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10 Natural Weed Killer For Lawn and Garden

If you ask any gardener, what is a ‘weed’; he would certainly say ‘threat to my garden’. Truly, weed is nothing but an intruder that grows in the lovely and lush green fields, gardens and outdoor area to spoil the look. You must be thinking what is so bad about having the weed. Well, they block the incoming of the nutrients that the plant needs to grow; like sunlight, water, and air. In addition, they act as the host for pathogens that would ultimately infect your garden and spread the vegetative disorder. So, you must be thinking now, how to get rid of the weeds in the garden? Well, the fact remains true that you cannot eliminate it, but there are a number of options through, which you can restrict them from growing.

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The problem with weed:

Although you like it or not, weed would be there in your garden or outdoor space like patio,path and lawn. They are jealous creatures, and would certainly not let the beautiful plants and flowers to live peacefully. They grow wherever they want too – you can only remove them to save your garden’s allure. You will have to keep your eyes open, because there is none they would be completely removed. They have deepened roots, so would grow again.

If you want to know about some natural weed killers that can help you deal with this problem, continue reading. Listed are 10 types of all natural weed killer ingredients that would make your life simple and worry free.

1: Baking Soda:

You must sprinkle baking soda in those areas where you think weed usually grows, or is growing. It would help you in stopping its growth for a long duration. Baking soda is the best weed killer and very to all those plant types that intend to destroy the garden’s beauty.

2: Bleach:

Weeds love to penetrate into the walkway crevices – how to deal with this now? Do not worry! Simply pour diluted bleach into these cracks and leave it overnight. The weed would easily come out and regular use would help in restricting its growth.

3: Borax:

If you want to remove weeds from the walls, the garden floor cracks and the wall concretes, sprinkle some borax to fix these intruders. Borax is so powerful that it would kill it even before they get the chance to penetrate into the soil. Borax would be of advantage too, because it would help you in keeping away all those bugs and insects that hurt the garden.

However, this is certainly not a ‘pet friendly weed killer’ – these might cause allergy to dogs, cats or other pets you have.

4: Bottles:

If you want to spray the weed chemical, make sure you do not hurt the plants in the surrounding. What you can do is, cut a bottle in such a way that it becomes a jar, place it over the weed area, and then spry within the capacity of the bottle.

5: Carpet Scraps:

You can use carpet scarps (in an upside down manner) and place pine bark mulch on it. It would help in keeping away the weed from the garden area.

6: Salt:

If you are able to eliminate weeds from the cracks, before they appear, it is well and good. Once they are out of the cracks, they give you a tough time. You can manage to deal with it with salt; this is one of the best working natural weed killer recipes. You have to boil 2 cups water and add one-cup salt to it. This effective solution kills the weed without much problem. It is a homemade weed killer that brings drastic changes to regular use.

You can even sprinkle salt directly into the areas where you think weed can grow.

7: Shower curtains:

You can use these as the same way the carpet scraps – spread bark mulch or gravel to make it work for you.

8: Spray bottles:

It is the best vinegar weed killer idea – you can use ‘diluted vinegar’ as a spray to kill weeds that come out from the cracks. However, it has higher acidity so make sure you spray it directly on the infected areas, without hurting the plants.

9: Vinegar

Do the unwanted weeds coming from the crack bother you? It is the right time to get rid of them as you have the best natural weed killer vinegar to help you. You can use plain vinegar or even the cider to get the best results. Make sure you spray it on the root areas or the lowest level of the stem so that it kills the roots and stop the growth afterwards. Keep doing it after every other day so that you can somehow get rid of the mess easily.

10: Vodka:

It is the simplest and organic weed killer. You can get the best solution my mixing 1-ounce Vodka, add some liquid soap, and mix water into it (2 cups) and use it as a spray. This is one time spray, so you make it and use it until it ends in one go.

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  2. I’ve discovered the Vodka works best consumed orally, to naturally reduce the amount one cares about seeing weeds. Try it!

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