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7 Alluring And Colorful Flowers That Are Easy To Grow For Beginners

Flowers are heart of the beautiful garden – their appeal, presence and fragrances not only refreshes the mind, but adds beauty to the dwelling too. There is no rocket science related with how to grow flowers in your garden space. However, you may be required to pay special attention to the growth of these flowers. As beginners, you can always start with easy to grow flowers so that you get hold of it. The excerpt talks about top 7 flower plants that are easy to grow and handle.

1: Lily of the Valley:

The lovely,extremely pleasant and fragrant flowers are a wonderful choice to be placed in the garden. They are in full bloom during the springs – their lovely pale pink and dull white petals of this gorgeous flower requires almost no maintenance. They grow well in moisture  soil and shady area, so you can place them in walkways and drive area too. Your whole home would be fragrant with a distinctive scent with these little fellows.

lilly of the valley

2: Jacob’s ladder
This type of easy grow flowers have a wonderful adaptability power. They have resistance capacity and can be grown under shade and sun too. These types are amazing to be grown in terrace garden where sun light does not reach effectively. They are bell shaped, gorgeous purple color that grown in bunches. However, you just have to take care that the soil must be well-drained where they are placed. You may also like to see rich nectar flowers that attract butterflies.

Jacob's ladder flower

3: Goblin – blanket flower:

This is one of the best summer easy growing flowering plants– Goblin, blanket flower. You can grow it between June and August, as they require full sun for growth. This perennial flower has adaptability nature that it grows in seaside conditions and various soil conditions. The flower color varies between deep maroon, bright yellow and red. They have average life of 2 years.

Goblin –blanket flower

4: Red Valerian:

The color of this gorgeous flower varies from lilac-red to strong red to mauve-pink. They grow in full sun to partial shade from late June to August. These flowers have a lovely scent but it is not strong. They grow in clusters with lots of tiny florets all over.

Red Valerian

5: Marigold:

If interested in growing flowers from seed, than you can not avail any other, better option than Marigold. These sexy and adorable, bright orange and yellow type flowers ask for attention and sunlight. While they are growing, make sure you add fresh water twice or thrice a day. Add good quality fertilizer once a month. You may also like to see flowers that attract Hummingbirds.

Marigold flower

6: Cowslip Primrose:

With extremely alluring smell, these tiny white and yellow lovely flowers are perfect to be planted in the garden space. These tiny yellow flowers grow under normal conditions with average water and soil.They are  just like regular primrose but with dropping flowers. They also allure butterfly,bees and birds to make your garden more charming.

Cowslip Primrose1

7: Lungwort

This is one of the most cutest and easy to grow flowers in garden space that lacks proper sunlight. They have hairy, bright green leaves with spots in it. They are ideal ground coverers and during early spring, they start developing in form of clusters. They have a funnel type shape which is pink types in the beginning and later they turn blue.

Lungwort flowers

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