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15 DIY Windmill Ideas-Learn How To Make a Windmill Cheap

A DIY windmill can provide you with free energy anywhere you might be and is ideal for an off-grid location. The following 15 DIY ideas will show you how to make a windmill that can produce large or small amounts of energy to meet whatever energy needs you have.

DIY windmills are very simple to construct and if you can turn a wrench and operate a drill, then you have enough skills to build a homemade windmill. A windmill generator harness the power of the wind to create electrical power and depending on the size of the windmill can supply part or all of the energy you need.

Check out these 15 DIY windmill ideas and discover how you can save money and have all the electrical energy you need without having to spend a lot of money.

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1- Small DIY Windmill

This YouTube video will provide you detailed instructions for constructing a small wind-powered generator. The generator is small, easy to build and ideal for providing electrical energy for outdoor lighting or other small-scale power needs.

2- DIY Mini Windmill

This is a great project for a school class that is learning about alternative energy sources. This YouTube video contains step by step instructions for building a mini windmill that is functional and can provide a few watts of power for lighting.

3- Straw and Fabric DIY Windmill

This miniature wind turbine is made of drinking straws and fabric. The straws are used to create the frame of the windmill blades and then covered with lightweight fabric that can easily turn in the breeze.

This idea will show you how to create a cheap and functional wind generator that will produce enough electrical energy to power an indoor or outdoor light. This will make a great school project for a science class and inspire students to create a larger scale wind turbine that can generate more energy.

Straw and Fabric DIY Windmill

4- Cardboard Windmill Project

Students can learn how to build a small wind turbine cardboard and glue. The result of this cardboard windmill project will provide enough power to run a small LED light bulb.

It’s easy to construct and this idea takes the design one step beyond building the cheap windmill, but also a small scale house is created with cardboard with an LED light inside. This DIY project provides detailed instructions for creating a visual display of how a windmill works as an alternative energy source.

5- Working Cardboard DIY Windmill

Here is another cheap idea for building a windmill as a school science project, and it’s made from cardboard.

This idea for a cardboard windmill comes with downloadable PDF instructions so it’s very easy to follow during construction. Minimal building materials are needed so it’s very cheap to build.

Working Cardboard DIY Windmill

6- Printer Parts DIY Windmill

This is a great way to recycle parts from an old printer to make something new and usable. This homemade windmill can generate enough power to charge your electronics and will produce a steady 5V 1A output on a breezy day.

Learn how to harness the power of the wind with recycled parts by watching this instructional video. Great for an off-grid fishing or hunting cabin when all the energy needed is for charging a phone and iPad.

Printer Parts DIY Windmill

7- Printable DIY Windmill Template

Create an attractive and functional DIY windmill with this easy to use template. Teaching students how to make a windmill couldn’t get any easier than this free template can make the project to be.

Making a craft at home or in the classroom not only entertains kids but also teaches them how stuff works.This template idea also promotes using different blade angles and the number of blades to discover the amount of energy output is changed.

This idea is more than just a windmill template, it’s a valuable learning experience for kids. Get your template printed today so you can start this fun learning project.

Printable DIY Windmill Template

8- DIY Dutch Style Windmill

Popsicle sticks, craft sticks, and wooden dowels are some of the main building components for this DIY windmill. Learn how to make a windmill that looks like a miniature version of the traditional Dutch windmills and is powered by a wind turbine.

This is a fun DIY project that will teach students several lessons about generating electrical energy. A wind turbine will be constructed along with the Dutch windmill and a solar panel is used in this design.

This would make a fun project to build and place in the garden. The popsicle sticks are easy to paint and this wind-powered Dutch windmill would make an attractive piece of outdoor decor.

DIY Dutch Style Windmill

9- Table Fan DIY Windmill

Learn how to make a windmill from an old table fan with this idea. The finished windmill will produce 24 volts AC at a couple hundred milliamps but more power can be generated by using a more powerful magnet.

These pictorial instructions are easy to follow and give you advice for using a box fan instead of a table fan to generate more power.  This is a great way to recycle an old fan or two and generate enough free power to keep an off-grid lifestyle well-powered and comfortable.

Table Fan DIY Windmill

10- DIY Small Windmill

This is a good place to start if you have never built a windmill before. The instructions are clear, easy to follow and the homemade windmill needs very components to build.

This is a great DIY project for the novice builder and the finished windmill will produce enough power to recharge a rechargeable battery.

DIY Small Windmill

11- Minute DIY Windmill

This idea will show you how to create a homemade windmill cheaply and in just 10 minutes using an old computer fan.

A fan removed from a non-working computer can be the main component in a mini homemade wind turbine that will generate enough power to light a small LED light bulb.

homemade windmill

12- DIY Mini Windmill Craft

Here is a YouTube video that will show you how to construct a mini windmill craft that is both fun and educational for kids. The windmill works and makes an ideal science project for the classroom.

No cutting or large tools required, which is another plus for building a DIY windmill with kids. The components for this building project are inexpensive and you may already have them laying around.

13- DIY Miniature Windmill

Wind power is quickly becoming the desired energy source. It’s clean, free, renewable and available to everyone, everywhere. No matter where you live it’s possible to have a consistent source of electricity that won’t cost you anything after the initial investment of building materials for a wind turbine.

Learning how to build a miniature DIY windmill cheaply and discovering how it works to create energy through wind power can provide you with the know-how for building a larger scale wind turbine for your homestead.

DIY Miniature Windmill

14- Garage Sale DIY Windmill

One man’s trash is another man’s treasure, and you may find building materials for a DIY windmill at a garage sale like the maker of this YouTube video did.

Watch and learn how to transform garage sale finds into a usable windmill that can produce enough watts to meet the electrical needs of an off-grid cabin.

15- DIY One Pound Windmill

This idea is for a portable windmill that only weighs one pound and is easy to carry with you into the back-country.

When camping, hiking, hunting, or fishing, you still need to stay connected to loved ones but finding an electric outlet to recharge your cell phone is not easy in the back-country. Change that by building this DIY windmill that weighs only one pound and is easy to carry with you in a backpack.

Just a light breeze will be enough for this small windmill to generate enough power to recharge a cell phone and other small electronics.

DIY One Pound Windmill

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