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10 Colorful And Rich Nectar Flowers That Attract Butterflies To The Garden

Nothing is better wandering through a lavish and colorful garden drifting with fascinating fragrance. The days get completed if you get to watch the beautiful butterflies fluttering from one flower to another. However, you must not be having an idea what flowers attract butterflies easily. The excerpt guides you about how to attract butterflies to your garden?

Listed are the 10 colorful and rich nectar flowers and plants that attract butterflies and keep your garden attractive.

1: Butterfly Bush:

If you want to know what plants attract butterflies, have a look at this one. Butterfly bush, also known as, ‘Buddleia davidii’Bud is one of the best plants to attract butterflies. It belongs to the family of the shrubs, which tend to grow faster during summers. Therefore, if you want to keep it short, you must cut it out during the early spring. This shrub produces wonderful, nectar rich pointed flowers in beautiful shades of pinks, purple, white and yellow. The butterflies would be around them all the time. Popular flowers from this plant that allure butterflies include:

  • Buddleja globosa – these are a strange type of lovely orange flowers
  • Rotheca myricoides – these are somewhat leaf shaped flowers with gorgeous light purple color.

Butterfly Bush

2: Butterfly weed – Asclepias tuberosa

This plant leads you to acquire some of the best perennial flowers that do not ask for much attention. In addition, it is pest free, so butterflies would certainly revolve around the rich, nectar flowers it would produce. Make sure the plant gets the desired soil, water and full sunlight so that it can grow faster. It is a perfect feed for monarch larvae and for big butterfly.

Butterfly weed - Asclepias tuberosa

3: Joe-Pye Weed – Eupatorium purpureum maculatum

This is certainly among the best butterfly garden plants.  It grows quickly and the height may be bothersome for you, so make sure you cut it at the right time. The oversized, nectar rich pink flowers from this plant is adored by the butterflies. They also produce a good number of seeds, which can help in re-producing the same plant.

Joe-Pye Weed - Eupatorium purpureum maculatum

4: Asters

These are elegant and small fragrant flowers, which are available in an amazing assortment of colors. Due to vibrant hues and wonderful smell, butterflies love them. If you want to observe butterflies in your gardens, plant these in your garden and see the magic.

Within Asters, there are many varieties; some of the best ones include:

Wild Romance- it has a hot, intense red hue, and features beautiful large petals. They are grown during the end of the summers, and by fall, they are in full bloom. This is a wonderful addition to any garden.

Asters flowers

5: White Dragon flower:

With a very different name, this Virginian flower belongs to a perennial flower category. It is beautiful looking and has a narrow foliage. The flowers have white cream color, which makes them look lovely. Monarch butterflies seem to love these particular flowers – you can easily spot the wonderful orange and black wings of the butterflies on these gorgeous white flowers. Not only butterflies, but also many other lovely creatures would be the guest of your garden if you have this planted in your garden area.

White Dragon flower

6: Black Knight:

You must have heard about this plant as it produces well-managed, large and beautiful color flowers. One strange type bush is known as Black Knight – it has gorgeous deep purple attractive flowers, which are of great attraction of butterflies.

Black Knight

7: Red Penstemon:

Due to its rich and tasty nectar, these flowers are butterflies best friends. These flowers are radiant, so they keep the beauty of the garden at best.

Red Penstemon

8: Keys of Heaven:

Keys of Heaven, as the name suggests, these flowers are beyond beautiful. Butterflies adore the gorgeous deep red oversized blooms. In addition, the sweet scent makes them lovable.  They can be planted in the pots too.

Keys of Heaven

9: Day-Lily:

With a shiny gold color and grass-like folded petals, these are a perfect delight for the butterflies – not only this; they enhance the beauty of the garden too. They are easy to grow and have a longer life.


10: Violets:

Extremely color enriched, eye-catching and fragrant, these flowers are the first attraction in any place. How can butterflies resist them, they are absolutely loved by the tiny beings. Violets have a deep purple color with smaller petals. They are simply easy to grow and has a longer life.

 Violets flower

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