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20 Beautiful and Inspiring Roof Top Garden Designs And Ideas

Thinking of a beautiful lush green dramatic garden of your own is magnetically attractive. But, this awesome thought can always be felt as unrealistic if you are running short of backyard space at your home. However, if you owe a roof, you can always owe a beautiful and inspiring green roof garden which you can shape out using creative and brilliant ideas with simple elementary knowledge regarding growing plants on top of house and eventually developing an elegant garden on roof.

Getting most of your roofs can be amazingly creative and innovative if the following top twenty best rooftop garden designs listed below are implemented with evergreen zeal and well-planted passion for the creation of an enthralling rooftop garden of your own.

1. An Edible Roof Garden

It is indeed an awesome idea to develop edible seasonal plants on the rooftop using fruitful knowledge regarding vegetable and edible flora rooftop gardening on even less than a feet’s soil. This will not only give you pleasure of growing your own veggies and fruits but can also lay foundation of a profitable family business. If you want to know ‘how to build an edible rooftop garden’, this green rooftop garden plan will help you a lot.For detail click on each image source.

Edible rooftop garden

2. Dip in the Pool Roof Garden

What can be more relaxing and soothing than enjoying a roof garden pool’s pleasure on a hot summer afternoon. With specific pool requirements and required roof’s stability, firmness and provision of drainage system, a roof garden having a cool pool can be craft-fully structured.

pool roof garden

3. Cedar Patio Rooftop Garden

To give a brilliant touch of hardscaping to the portfolio of rooftop garden designs in your mind, using versatile design of a cedar patio rooftop garden is a mind blowing idea, if you want to enjoy cool summers and enchanting springs. Using cedar patio in elongated fashion is greatly into interior art practices these days.

Cedar Patio Rooftop Garden
image source

4. Lighted Ornamental Plants Based Rooftop Garden 

Lightening is magnificently important in creation of a scenic rooftop garden. Beautifully cut and potted ornamental plants can be exposed with variety of reflective spot lights to enhance and capture the enchanting and relaxing view of your romantic dream roof garden.

Lighted Ornamental Plants Based Rooftop Garden

5. Cooking Enabled Rooftop Garden

Gaining pleasure of cooking in the open is especially appealing for barbecue lovers. In this regards, fully furnished and cooking-ware installed rooftop garden can reveal wonders for cooking as well as open-dinning lovers.

Cooking Enabled Rooftop Garden
Image source

6. Cinema Incorporated Rooftop Garden

Enjoying a movie in open lush green garden can fully justify the luxury of entertainment on a lovely weekend. This can be achieved by using creativity and incorporating cinema with the art of rooftop gardening and cultivating an arena full of entertainment right at top of your house.

Cinema Incorporated Rooftop Garden
Image source

7. Dining On A Shining Rooftop Garden

Dining your meal at your rooftop’s garden adds great pleasure and taste to your favorite food. The blend of food’s aroma with that of your garden’s sweet smell sounds yummy for all those smell food more than they eat. Adding wooden dinning furniture with classic spot lightening is an incredible idea for developing a rooftop garden.

Dining On A Shining Rooftop Garden
Image source

8. Relax Your Soul with Music on a Green Rooftop Garden

Having musical systems installed on your roof top sounds enthralling as well as entertaining. Decks and speakers can be installed hidden into the voluminous plants for having party of your roof.

Music on a Green Rooftop Garden
Image source

9. Swing In The Air Rooftop Garden

Adding swings to the roof sounds commendable especially if you owe kids and you are worried of your little kids wandering alone in the park.

10. Wish A Fish At Rooftop Garden

If you install an aquarium or a fish pond on your rooftop, it can indeed set grounds for great earnings.

Fish At Rooftop Garden
Image source

11. Living Room Incorporated With Rooftop Garden

If you are such a nature’s lover, why not dwell on your rooftop. A great idea involves building a fully furnished living room within your rooftop garden.

Living Room Incorporated With Rooftop Garden

12. Carved and Sculptured Rooftop Garden

Antique art lovers have great opportunity to establish Carved and Sculptured Rooftop Garden. They can creatively interfere artistic monuments with green garden ideas in order to produce one of the best rooftop gardens.

13. Caged Pets Wonderland Rooftop Garden

Out of all the versatile rooftop garden ideas, the most naturally exquisite is the creation of a wonderland rooftop garden where beautiful outdoor pets can create a home based poultry or a mink bird’s view park.

14. Drink of Divine Bar Rooftop Garden

The drink of divine; the wine; is the most eternal drink on the earth. To enhance the lasting joys of the wine, you can establish bars and associated decor to develop a unique rooftop garden.

Drink of Divine Bar Rooftop Garden
Image source

15. Water Sparkled Rooftop Garden

Water fascinated rooftop gardens are extremely realistic with proper drainage systems. Small and large fancy fountains make rooftop gardens extremely creative and enchanting.

Water Sparkled Rooftop Garden

16. Simple Organic Rooftop Garden

Organic decors are gaining wide popularity by leaps and bounds these days. It is not only a simple to implement idea, but a realistic approach as well. It is the one of the oldest classical design for creating a rooftop house.

Simple Organic Rooftop Garden

17. Game Arena on a Rooftop Garden

Building a fun spot at the top of your home is extremely entertaining as well as innovative. This incorporates idea of building a Game Arena on a Rooftop Garden which is extremely worthwhile if you have green sporty nature.

18. A Theme Based Rooftop Garden: European or French Styled

European styled rooftop garden along with French styled rooftop gardens are the most fascinated designs in which pillars and pavilions are quite dominant.

19. Merging Classic with Contemporary Rooftop Garden

Classic old style and contemporary clean styles are well merged into Spanish architecture. This idea is well implemented by classic plus contemporary design lovers.

20. Formally Designed Rooftop Garden

Using boxed plants and box shaped potted plants look very professional in the building up of a Formally Designed Rooftop Garden.

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