via: mrmcgroovys

16. Bright Wooden Lemonade Stand

When learning how to build a lemonade stand like this one by fantabulosity, you may be looking for plans that use wooden crates. As you can see, wooden crates are affordable, durable and easy-to-use materials. For this plan, you’re going to spray paint four wooden crates in a bright color, such as aqua, pink or yellow. Then, stack them two-by-two and nail them together. You can even turn a top and bottom crate around to create a charming display for customers. Paint and attach two wooden rods for the banner, which you can make out of paper or wooden pendents and pretty ribbon.

Bright Wooden Lemonade Stand
Image via: fantabulosity

17. Rolling Lemonade Stand

These are actually plans for a rolling slushie stand, but it works for a rolling lemonade stand by livingwellspendingless as well. You’re going to build it with a rolling cooler, large cardboard boxes, zip ties and wrapping paper rolls. Decorate it with regular or chalkboard paint, a foam brush and scraps of fabric. It’s easier to put together than it may sound, and your children can help paint the stand and create the sign.

Rolling Lemonade Stand
Image via: livingwellspendingless

18. Changeable Lemonade Stand

You’re not just learning how to make a lemonade stand like this one by ana-white with these plans, but you’re building a changeable play stand your child is sure to love. You’re going to build the stand out of wooden pieces, and be sure to include shelves for supplies. There should be a slot at the top for three foam board signs, with the lemonade sign in front to hide the other signs. When your child isn’t selling lemonade, you can switch out the signs to create a pretend market, post office or puppet theater. You may also like to see other relevant ideas for fun activities such diy climbing wall.

Changeable Lemonade Stand
Image via: ana-white

19. Easy-To-Build Lemonade Stand

The plans for this easy-to-build lemonade stand like this one by mysimpleobsession include a board, side posts, wooden drawer crates and miscellaneous decor. You also need screws, natural wood filler, clamps, a drill and a jigsaw. When you’re finished, you’ll have a wooden lemonade stand with a sign in the front and drawers in the back. Use wooden letters, vintage signs, a chalkboard or whatever decor catches your eye to dress up your stand.

Easy-To-Build Lemonade Stand
Image via: mysimpleobsession

20. Fancy Lemonade Stand

A fancy lemonade stand like this one by scatteredthoughtsofacraftymom is sure to grab your customers’ attention. Start with a patio coffee table, which you can reuse or buy from a thrift store. It’s small enough for your child to sit at comfortably. Use duct tape, hot glue and long wooden dowels to create posts and attach your pennant banner. A lace tablecloth or ruffled table skirt is perfect for your fancy stand.

Fancy Lemonade Stand
Image via: scatteredthoughtsofacraftymom

21. DIY Rolling Lemonade Stand

If you love DIY rolling lemonade stand ideas like this one by satsumadesigns, here’s another set of plans for you. The plans require several boards, wide trim boards and plywood, along with screws, casters and washers. You can create a pennant banner out of scraps of pretty fabric, as well as cut-out letters for your sign. The inside of the stand should face your child, as it holds the cooler and supplies. It’ll be a breeze moving their stand thanks to the attached wheels.

DIY rolling lemonade stand ideas
Image via: satsumadesigns

22. DIY Wooden Crate Lemonade Stand

You know by now that a DIY lemonade stand like this one by divinelifestyle made with wooden crates is a popular choice among families. The materials for this idea include wooden crates for the stand, a board for the counter and two square dowels for the burlap banner. One idea is to not label the banner, and place a small lemonade sign on the counter. Leave the wooden crates alone for a natural look or cover them in paint. Decorate the counter by covering it in wrapping paper.

DIY Wooden Crate Lemonade Stand
Image via: divinelifestyle

23. PVC Lemonade Stand

You don’t always need to use wood or cardboard to build a kids lemonade stand like this one by formufit. Why not build a PVC lemonade stand? The entire frame is built with PVC pipes and fittings, but the counter is made of pine board for a flat, durable surface. You can create the front, sides and awning with a patterned fabric. Imagine yellow and white striped fabric for your lemonade stand.

PVC Lemonade Stand
Image via:

24. Adorable Lemonade Stand

You’re sure to attract customers with this adorable lemonade stand like this one by dearlillieblog. It’s made of one piece of 4′ by 4′ wood and two pieces of 1′ by 4′ wood. The signs are made of cardboard and long skinny boards for a simple but effective look. Use fabric to create curtains for their lemonade stand. Bonus: You can easily switch out the signs by using sawtooth hangers.

Adorable Lemonade Stand
Image via: dearlillieblog

25. Wishing Well Lemonade Stand

A wishing well lemonade stand like this one by instructables is a charming idea, as the top resembles the roof over a wishing well. The actual wishing well is the table of your child’s stand. You’re going to build the lemonade stand out of cedar or pressure treated lumber because they’re durable enough for the outdoors. If you’re placing the lemonade stand inside, such as your garage or a flea market, pine wood is a good choice. You may also like to see other relevant ideas for fun activities such diy cornhole boards and diy gaming tables.

Wishing Well Lemonade Stand
Image via: instructables

26. Plywood Lemonade Stand

Another idea is to build a plywood lemonade stand like this one by instructables, as this is an affordable and durable option. Once your lemonade stand is assembled, which you can do with hinges, you can prime and paint it. Keep it simple but effective with yellow, or create a multicolored lemonade stand with yellow, orange and green. A yellow sign is attached to white posts to match the rest of your stand.

Plywood Lemonade Stand
Image via: instructables

27. Wooden and Chalkboard Lemonade Stand

A wooden and chalkboard lemonade stand like this one by diy.dunnlumber is never a bad idea for your little one. The stand is made of cedar, plywood, cedar fencing and tight knot cedar. When you paint the top area with chalkboard paint, you’re making it easy to create and erase your sign. Let your little one write out the sign to add a child-like quality to their stand.

Wooden and Chalkboard Lemonade Stand
Image via: diy.dunnlumber


Learning how to build a lemonade stand is a great experience for you and your child. You can take care of the construction, and they can take care of the decorating. It’s the perfect project for the whole family!

When you take your time to research the plans, you’re sure to find a DIY lemonade stand that catches your eye.

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