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23 DIY Air Conditioner-An Easy Way To Beat The Heat

Save yourself some money and beat the heat this summer with an easy DIY air conditioner build. By making your own air conditioner, you will be able to enjoy a portable cooling system that costs a fraction of what traditional air conditioning units cost and you’ll have on-the-spot cooling wherever you happen to be enjoying your summer day at.

Check out these 23 diy air conditioners and get busy building your own cooling system today.

1- Peltier and Fan DIY Air Conditioner

A Peltier uses electrical energy to cool down an object or area, so why not use Peltier modules to build an air conditioner like this one on youtube? For cooling, you’re going to use an aluminum heat sink and fan, and you may need to use more than one fan to create an effective cooling system. Just like with the air conditioner for your van, it never hurts to invest in an infrared thermometer so you can make sure it’s cooling to a reasonable temperature. It may seem like a small unit, but you can use it to stay cool at your desk in your home office, or you can place it in a small bedroom to avoid buying a second unit. If you’re only using it for yourself, this may be a good way to stay cool without breaking the bank.

2- DIY Air Conditioner With A Box Fan and Cooler

If you like the idea of building a portable air conditioner like this one by siamagazin, you may enjoy this homemade air conditioner project. For this project, you’re going to build a unit with a box fan and cooler. Who knew you could build an air conditioner using common items? Your homemade air conditioner pumps cold water into the cooler through the tubing, which allows the fan to blow cool air throughout the room. You can also build your box fan air conditioner for just $100 or less, making this a budget-friendly way to cool your space.

Air Conditioner With A Box Fan and Cooler
Image via: siamagazin

3- Build DIY Air Conditioner For Less Than 50$

When serious cooling is needed without spending serious cash, use this under $40 DIY plan like this one by businessinsider that creates an air conditioner that can chill a room down to 42 degrees Fahrenheit.

$40 DIY cooler plan
Image via: businessinsider

4- Spot Cooling

This is a great DIY air conditioner design by lifehacker to use when spot cooling is needed. A perfect unit to place beside a couch or chair for an extra bit of coolness.

DIY air conditioner
Image via: lifehacker

5- Portable Cardboard Air Conditioner

Another project for building a DIY air cooler like this one by homecrux with cardboard, you can actually create vents for blowing out air. It also includes holes so you can access the power button and temperature display. The best part is this DIY air conditioner is portable, allowing you to move it from room to room with ease. This is great if you’re only looking to cool down the room you’re currently using. The air conditioner is also a decent size, so you may decide to build a second one for your home, especially if you need a unit for another floor. Once again, you can find a way to dress up the box if you’re looking to add a little style to your unit, or you can leave it alone and focus on the cool air.

Portable Cardboard Air Conditioner
Image via: homecrux

6- Bucket DIY Air Conditioner

Use this budget-friendly building plan to create a stylish DIY bucket air conditioner at buzzfeed for under $60. The portability allows you to take it with you from room to room so you can keep cool anywhere in the house.

diy bucket air conditioner
Image via: buzzfeed

7- DIY Ice Cooler Air Conditioner

Transform an inexpensive Styrofoam cooler into a portable ice air conditioner like this one by theblaze that will lower the temperature in any room of your home.  Less than $20 will keep you cooler this summer.

Ice Cooler Air Conditioner
Image via: theblaze

8- Box Fan Cooling and Heating

Use these unique plans by instructables to build a unit that will cool the air and chill a beverage at the same time. This same DIY unit will heat the air and beverage during the winter months. All you need is a box fan, Styrofoam ice chest and some DIY ingenuity.

Box Fan Cooling and Heating
Image via: instructables

9- $20 Homemade Air Conditioner

Get cooler instantly when you create this simple and inexpensive homemade air conditioner at yahoo.com. An ice chest, bag of ice and small fan are the major components of this DIY build and the results are chilling.

$20 Air Conditioner
Image via: yahoo.com

10- Non-Electric DIY Air Cooler

No electricity needed for this diy swamp cooler collective-evolution. Great for off-grid camping or living, plus this plan recycles plastic bottles to create a homemade air conditioner without ice or the use of natural resources.

Non-Electric Air Cooler
Image via: collective-evolution

11- DIY Evaporative Cooler

Cool the air and your drinks with this unique evaporative cooling design like this one by instructables. Warm water is used to create an evaporation cooler that can chill you and three canned drinks at the same time.

unique evaporative cooling design
Image via: instructables

12- Homemade Solar Power Air Conditioner

Harness the power of the sun to cool down the inside temperature created by the sun with these easy plans. A solar powered bucket air conditioner like this one on youtube cost little to build and nothing to run.

diy bucket air conditioner
Image via: youtube

13- Cheap DIY Air Conditioner

Recycle an old five gallon bucket and small fan to create this efficient air conditioner bobvila that has the capacity to cool down an entire room.

Cheap Air Conditioner
Image via: bobvila

14- Simple Homemade Air Conditioner

This homemade air conditioner at wikihow is so simple, it boggles the mind. Three bottles of salted water and a fan are all that’s needed to keep you cool all day.

homemade air conditioner
Image via: wikihow

15- Effective and Inexpensive DIY Swap Cooler

Keep cool this summer without spending a lot of cash with these plans to create a ice chest air conditioner like this one by thrillist. It’s effective and portable so you can stay cooler inside or outside.

ice chest air conditioner
Image via: thrillist

16- Solar DIY Evaporative Cooler

Here are some DIY plans that will enable you to build a large air conditioner like this one by instructables that will cool your entire home with solar energy. Easy to build, cheap to operate.

Solar Evaporative Cooler
Image via: instructables

17- Well Water Cooler

Perfect DIY design for an air conditioning unit by instructables if you have well water at home. Well water is typically very cold and that coldness can easily be harnessed and used to cool your home with these step-by-step instructions.

DIY design for an air conditioning unit
Image via: instructables

18- DIY Swamp Cooler

Go anywhere cooling power is what this homemade swamp cooler by instructables will provide you with. Battery power runs this ice chest cooler and it provide enough cooling power for for an off-grid camping trip.

DIY Swamp Cooler
Image via: instructables

19- Cool Air From A Hot Water Heater

It may sound unbelievable, but you can actually build a DIY air conditioner like this one by hackaday from a hot water heater. There may be a broken water heater sitting in your house, ready to be taken to the junkyard. Donor parts such as a refrigerator compressor are also necessary for this project. You may be able to find these parts around the house or at your local junkyard, giving you the option to live a little greener by reusing old parts. Reusing older parts is also a great way to save money on your homemade air cooler, you just have to play around to see which parts work the best. When you’re finished, you have an alternative to central air conditioning, which is essential when the weather warms up.

Cool Air From A Hot Water Heater
Image via: hackaday

20- DIY Air Cooler From A Bucket

You can learn how to make air conditioner like this one by offgridsurvival with a bucket, which is the perfect DIY swamp cooler for your next camping trip. Of course, you need something to circulate the air, and this is where a computer case fan comes in. Use a high-speed fan to circulate a good amount of cool air. If you’re looking for another way to build a homemade air conditioner without ice, you can rest assured that 2 ½ gallons of cold water are enough to create cool air with this device.

DIY swamp cooler
Image via: offgridsurvival

21- Handheld DIY Air Conditioner

A handheld DIY air conditioner like this one by instructables is an eco-friendly, portable device that doesn’t cost a lot of money to build. In fact, you’re building this air conditioner with ice water, as well as a stainless steel thermos and fan. You don’t even need to worry about using a lot of parts because it runs on four AA batteries. This homemade air conditioner is similar to the box fan and cooler project, as it uses tubing to pump the ice water and circulate cool air. Whether you’re at home or the park, you can easily carry your handheld air conditioner with you.

 DIY air conditioner
Image via: instructables

22- DIY Air Conditioner For Your Van

Going on a drive in a hot van is never any fun, but you can solve this problem by building an air conditioner like this one on youtube for your van. It’s amazing what you can do with a cooler, fan motor and several bags of ice. You can power it up by plugging it into the USB port. One idea is to use an infrared thermometer to keep track of the temperature, since your unit may not include a thermostat or display. Whether you’re taking a road trip with friends or working as a delivery driver, an air conditioner for your van can keep you cool in the hot weather.

23- Cardboard Box Air Conditioner

That’s right, you’re building a homemade air conditioner like this one by blog.hackster.io with cardboard boxes. With three fans at two temperatures, you’re sure to keep a smaller space cool when the temperature rises. Now, you may not want to move three cardboard air conditioners, so it’s important to place them in a spot that cools your preferred area. If you’re worried about aesthetics, you can always find a way to decorate the cardboard boxes. One idea is to use cardboard boxes from store-bought items, as they won’t be as plain to look at. Living on a budget doesn’t mean you should suffer from the heat, so use this DIY air conditioner with fan to stay cool even when your funds are limited.

Cardboard Box Air Conditioner
Image via: blog.hackster.io


Remember, when using ice for your DIY air conditioner, you want to give it about 20 minutes for the ice to cool the interior of the device.

As you can see, there are several choices for building a homemade air conditioner. You can build a unit for your home or van, or you can build a handheld unit to carry with you. A DIY air conditioner is a great way to stay cool regardless of your budget.

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