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12 Best Drought Tolerant Plants-Perennials and Annuals

Unlike a decade ago we get lower rainfall in some regions of the country at present. Due to this reason and many others, we are compelled to use as little water as possible for the maintenance of our gardens. One of the best ways to cope with this problem is to have drought tolerant plants in our gardens that need lesser water than others.

Choosing the right kinds of plants

One of the best ways to curb the usage of water is to find low maintenance perennials. These plants never need daily watering. The following are good plants to grow.

1-Cone flowers:

This drought tolerant flowers bloom during the summer. The flowers could be of colors such as purple, yellow, white, red, pink or orange. Though flowers of these plants were always pink sometime back now-a-days you get them in several colors. Slender cornflower leaves minimize water evaporation.

Cone flowers

2-Coral bells:

This drought tolerant plant got its name due to the fact that its original flowers had shapes of corals. These look attractive foliage plants but it is their blooms that are most beautiful. The flowers could be pink, white or red and they bloom in late spring and early summer. Leaves of coral bells are broad and make them useful foliage plants.

Coral bells

3-Russian Sage:

You need well drained areas to grow this drought tolerant plant that carries blooms of shades of blue. The flowers will appear from mid-summer up to fall. As the blossoms open, the colours become vivid. This is one of the best low maintenance plants to have in your garden. Gray green leaves of Russian Sage are narrow and limit water evaporation.

Russian Sage

4-California poppy:

Being the state flower of California this plant grows in many locations in the state as a wild plant. The flowers appear in a range of colours such as red, yellow, salmon, white and orange. These are highly drought tolerant flowers. The leaves of the plant are divided into lobes and they are of blue green colour.

California poppy

5-Madagascar periwinkle:

This is a drought tolerant plant that is around 18 inches in height and its flowers are white, pink, red, purple or salmon in color. The plant grows either in hot sun or in the shade. Leathery leaves of dark green color cover the soil in most species.

Madagascar periwinkle


This is another hardy plant that produces beautiful blooms of a variety of different colors. The plant grows in bright sunshine and is moderately drought tolerant. The leaves are located on opposite sides of the stem and are rigid. Water evaporation through them is minimal.

Zinnia flower

7-Hedge roses:

These are plants that will not perish in drought. The flowers are around 3½” across. They bloom from June to August. They are good for growing on borders and also on hedges. Do not have lots of leaves and the leaves are small.

Hedge roses

8-Siberian Bellflowers:

This sprawling drought tolerant plant that blooms in May and June bear star shaped flowers of lavender blue color. This plant is good as edging for paths and for rock gardens. The leaves are small and form cushion like mounds.

Siberian Bellflowers

9-Siberian Iris:

A plant highly adaptable to dry weather once it is established. Its leaves are narrow. The flowers could be purple, blue or white. Bloom in late spring and sometimes form blooms again during the fall.

Siberian Iris

10-Sea Thrift:

These are drought tolerant plants that could not only grow in dry weather but also thrive in rocky soil. The plant look like tufts of grass and the flower is formed at the end of a stem. Flowers may be of red, lilac, white or rose in colour.

Sea Thrift

11-Foam flower:

This is an ideal plant for ground cover to reduce evaporation of water from soil. It grows fast and the leaves are of maple shape. The flowers come off the leaf clusters and are white to pink in color.

Foam flower

12-Blazing Star:

If you are looking for a drought resistant plant that also grow on marshy lands choose Blazing Star. Its grassy foliage will grow on any kind of soil and needs little water. There will be blooms from mid-summer to fall. The flowers will be white or purple.

Blazing Star

When you water your plants, do that early morning. This will minimize water evaporation and the plants will absorb water better when you do so. Instead of watering several times using a little water every time, use more water and water the plants less frequently. Mulch around plants helps to retain moisturizer in the soil thus protects the plant roots from hot sun. If you’re starting your plants in small pots make sure you transplant them in large pots before they become root bounded. Though these are just simple tips they will help you maintain your garden easily and you will have your plants in great shape when you follow them.

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