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Top 12 Plants That Grow Well In Clay Soil

Sometimes we get stuck with the type of clay we have as clay soil can make plant life difficult to survive and grow. Although texture of soil can be improved with the addition of some organic materials but it is a time consuming and a continuous process. If you are facing problem regarding the soil texture and it creates hindrance in your gardening, then you need not to worry now because there is still a variety of plants that can grow well in clay soil.

Here is a list of 12 popular plants that grow in clay soil.

1-Aster Plant

Aster is one of the glorious plants that can survive in the clay soil and its flowers add beauty to your garden as it has a variety of colors like white, pink and purple with its amazing plant height of 6 feet. Another additional quality of aster is that it is drought tolerant, requires low maintenance and attracts birds to fall in love with aster.

There are two categories of asters; fall bloomers and summer bloomers. Both these types have difference of their growing season that make them more compact and compatible with the season.

Asters flowers

2. Goldenrod

Goldenrod is the perennial type plant that grow in clay soil with its height of less than 6 inches to 8 feet. Its marvelous flowers bloom in late summer and early autumn. Its gold color and magical fragrance adds richness to your garden.

Goldenrod flower

3. Black-eyed Susan

This orange flower grows in annual and perennial turns. It requires natural sunlight and moderate amount of soil. Its tall variety looks like shrubs that provide strength and support.

Black-eyed Susan

4. Japanese Iris

Japanese Iris is one of the outstanding and glorious flowers of the garden. Its beautiful color gives more attraction to it. It is more adaptable in moist soil and has a distinguished position in clay soil plants.

Japanese Iris

5. Viburnum Flowering Plant

Viburnums is one of the most popular flowering plants that grow in clay soil with its more than 150 species. Its white and pinkish flowers add beauty to your garden. Early spring is the most suitable time for its transplantation and it grows well in consistent moist. It has a height up to 30 feet,

Viburnum flower

6. Potentilla

The variety of colors in Potentilla flowers makes it unique in your garden. Its color range starts from white, yellow, orange, pink and red. Its growing season starts from May to November. It also has a variation in height, as its maximum height is 5 feet and its minimum height is 60 cm. It can easily be trimmed to maintain its beauty and shape.

Potentilla flower

7. Daylily

Daylily is one of the delicate flowering plants that can grow in clay soil very easily and give your garden a marvelous look. It has variety of colors and size ranges. Its flowers last only for a single day and this specialty makes it unique among all clay plants. Its blooming period starts from early summers.


8. Coreopsis

Coreopsis can be grown in dry to medium moisture. It has the qualities of being heat resistant, humidity resistant and drought resistant. Sometimes its plants are called ‘tickseeds’ as it has resemblance of seeds to ticks. Its beautiful flowers makes it more attractive not for the humans but for the hummingbirds and butterflies.

Coreopsis flower

9.  Russian Sage

This plant can grow well in dry, hot and sunny clay. Its color combination adds beauty to your garden. It is a drought tolerant and trouble free plant with a height of 3 to 5 feet.

Russian sage

10. Purple Coneflower

The flavor of your garden can be enhanced by these purple or lavender shady with dark center cones. It can be planted in either spring or fall. These are tough and drought resistant plants and can be bloomed for a long time.

Purple coneflower

11. Scarlet Runner Bean

Bright red bean flowers are fast growing vine which can survive in full sunlight and can bear shades as well. It is an annual vine type and requires fertile soil with moderate moisture. They can grow up to 6 or 8 feet. Its green beans can be used as a vegetable.

 Scarlet Runner Bean

12. Fern

 A flexible nature of ferns makes it unique as you can grow it in almost every condition like sun or shades, inside or outdoors. You can add beauty to any location by growing ferns, but the only thing you need to adjust is your soil type with some organic matter to balance the growth of particular fern type and to make it more adaptable.

fern flower

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