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  1. Gary
    Gary at |

    Interesting especially the edible Queen Anne’s lace flowers and the mallow leaves.

  2. Sharon
    Sharon at |

    In Singapore doubt to find these weeds.
    Can we grow them? Any suggestion.. They’re pretty !!

  3. Wahab ghobashi
    Wahab ghobashi at |

    Purslane and mallow are well known vegetables in the Middle East and around in the mediterranean countries. Plants can be gathered from fields as they grow wildly in summer and winter crops and cooked in a stew after chopping in tiny pieces. I am not really sure about the other species mentioned in the article. I see many of them in my garden and allotment but never really think of them as edible. I can add CHARD, sometime known as white beet, to this list which is used in combination of garlic to flavour taro or sweet potato recipe. Interesting.

  4. Amy
    Amy at |

    great article! I knew about plaintain and dandilions, but the others are totally new to me! Although I previously knew about plaintain and dandilions, I have never tried them… YET!

    Thanks for sharing!

  5. A
    A at |

    Please beware that Queen Anne’s Lace has a poisonous lookalike named Water Hemlock or Poison Hemlock…

  6. MPaula
    MPaula at |

    Great photos! I have been discarding lamb’s quarters not knowing what they were. Never again! I will have free salad all summer. I’m guessing it is harvested like any edible lettuce – pick a few lower leaves from each and let the plant keep growing.


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